I’d like to take this opportunity to share with people about what motivates me in life. I am very passionate about many things, some of which affect me personally.

–I believe in the equality of ALL human beings, regardless of gender, culture, race, faith/no faith, politics, disability, sexuality.

* I proudly stand and support those in the LGBT community and hope to see the day where they will be seen as human beings and not abominations. Civil rights are human rights, and to deny a single group of people based on lifestyle as full citizens of this country is immoral and insults the very nature of our Constitution.

–Animals mean a great deal to me, and whenever I see a story about senseless cruelty done to them, or cases of neglect, it breaks my heart. If I can bring to light cases like this through my blog, all the better. I’ve done volunteering at cat shelters, which is hard but gatifying work. I am a devoted cat lover, and hope to have one of those lovable furballs back in my life again. I love cat-themed art too, and my latest project has been to find a cool cat screen print t-shirt (because they make up 80% of my wardrobe).

–Healthcare. As someone who lives below the poverty level (okay, just because I have a blog, doesn’t mean I’m loaded with money or independently wealthy), I can barely manage to afford medical care in regards to my birth defects as an adult. I’ve put off seeing doctors and having dental work because it would eat up every cent I have put away in savings. I know Medicare won’t cover it, and I’d have to fight tooth and nail with an insurance company to get all the necessary work covered. It’s criminal to put an honest person like myself in this kind of situation.

–Things I hate. Sanctimonious religious fanatics of the Evangelical persuasion. Right-wing talk show hosts. Hate crimes. Willfully stupid people. Rich people. Big business. Extremists of all stripes. People who love porn, or who try to maneuver me into gross conversations about it. Abusers, rapists (since I happen to be a rape survivor), bullies, religio-political ideologues.

–I’m passionate about art, and creating works of art. I love meeting fellow artists, whether it’s with paper, or jewelry crafts, it is such a pleasure to talk shop with you.

–I also enjoy a diverse range of musical styles, ranging from classical, indie rock, industrial (that one depends on the mood I’m in), metal, New Age, punk, world music and Celtic. I told you I was all over the place in musical tastes.

–I’m a geek. Maybe not an Einstein, but I am fond of sci-fi/fantasy, graphic novels (which goes along with my art appreciation), movies. I like to chat with others about special effects, set design, costume design, all that jazz. Attended a few sci-fi conventions in the past, but not in recent years. It’s not often I can talk to someone face-to-face about this stuff, so hearing from fellow geeks is great.

–Okay, I admit to being a devoted Muse fan. I’d post pics of them if I wasn’t such a chicken. My YouTube channel has a whole pile of videos from concerts, goofy interviews, on-stage antics, and their music videos (it’s a toss-up between ‘Knights of Cydonia‘, ‘Supermassive Black Hole‘ and ‘Bliss’ being my fave videos) I can’t help it; I just LOVE the genius of the band and their music. And I think the cleft in Matt Bellamy‘s chin is so charming.

So, there you have it.