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It’s not a perfect world we live in. You know it, I know it. The core of it is that we need to make the best of what we’ve got.

There are some who want to throw out everything our Founding Father set up and start up a new world order in the vision of whatever ideology they follow. I can tell you some of this is pretty downright scary. We don’t have a perfect government, but who does in this world? If it was perfect, we’d be living in a utopia. Some things work out great on paper, but when you actually implement it into society, it doesn’t quite work as planned.

I have to wonder, would we really be better governed by corporations and big business? Would any of us be better off under their care? Seriously, can you answer that for me? Would this country do better if we scrapped the governmental system in place for a completely new one? Say one with Christofascistic overtones? If you don’t know the term, I urge you strongly to go research the term. I’m not doing your homework for you–I fully assume those who follow me are intelligent enough to want to find out what some of the things I talk about here.

Could you picture yourself living in an America that is run by a theocratic agency? You might want to read ‘The Handmaid’s Tale‘ by Margaret Atwood. Or V for Vendetta. Or, just imagine, the government model that was in WALL-E. Basically the government became a big coroporation. Some people like this idea, because so many politicans are just puppets for big money.

What kind of world do you want to live in? Ask yourself that. In November, when you’re in that voting booth. Do you want to be ruled by the cheap car salesman, Mittens, or or our sitting president, who got a crapload of misery dumped on him by the previous one?

Another point. The tought times we’re in? They’re not going to vanish overnight. There is NO magic wand to be waved to make all these problems disappear. It took time for them to grow, and it’ll take time to make them go away. We Americans need to get rid of our instant grtification mentality, because it’s utterly and completely unrealistic to think that way. We have to fix our own problems, and sometimes amputating a limb (as in dumping our current president) is not a good solution. As the old phrase goes ‘would you cut off your nose to spite your face’?

Big business does not care about me or you. It only cares about how much money it makes at the expense of the public. It doesn’t care if you lose your home, everything you have, your job, your family. So why do you think having these rich CEOs meddling in politics will make it better for YOU? You are simply slave labor to them. You are an automaton, a drone that they don’t want to pay because it means more money for THEM.

Life is an enormous struggle, people. Get used to it. You can either blame everyone else for your problems and hate everyone, not contributing a whit save your vitriol, or you can roll up your sleeves and try to make the world a better place. I know it, because YES WE CAN.


An open letter to Mr. Todd Akin

I honestly wonder what planet or alternate reality you hail from, sir, because what you say makes absolutely no sense. Maybe in your tiny, twisted mind it does, but a majority of this country does not.

You have managed to denigrate, humiliate, and dehumanize every single woman in this country singlehandedly with your monumentally stupid and ignorant remarks. Including this one. I’m quite willing to bet you don’t know of any woman who has ever been raped, so you have no clue what one actually goes through, do you? You ever go to bed, hoping you’ll never wake up in the morning, so you won’t have to think about the rape ever again? You ever have a complete freak out in the gynecologist’s office when it comes to an internal exam, unable to allow anything to touch you down there? Of course not. You’re an old white man. Never would happen to the likes of you. Get scared when a man takes interest in you, when you’ve scrupulously avoided drawing any attention to yourself in regards to looks? The fear that every man who shows interest is a potential rapist.

Not every woman gets preganat from rape. Some rapists are cunning enough to wear a condom. They just want to hurt the woman bad but not leave her with a child. It’s all about domination, control, keeping someone under their heel. Rather like your party, sir.

You are a disgrace to elected office, sir. You are an embarrassment. You are only in the position you are for your own ideological agenda and schemes. You do not represent your constituents, nor do you have any sort of respect for them. And when you make such disgusting, uneducated blather like you did, you are basically crapping all over those who elected you. Maybe some of them deserve it, because they were stupid enough to vote for you.

This country does not need any more deranged, fanatical idiots like you in elected office. And when you go on to smear your political opponent, it only gives proof to your rabid hatred of women. If you’re married, your wife ought to be ashamed of you. She should be enraged and offended by what you said, unless she’s some witless Stepford wife you indoctrinated long before you married her. If I was married to you, I’d throw you out of the house and be filing for divorce immediately. You’re pathetic.

You do not speak for the American people and you most certainly do not speak for victims of rape and assault. My advice? Shut your big mouth and get out of the race. This country doesn’t need an ignoramus like you spouting the despicable things you believe in.

The real domestic terrorists

Nobody wants to talk about it, because they’re too cowardly. They don’t want to admit it either. More mindless, rampaging violence strikes again, this time at a Sikh temple. Oh, but hate speech is protected speech. Yeah, until some deranged psycho with a gun pulls the trigger. Some loser white supremacist decides to go hunting at the local Sikh temple and murders six people and injures many more, including a veteran police officer.  The shooter was taken down by police, thankfully before he could kill any more innocent people.

I hate these moments. I hate it when evil, bigoted morons go on their bloody-minded crusades to purify America from anyone who isn’t white, evangelical Christian, and right-wing. I am sick of these monsters destroying this country with their fanaticism. Oh, they’re against ‘Islamic sharia law’ being instilled in America? How about your deranged, fundamentalist Christian regime you’re trying to force down everyone’s throats, poorly disguised as anti-women amendments and laws? How about that? And they have the gall to complain about Muslims?

I want these monsters out of my country. They do not represent me, they do not represent America, and they are an abomination to all that this country stands for.

Besides the massacre in the temple, for the second time in a month, a mosque in Joplin, Missouri, has been burned. This time, the little cretins burned it to the ground. That’s no accidental fire. That was arson. I’ll go further than that and call it what it should be named; an act of domestic terrorism. I pray to my gods that the scumbags who did this get caught and are prosecuted to the maximun. They are filth, the ones who did this. They are gutless cowards fueled by hate to inflict fear and terror on a community. I’d like to see them once they’re caught to be paraded around town, humiliated and condemned by everyone.

What infuriated me even more is that this mosque burning was given very little attention by the media, as if they wanted  it to disappear. No. This needs to be front and center, in everyone’s faces until they choke on it. I want to see the public up in arms like they did for Trayvon Martin. Those people who were targeted—they are as human as you and I. They are AMERICANS. Would you ever consider doing this to your neighbors? Why is it okay for it to happen to someone who isn’t Chirstian? You give me a good reason why.

More terrorists lurk in our midst. They flooded town hall meetings a few years back, armed with guns, holding rallies against our president, brandishing loaded weapons. That’s right, the Teabaggers. They are just waiting for hte right opportunity to strike. People are too cowardly to call them what they really are, domestic terrorists. They walk around with guns, hating on the president, itching for a confrontation. They want to start a war, where their Christofascist regime will be installed over the nation.

All of this, I’ve had buliding inside me like poison, and I had to lance the boil. I had to get this out of my system. I am so angry that such evil, hateful people are ravaging the soul of this land, setting us against one another. More violence won’t stop this. people need to stop being afraid of bullies and stand up for what is right. It’s never the popular choice, but it is what is needed to save us.

Captain America saves the day

” I don’t like bullies. I don’t care where they’re from”. So says Steve Rogers, before he becomes the iconic symbol of American patritoism. I can’t tell you how much that one line has affected me, because it really makes me feel so much better.

Imagine my rage when I see this photo of a Tea Party rally and some fat slob dressed as Captain America is holding up an anti-Obama sign.  I was literally trembling with anger at the sight of it. The Captain America I know would be utterly horrified and insulted at the perversion of his image if he saw it. Captain America is one of my personal heroes (okay, Chris Evans is really easy on the eyes, what can I say?)

Now let me tell you a story about another iconic superhero who was used in a very powerful way  via comic books to bring down an enemy in our own country. It took place decades ago and was the result of a very daring reporter who literally risked his life to bring this project to life. His name eludes me right now, but what this man did was to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan, learn its secrets and agenda, and expose it to the public. he went all over in the hopes that someone would pick up his story, but no one would touch it out of fear of retaliation. He wound up pitching this to the most unlikely of places, DC Comics, who eventually did do something with it. They created a comic book where Superman, the Man of Steel, takes down the Klan. They based the story on his investigative reporting, and admittedly, the reporter DID embellish things a bit, but what he did was revolutionary. When that comic was released, it tarnished the images of that racist hate group for a good long time. They were humiliated, sconred, their membership dropped significantly. They went underground because of it. It took them a long time to recoup from that thrashing a very intrepid and daring reporter with the help of a beloved comic company did.

So when I see nutbag losers dressed up as the Cap hating on the President and what he represents, it makes me physically ill. Cap represents EVERYTHING the the Tea Party is not. Yeah, so he’s a comic book character. I get it. Thing is, people are inspired by images and characters. The Cap represents everything good about this country, about what makes us great, what makes us proud. The Tea Party is nothing but a pack of rabid, unhinged bullies who will stop at nothing to achieve domination over everyone (kind of reminds me of HYDRA, personally).

We need something like that Superman comic again. I really do think so. You would be surprised at the social awareness that is a part of comic book plotlines–the writers are NOT stupid. They get political. They take on social issues (remember same-sex marriage?). I’ve seen storylines that deal with sexual assault, domestic abuse, drug addiction. Comics are a superb medium to get social issues across to large portions of the population.

So here’s what I want to see from Marvel Comics. Maybe even the legendary Stan Lee will take notice. I want to see Captain America take on the Tea Party and run it into the ground. I want the writers at Marvel to get over ego and do what’s right. I want to see some brave writers and artist make this come to life. I’d even be ready to start an online petition to make this happen. Are you in? Because I sure am. I don’t back away from bullies.

Gunning for guns

I need to get this out of my system before I explode. I don’t like guns, because they scare me, because of the potential they contain for great harm. I am not going to start crusading for everyone to lose their guns, that’s not the point. I could not, nor ever will, have a gun in my home. I’m afraid of what I might do with it, to myself. That’s why I don’t ever want one. I am fine with having someone show me how to use one, clean it, fire it, take it apart, but never own one. I lost a beloved neighbor to guns, someone I saw as nearly a second mother. Had I known how much she was hurting inside, the mental anguish she kept hidden from me, I would’ve done everything I could to keep her from committing suicide with her husband’s revolver. That loss has haunted me ever since.

Let’s think about it, though. Owning a gun is a SERIOUS responsibility. This is a tool that has the potential to take lives if in the wrong hands. You do not joke around with a gun, nor would you joke around with a hammer or a running lawnmower. If you want one, you should know fully what can happen with one, what the gun is capable of doing. If you don’t take it seriously, they you shouldn’t be swaggering around with a gun. It’s not a fashion statement. It is a WEAPON. You don’t screw around with one. Some of these people who have guns have them because they have a serious self-confidence issue, and by carrying one around, it makes them feel important, someone to be respected (when they ought to be feared). In my view, it’s like a guy swaggering around in public with his member out, to show how manly he is. A gun is not a toy, just as a sword or knife is not a toy. You don’t play around with them and when you do something irresponsible with one, either you or someone gets hurt, even killed. If you have kids, keep the thing OUT of their reach. If you intend to teach your child to use firearms, you better be absolutely certain how you train that kid to use one. You don’t DARE let your kid out of your sight with one. You show that kid EXACTLY what a gun is capable of. Just because someone has a gun, doesn’t always mean they should have them. It doesn’t automatically make them a better person.

I also don’t understand why again and again, mentally unbalanced individuals get their hands on guns. People who have proven repeatedly they are a threat to others shoud NOT have guns. People who have a history of violent behavior and have used any kind of weapon in the past should NOT have guns. This has nothing to do with Second Amendment rights. I do not want some deranged psychopath hoarding guns living next to me or in my neighborhood. I don’t care what god they pray to or not; if they are willing to use violence with whatever they get their hands on, it’s generally reasonable that they shouldn’t be trusted with firearms. Every time a senseless shooting happens, gun owners ought to be SCREAMING about why dangerous people have guns, and what we can do to keep those dangerous people away from them. Not everyone should be trusted with a gun. A blind person should not have a gun.  A baby. Violent felons, criminals. Use common sense, people, for heaven’s sake! If you can’t be trusted to raise an infant, you sure as heck can’t be trusted with a gun.

No health care for you!

Instead of telling people why I should have health care, I want to know why I don’t deserve it. Or anyone else, for that matter. Why is having health coverage such a bad thing? I REALLY want to understand this, so please, I’m giving the anti-healthcare advocates step up and tell me why someone like me does not deserve to have healthcare. Is it because I’m low income? Slightly disabled? Oh, maybe it’s because I’m able to function normally for the most part, so I’m not really ‘sick’. I honestly don’t know.

Why exactly is is so absolutely horrific for people to have coverage for medical issues? What about people who have a chronic condition that REQUIRES frequent medical attention; if they should not be allowed healthcare, what should they do instead? Just tough it out? Maybe put up with as much of the condition they can tolerate? What about someone profoundly disabled any completely unable to care for oneself? Should they just lie in a bed all day? What about that disabled person’s family–if they can’t take care of that child. Not enough money, or the necessary skills to care for the condition. If no one is entitled to healthcare, what does a family in that situation do? Turn to religious charities to help?

We are required by law to have car insurance in order to own a vehicle. Same goes for owning a house. You can’t even get a mortgage without first having homeowner’s insurance. No one is screaming about how unconstitutional that is. Yet God forbid everyone in this country should get health insurance in case they get sick or injured. Is it just me, or does anyone else think the anti-healthcare goons have a cockeyed argument?

I don’t think I’m being facetious; I’m completely serious about this. So was it criminal that my parents made sure my surgeries were taken care of, to fix my birth defects, or should I just have been allowed to develop without any treatment? That I really don’t deserve to have a prosthetic eye fill the empty socket, and just go about life wearing an eyepatch to cover the hole in my face? Maybe I should’ve just had all my teeth pulled out and gum all my food instead, because I apparently don’t deserve to have dental care either.

How far ahead do these anti-heathcare nuts think about this? Do they really believe heathcare is an entitlement for those with money, and anyone else should just die? I want to hear them give me a coherent answer to my questions, because I have right to know. What gives THEM the right to decide whether I, or anyone else, should have healthcare? I want to know exactly why they feel this way and not some stupid talking point from the GOP. Their mentality has a lot in common with social Darwinism, in my opinion. Let the ones with the means survive, and the rest will die off. Except that the rich need to live off the backs of the poor to survive.

So let’s hear it. Please explain in clear, understandable terms why no one in this country deserves healthcare. Inquiring minds want to know.

Making appearances

How one appears in public seems to be a trend these days. Some of us just can’t help basing our opinions of others by the way someone looks. If they saw me, a white woman in a hoodie, they’d never give me a second glance. But make it a young black man and automatically he’s a criminal in some people’s eyes.

I can’t even begin to express how enraged I am about that murder. It’s the 21st century, a time when people claim to be enlightened and above prejudice, and some of us can’t get our mindsets out of the segregationist 1950s. Some of us in this country just cannot alter their thinking, that they still believe discrimination based on ignorant prejudice is acceptable. The face of this world we live in is in constant flux, we are changing, evolving into something else. Change scares some people, scares them so badly that the only way they feel they can combat it is to try and obliterate it from society. They like their little world where everyone is categorized into neat little boxes, so that they can identify who is right and wrong, who is acceptable and who is not.

There’s a flaw to that line of thinking, in my opinion. True, there will always be the exceptions to the rule, but for the rest, it’s all grayscale. Life is no longer black and white, right and wrong, good or bad. It’s complicated and difficult. We can’t always depend on outside appearances as a guide to decide who is a good, moral person and who isn’t. We can’t decide what is a good or bad person based solely on looks, or what one wears, or what faith we hold. It’s short-sighted and ignorant. We can’t say that someone with lots of piercings and tattoos is a dangerous, evil person. That’s a very narrow-minded perspective and not very helpful. Appearances are deceptive. Someone can be the most prim and proper, stuffed shirt and also be a raging maniac.

I suppose I have this great desire for everyone to be colorblind, that we could see the quality of a person not based on looks, but who they are inside. I recall years ago, when I found out a guy I liked in high school was gay, it didn’t turn me against him. I’m surprised it took me such a long time to figure it out. I still considered him a great guy to hang out with. We still have these bonehead mentalities that just because we learn something so surprising about another person, it means we have to hate them now. When I told people I was no longer a practicing Catholic and followed pagan beliefs, some people thought I was mentally disturbed and wanted me committed. Other people didn’t care and still saw me as their friend. If you knew me as a good, kind thoughtful person before this, why would anything I say now change your persepctive of me? Or anybody else? How many more people have to be hurt before we realize that judging one another based on what someone looks like is wrong? It’s using common sense, which seems to be severely lacking in a lot of people these days. Nature is a million, billion different colors and varieties. We humans, as a part of nature, are also varied. We need to accept that FACT now, not sweep it under the rug. I won’t live the rest of my life in the Dark Ages, in a world ruled by fear and prejudice.

Second chances and forgiveness

This has been on my mind lately. I don’t think Americans are very forgiving people, as much as some would claim they are. We’re altogether too eager to write someone off if they don’t satisfy us in 30 seconds or less as a complete failure. We do not forgive and forget, as the phrase goes. We nurse our grudges, we feed our resentments by taking out our anger on other people.

Human beings are naturally prone to mistakes. If we didn’t make any kind of mistakes, I don’t think we’d be human anymore. We make bad choices at times, bad decisions, things we will regret for the rest of our lives. Yet some of us think that if one person makes an awful choice, they are forever unworthy of ay kind of redemption, respect, even love. When we ‘turn the other cheek‘, I don’t necessarily think it’s weakness. It means you are strong enough to take another blow and remain standing. Despite incredible hardship, people CAN survive, people can keep going. Maybe they have a certain quality within themselves that keeps them going.

I think of people living with AIDS, and how some of them got the disease from bad choices. Maybe some never learned their lesson from getting infected and keep living a self-destructive life, but I wouldn’t classify all victims like that. How many were too scared to find out? How many just had no idea? Is it fair to blame every person who acquires the disease as ‘they deserved it’? No. People can learn from their mistakes, people can turn those tragedies into  educational experiences, to teach others how to make their own lives better, to not make the mistakes people before have done.

I can’t always condemn people outright for things done. I don’t have the knee-jerk mentality others do, that once something is done it can never be taken back. I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life, but those mistakes should not define WHO and WHAT I am. Just like everyone else. There are always exceptions.There will always be people that go beyond the rules, but those are the not the majority and should not be used as the standard to judge everyone. There are people in my life I will not forgive, because of what they’ve done to me. They knew when they did those things to me that they intended to hurt me and they weren’t sorry for it. There are some things that cannot be forgiven.

Maybe what I’m hoping for is that people will learn to become less judgemental of others. It’s not one’s looks that define someone; it’s their spirit. It’s not their faith that automatically declares them as a better person, it’s what they DO in the world that really matters. Our bodies should not define whether we are good or bad people, but what we do for others that define it.

What are YOU looking at?

As much as we would like to say we are an accepting culture, we have our moments where we fail miserably. I really don’t understand why some people feel compelled to stare at others. I can understand when children (most of them, not all), stare,because they’re curious and it’s something they’ve never seen before. There are others though,that stare just because it’s rude and they know darn well how rude it is, and do it anyhow. Someone with disabilites, or religious dress, or whatever moronic reason that goes through the vacant place where  a brain should be in their heads.

Some people make the claim that Europeans are more sophisitcated, but I’m going to have to disagree with that one. Talk about staring. Both times I was in Italy, I got gawked at as if I had two heads. It wasn’t just kids who did this, but grown adults. I had one old lady make the devil horns at me, and I was so angry I was nearly in tears. Italians are notoriously fashion-conscious; they can’t even go out for a simple walk without being perfectly coutured. They stared at me because I was a tourist and they stared at me because of my face. First time I went there, there was one trip to the beach that was just awful. A bunch of kids kep running past me, bothering me about what time it was. My mom finally caught on and sent them packing with a sharp reprimand. I spent the rest of the time with my hat over my face. I couldn’t bear to see them coming to stare at me again. It didn’t help that the month before I had surgery on my nose too, so it was pretty sore and healing. Maybe it’s a little relaxed since I’ve been there, but you don’t see many people with disabilites in public in Italy. They think it makes them look bad. Something about aesthetics. I’ll challenge any of them to prove me wrong on this.

So, back to staring. One could say that  person only deserves to get stared at because of how they dress, or their tattoos, or numerous piercings. That’s a tricky area, because in some ways, how they look IS going to draw attention. Some of them who do this do it for themsleves, regardless of the attention, because of their own personal reasons. They have osmething about themselves that is resistant to the stares, the mockery, and condemnation of others. Some people have views that ALL people who are heavily modified (as in piercings and tattoos) are dirty low-lifes and criminals. That they’re stupid, uneducated and violent. Those are stereotypes. Through participating in forums on the subject, I’ve gotten to know some of these people and for all their looks, are human beings underneath. Maybe they’re a bit more bolder than I am, strong in their convictions, but they’re also very human beings. I think some of them are very kind and loving people. And as much as they say they don’t care about the looks they get, I think it does get to them at times. There is a whole multitude of reasons why they make the choices they have, and not all of them have a deep philosophical meaning. Not every choice is a logical one, but simply because of that doesn’t necessarily make it stupid. I don’t expect to convert anyone to my way of thinking, but what I would love is that what I say here makes people THINK the next time they pass judgement on someone who doesn’t fit within the norm.

Looking different is not a crime. Being non-conformist is not criminal behavior. It means you refuse to be categorized, boxed-up and labeled as a certain type of person. Looking like the poster child for Snobercrombie & Itch does not automatically make you a wonderfully kind and generous person. Some of the most prim and properly dressed folks have come across to me as the meanest, bigoted people ever. Or people who were heavily pierced and covered in tattoos treated me with absolute kindness. The reverse is also the same. We really need to make an effort to overcome this idea that looks define a person. When you stare at someone, you reduce them to the status of a THING, something not human. You convert a person into an object to be reviled and scorned. You are saying without speaking, that the object of your staring is to be hated and condemned. I wonder about that, whenever I see people looking at me for longer than is necessary. When they look at me, are they seeing me as a human being or as a piece of garbage. I have a hard time telling myself that people look at me because they may think I’m attractive. People who have taken the time to know me find out what I’m actually like, and they can see past my looks to see the personality within. We need to overcome this obsession of judging people based on looks, because this world is becoming ever-increasingly diverse. Nothing is black and white anymore. I prefer to say that life is more like greyscale. We are all a million shades of grey when it comes to each of us. We need to learn to see the INSIDE of a person first, not just seeing the outside.


The meaning of poverty

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I think we Americans have a distorted idea about what it means to be poor, low-income, or homeless. We have this idea cemented in our minds that the REAL poor people are those living on the streets with only the clothes on their backs, sleeping in cardboard boxes at night, begging on the corner for money. We sneer at the people who already have a place to live, have a job, and say they can’t be poor, because they have all that. Sure, they have a roof over their heads and a job but for how long? How about not making enugh moeny to afford rent? The typical reply is that the person then shouldn’t try to live beyond their means. What if that’s ALL they have, that daring to apply for government services is so criminal in some eyes that they don’t? Rather than try and get assistance, the person picks up a bunch of part-time jobs to make the money, but is killing themselves emotionally and physically as a result. What if all that work pushes them past the breaking point and they are thoroughly burnt out from all that pressure? Are they now a ‘lazy’ person? How long could any of you hold down three or four part-time jobs, working from sunup to sundown every single day, no breaks, just to prove to everyone you are a good, hard-working person? What happens if you get sick, or hurt from pushing yourself so hard at your jobs and are unable to work? Gods forbid you get unemployment, because that means you’re just a lazy slob feeding off everyone else. None of this makes any kind of sense to me.

I do not believe every poor person is lazy and incompetent. I think it’s a lie perpetrated by some to further their own agendas. I know a lot of people who are low-income who are the hardest working people I have ever met. And a lot of them are minorities, which is the group du jour to bash as economically parasitical.

Not everyone can handle retail jobs. They’re thankless, overly stressful environments for the most part. Retail employers do not care about those they hire, just that they have bodies to sell merchandise. The turnover rate is very high, because the stress is so high in those areas. I have worked retail in the past and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. Not everyone is cut out for that line of work, but sadly, it’s the most available opening for people. There are NO benefits from retail jobs, no real career. You can’t survive on one of those jobs because the pay is menial. Okay, I can see a rebuttal here–just work lots of hours to make more money. So working from dawn to dusk, with a few hours to sleep and maybe eat is real living. I’m sorry, but I won’t accept that argument. It’s NOT healthy, for one. You NEED to have a social life as well. One’s emotional health is just as important as the physical. I nearly put myself in the hospital on at least two occasions because of work. One job I was working full-time, hardly ever getting a break, going from morning till late at night at the job. I stopped caring about my body, my anxiety was eating me up inside, and I stopped eating, going through a whole day on perhaps one meal. I was so worried about making enough money, and I couldn’t even afford to live on my own. I was severely depressed, not getting treatment for it, and I even collapsed at the job from sheer exhaustion. I lost an alarming amount of weight because I just stopped caring about everything. People do this. People work themselves to death because they’re so afraid they won’t have enough money to afford anything anymore. They’re afraid to take a break to care for themselves because they don’t want to be seen as lazy. If this is the American Way, it’s a sick one. The other retail job that nearly broke me was because of an emotionally and verbally abusive supervisor. She harassed and degraded me to the point I had debilitating panic attacks. My attempts to file complaints were countered with er trying to get me fired. I was forced by the company into a leave of absence, and when I returned, she continued her abuse.  People don’t need that kind of garbage on the job, nor should they have to be forced to put up with it, like the company expected me to. I filed complaints, spoke to HR, all to no effect. That’s unacceptable for ANY work environment. No one should have to live with that on a daily basis for any reason, much less work. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had this happen to them. It happens every day in this country.

Low income does not equate low intelligence, or low quality. Low income people are not mindless automatons but human beings who ought to be treated as such by their employers. We are not slaves, nor should we be overworked to the point of collapse. Some of us have these miserable jobs because there’s nothing else left. Some of us have these menial jobs because we lost our original ones due to downsizing or that the employer thought it was cheaper to send work overseas. Not because we’re lazy and don’t want to work. I’m going to leave it here for now, but I have much more to say on this issue.

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