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The real domestic terrorists

Nobody wants to talk about it, because they’re too cowardly. They don’t want to admit it either. More mindless, rampaging violence strikes again, this time at a Sikh temple. Oh, but hate speech is protected speech. Yeah, until some deranged psycho with a gun pulls the trigger. Some loser white supremacist decides to go hunting at the local Sikh temple and murders six people and injures many more, including a veteran police officer.  The shooter was taken down by police, thankfully before he could kill any more innocent people.

I hate these moments. I hate it when evil, bigoted morons go on their bloody-minded crusades to purify America from anyone who isn’t white, evangelical Christian, and right-wing. I am sick of these monsters destroying this country with their fanaticism. Oh, they’re against ‘Islamic sharia law’ being instilled in America? How about your deranged, fundamentalist Christian regime you’re trying to force down everyone’s throats, poorly disguised as anti-women amendments and laws? How about that? And they have the gall to complain about Muslims?

I want these monsters out of my country. They do not represent me, they do not represent America, and they are an abomination to all that this country stands for.

Besides the massacre in the temple, for the second time in a month, a mosque in Joplin, Missouri, has been burned. This time, the little cretins burned it to the ground. That’s no accidental fire. That was arson. I’ll go further than that and call it what it should be named; an act of domestic terrorism. I pray to my gods that the scumbags who did this get caught and are prosecuted to the maximun. They are filth, the ones who did this. They are gutless cowards fueled by hate to inflict fear and terror on a community. I’d like to see them once they’re caught to be paraded around town, humiliated and condemned by everyone.

What infuriated me even more is that this mosque burning was given very little attention by the media, as if they wanted  it to disappear. No. This needs to be front and center, in everyone’s faces until they choke on it. I want to see the public up in arms like they did for Trayvon Martin. Those people who were targeted—they are as human as you and I. They are AMERICANS. Would you ever consider doing this to your neighbors? Why is it okay for it to happen to someone who isn’t Chirstian? You give me a good reason why.

More terrorists lurk in our midst. They flooded town hall meetings a few years back, armed with guns, holding rallies against our president, brandishing loaded weapons. That’s right, the Teabaggers. They are just waiting for hte right opportunity to strike. People are too cowardly to call them what they really are, domestic terrorists. They walk around with guns, hating on the president, itching for a confrontation. They want to start a war, where their Christofascist regime will be installed over the nation.

All of this, I’ve had buliding inside me like poison, and I had to lance the boil. I had to get this out of my system. I am so angry that such evil, hateful people are ravaging the soul of this land, setting us against one another. More violence won’t stop this. people need to stop being afraid of bullies and stand up for what is right. It’s never the popular choice, but it is what is needed to save us.


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No doubt this is going to rub people the wrong way, but I’ve reached a point where I can’t be silent about it anymore. No doubt there will be umpteen million memorials next week to honor the horrors of that day. It’s become a figure of speech in only 10 years–I think you folks know what I’m referring to. Yes, it’s 9/11. I wish I could just sleep throug that day, not have to revisit the nightmarish images plastered across every media outlet. Plug my ears in defiance so as not to hear the awful memories. It’s not that I don’t honor those who died, it’s what’s being done in their names that makes me want to scream.

We in America have been brainwashed into believing 9/11 is strictly and AMERICAN tragedy, it belongs ONLY to Americans, and that all memorials need to be conducted in conservative Christian format. Funny how it was the WORLD Trade Towers, not the American Trade Towers that were hit, and yet this country would have everyone believe ONLY white Christians died in this abomination. And people have swallowed that lie, hook, line and sinker, without reservation.

People from all over the world worked in those towers, were on those planes used as weapons, but we are made to see only a certain percentage of people have suffered the most. Every memorial out there is saturated with right-wing Christian rhetoric, crosses are the only acceptable religious symbol to be honored at these memorials, all the prayers said are unquestionably Christian. People would be raging in the streets if a rabbi gave any kind of Jewish prayer for the departed, or any other faith. Certainly not Muslim, because American has been successfully indoctrinated that every single living Muslim on the planet is a terrorist, even a baby, because they could be raised to be a terrorist. How many people of other faiths died that day and we can’t even be bothered to honor them? How is it we only respect the Americans who died, but everyone else is just garbage? When we disrespect one, we disrespect all who died. Shame on us.

9/11 has become the best propaganda tool for the crazy evangelicals ever. They couldn’t have asked for a better tool if they’d prayed for it, and the worst thing is, people are eating up their lies like hotcakes. We think it’s the height of patritoism to engage in racial/religious discrimination in the name of security, all the while allowing other dangerous types run rampant. We Americnas think all Muslims are terrorists but the sicko who murdered Dr. George Tiller is a HERO. That’s the mentality we revere in this country now. We celebrated when that lunatic pastor down in Florida was burning Qurans, but turned a blind eye to when a mosque, whose people had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with terrorism was vandalized ad burned. Heck, people thought it was a public service, for the criminals to destroy that house of worship. We are truly sick if we think that kind of behavior is upright, patriotic action. Shame on us. Shame.

Everyone suffered that day. People of every race, of ethnicity, of culture, disability, gender, religion, what have you. I could make a list forever. Everyone lost something that day. This tragedy belongs to the entire planet and it should be what draws us together in shared grief, in the ability to comfort one another, to work together in order to become stronger. Instead we have become paranoid, rabidly xenophobic, rabidly religious, and vindictive. We demonize one another now over the stupidest things, we think that being evangelical Christian and adhere to Tea Party rhetoric is the ONLY true American and that any other is treasonous and unpatriotic.

You should also read about what happened on September 15, 2001. A man by the name of Balbir Singh Sodi was murdered. A legal immigrant, shot in cold blood by a crazed ‘patriot’, who wanted to kill anyone he thought looked Muslim. Mesa, Arizona. That’s where it happened. No one cares about it. No one knows about it, because it wasn’t a white person being murdered, but someone who didn’t look American. You can thank 9/11 for all the hate crimes that took place after the attack. Maybe some of you shared in that hatred of anyone who didn’t fit into what America should look like. Maybe you grew a conscience since then and tried to educate yourselves about your prejudices. I hope so. I pray that you do.

Everyone suffered that day. My brother in law worked a block or so away from the Towers when they were hit and saw everything. It affected him. My sister almost went into the city that day, but other things prevented her from doing so. I had relatives who worked downtown that we couldn’t reach, leaving me and my family nearly hysterical. In Washington, DC, my youngest sister was attending college and there was the flight that struck the Pentagon. I went nuts, not able to reach her for days. For almost a year after, I would get nervous every time I saw a plane fly overhead, or if I was in a tall building. I had nightmares of the uncensored footage of the aftermath, of what the rescue personnel witnessed, of all those lives lost. I felt so useless that I wanted to die myself. I couldn’t serve in the military because of my disabilities, I didn’t have the right kind of skills to train for paramedical service, and I wanted so badly to trade places with any of the victims so they could be with their loved ones again. My own existence was pointless, because I was still alive and I hadn’t contributed anything.

I am going to try and make it clear to everyone: this was a WORLD tragedy. On that day, the whole world was attacked, not just one tiny portion. It may have happened in America, but it affected the whole planet. We need to recognize that fact. It’s about time we stopped building walls and began building bridges. You can’t get from one place to another with a wall blocking your path, you reach your destination by crossing a bridge. I will not live in fear, I will not live under the domination of religio-political ideologues who infest the airwaves, and I will not be a slave to intolerance. That’s how it is for me. What about you?

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