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It’s not a perfect world we live in. You know it, I know it. The core of it is that we need to make the best of what we’ve got.

There are some who want to throw out everything our Founding Father set up and start up a new world order in the vision of whatever ideology they follow. I can tell you some of this is pretty downright scary. We don’t have a perfect government, but who does in this world? If it was perfect, we’d be living in a utopia. Some things work out great on paper, but when you actually implement it into society, it doesn’t quite work as planned.

I have to wonder, would we really be better governed by corporations and big business? Would any of us be better off under their care? Seriously, can you answer that for me? Would this country do better if we scrapped the governmental system in place for a completely new one? Say one with Christofascistic overtones? If you don’t know the term, I urge you strongly to go research the term. I’m not doing your homework for you–I fully assume those who follow me are intelligent enough to want to find out what some of the things I talk about here.

Could you picture yourself living in an America that is run by a theocratic agency? You might want to read ‘The Handmaid’s Tale‘ by Margaret Atwood. Or V for Vendetta. Or, just imagine, the government model that was in WALL-E. Basically the government became a big coroporation. Some people like this idea, because so many politicans are just puppets for big money.

What kind of world do you want to live in? Ask yourself that. In November, when you’re in that voting booth. Do you want to be ruled by the cheap car salesman, Mittens, or or our sitting president, who got a crapload of misery dumped on him by the previous one?

Another point. The tought times we’re in? They’re not going to vanish overnight. There is NO magic wand to be waved to make all these problems disappear. It took time for them to grow, and it’ll take time to make them go away. We Americans need to get rid of our instant grtification mentality, because it’s utterly and completely unrealistic to think that way. We have to fix our own problems, and sometimes amputating a limb (as in dumping our current president) is not a good solution. As the old phrase goes ‘would you cut off your nose to spite your face’?

Big business does not care about me or you. It only cares about how much money it makes at the expense of the public. It doesn’t care if you lose your home, everything you have, your job, your family. So why do you think having these rich CEOs meddling in politics will make it better for YOU? You are simply slave labor to them. You are an automaton, a drone that they don’t want to pay because it means more money for THEM.

Life is an enormous struggle, people. Get used to it. You can either blame everyone else for your problems and hate everyone, not contributing a whit save your vitriol, or you can roll up your sleeves and try to make the world a better place. I know it, because YES WE CAN.


Misrepresentation of the masses

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Let’s be clear about something. When I speak my mind, I am speaking for ME, nobody else. I have no intentions of making myself the self-imposed speaker for any group of people. Which brings me to my most recent gripe. I really dislike being spoken for by right -wing extremists. They say they speak for the ‘American people’, which in some sense would include me, but I am not a right-wing nutbag. I have absolutely nothing in common with them. Why on earth would I want someone who hates everything I stand for represent me? I believe in equal rights and social justice, they don’t. I want religion to stay the heck out of politics, but they combine the two constantly. I want my damn healthcare–they’d rather see someone like me die first before I could qualify for healthcare. I am rather liberal in views and consider myself a progressive, which is comepletely the opposite of them. I oppose the corporate anarchy proposed by the likes of Ron Paul and his minions, or the foaming, wild-eyed ravings of Santorum. I’d like to see CEOs forgo their obscene paychecks for doing absolutley nothing and donate it to helping the helpless, instead of lining their pockets. I do not want to see MY reproductive rights denied to me, just because of some evangelical kook gunning for the White House. You can keep your bible off my body, thank you very much. I am low income, which is ironic, since many low income folks also claim allegiance to some of these candidates running about the country. Do these people honestly pay any attention to the true intentions of some of these candidates? If given power, these people would strip away what little rights the poor have left.

And yet, these people claim to speak for me. They claim to know what’s best for this country while squashing the rights of those they disagree with. I never said the opposition couldn’t talk, I’m most likely going to tune them out because they bore me. Or laugh at them, because I think their rhetoric is insane.

They say they speak for the likes of me, because they believe their ideology is the best course for this nation, even if I don’t like it. They would force their dogma down my throat if given the opportunity, but I won’t let them get close enough to do that. So they hate liberals like me, call us ignorant and led astray by wickedness (more of that religio-political drivel again).

When I hear them talking about how they, the Right, represent the true values of the American people, I scratch my head. Then I ask myself, WHICH of the American people do they represent? Not me, or anyone who shares my views. These guys represent the 1%. They do not speak for minorities, for the disabled, the poor, the unemployed, non-Christians, LGBTQ, oh, the list could go on. Who do YOU think they speak for? When you hear them out there preaching, do you really believe they are speaking for you? That they care about your own personal values and beliefs? Think about it when you go vote.

Great White Right, I am quite capable of using the brain I was given, thank you, so please, don’t speak for me anymore. I’m also quite capable of using my own voice to represent myself in the public vein, rather than allow bloodthirsty religious plutocrats do so.

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Yes, I do believe I’ve come across another subspecies of internet troll out prowling the interwebs. I’m thinking of calling this one a parasitic comment spammer–maybe someone else can come up with a better description.

This particularly nasty variety of internet troll hijacks other people’s blog comment sections, or any online piece published to promote their own agenda. These people come from all sides, no one side is less culpable than the other. I participate on several social networking sites, and I was particularly infuriated over one discussion whose subject matter is a sore point for me. I have a distinct loathing for conspiracy theorists, especially the anti-government types who follow Alex Jones‘ crap as religiously as their bibles. There are not too many people that I have such seething hatred for, but these kooks are up on that list. I lost my temper and unloaded on the guy, who basically was dumping clip after clip of conspiracy junk into the discussion, hardly allowing anyone else to get a word in edgewise. Anyone who disagreed, such as myself, got royally trashed. He was very nasty, implying I was a sick, psychotic freak who needed to be locked away. He also said he had the right to call me those names because he held advanced degrees in psychology. I only have an Associate’s. Hmph. So, just because someone has a big fat fancy sheet of paper in a frame gives one the right to demonize others. Fascinating. It was a very ugly mess, and it was shut down by the site owner. I amazingly was not thrown off the site, but neither was this pompous fool. He’s still there, posting pile after pile of conspiracy videos, plots of how the secret cabal is going to overtake the world and all other sorts of truly offensive drivel. I will poke around conspiracy sites out of sheer curiosity, because I want to know what kinds of things they talk about. Some of it I just find so compeltely deranged it sounds like it comes from a schizoid’s personal diary. I mean, it’d make for great filler for science fiction stories, but I just can’t swallow some of what they claim.

So, back to this troll. I think the site owner made it clear to try not feeding the resident troll, and the moderators are keeping an eye on him if he tries to pull any other antics. I was truly afraid this guy was going to go after me, because he’s precisely the kind of temperament who doesn’t let go of hurts and holds grudges dear to his heart. I joined another site, and lo and behold, he pops up there too! He’s sneaky enough to title his posts with themes that fit in with the site’s membership, but when you take a look, it has absolutely nothing to do with the discussion title. He replies to his own posts, putting up all kinds of things promoting his agenda.

I have tried to be objective, watched the videos to satisfy my curiosity (without trying  to break my computer in rage), tried to rationalize the arguments made in such clips, and just find myself needing more proof. I was invited to the new site by the site’s creator, and when this fellow showed up, I compared the two profiles from the other and this new one. Same video material, same job, same age. The name was different, but it was the same guy. I informed the site creator about him, and while she won’t ban him, she’s going to keep him under a microscope. I really enjoy this new site. I have been able to discuss topics that I’ve posted on other sites that have gotten ignored, sneered at, and trashed. I’ve met some truly delightful folks there, and I am very disappointed that someone has to basically commandeer the site for their own fanatical agenda. It’s wrong. If I were someone who had a site and someone did this to me, you can bet that mental midget would be gone, pronto.

I’ve seen it being done on progressive and liberal sites as well. Someone comes in seeming to be a fellow progressive, exhorting the ideals of the movement, but  all the while, they’re busy compiling data on their political enemies, finding weaknesses to exploit, making lists of leaders within the organization. Those folks singled out get harassed by right-wing groups, their personal details given out on extremist sites to the listeners, and some of those listeners get the notion to take action on that information. This is all connected, and if you want to call my present train of thought conspiracy-laden, that’s your choice. On a Facebook group I enjoyed, it was getting bombarded by right-wing hacks attempting to shut the page down by overloading the comments. The page admins were being run ragged trying to boot them out. Mind you, I did not see this happening to Tea Party groups, or other related links. Strange, isn’t it?

I have not engaged the troll on this new site, because it honestly makes me  ill to even argue with someone so rabidly paranoid about everyone. I’m just going to watch what he posts. I have an open mind, believe me, but there is a limit to how far I am willing to believe. When someone is advocating violence to promote governmental change, espousing the mentality if you’re not with them, you’re the enemy, people should be concerned. That’s not okay to me, and for someone to arbitrarily dump their ideological manifestos on everyone and insist you accept it as the truth is morally offensive to me. It’s things like this that so disgust me about the human race at times, that people are so virulently suspicious of everything they believe  someone is out to get them. Trolls are just gutless cowards. They hide behind microphones and computers, write hateful manifestos to local papers, create websites devoted to hating everything that isn’t exactly like them, putting the blame for their own personal failures on everyone else but themselves. It’s easier to blame the government for one’s own laziness, or for one’s violent nature. Or blaming the economy because the current president isn’t white. Oh, yeah, there’s plenty more where that came from. Or that the world leaders are really reptilian aliens conniving to take over the world and enslave humankind. I think that one’s priceless.

This is what one of this subspecies of internet troll does to websites; cause disruption and bad feelings all around, because they can’t bear to see anyone else having a good time. If you want them on your site as part of ‘free speech’, be my guest, but when your site has become inundated by lunatic schemes, anti-government hysteria and hate speech, don’t come crying to me. I just pointed it out to you. Now it’s your mess to deal with.

Maybe this is just me, but it makes me scratch my head and have a WTF moment. Why is it that some people out there think if someone is a little different, they’re suddenly unqualified for a position? Prime example of this is the moronic DADT policy in the military. The moment someone is found out to be gay, it immediately designates them as inferior and unqualified for whatever position they held. So, let’s say a soldier is a valued and highly skilled linguist, regarded for their extreme accuracy in translation. Then it gets out that this soldier is gay and now they are considered unfit and incapable of serving as a translator. See, this is where the confusion sets in for me. HOW does one’s private life have ANY kind of bearing on one’s ability to translate? Or for that matter, serve as a medic, a pilot, or whatever position held? I’m supposed to accept that a poorly trained translator who is straight is eminently more qualified than a highly trained trnslator who happens to be gay?

I just don’t get it. It boggles my mind that there are these huge gaps of logic in making these kinds of decisions. Of course, there’s a lot of raging homophobia amongst the old guard and rabid evangelicals in the military, and because they know how to throw their weight around, they are able to enforce their discrimination. I could be mistaken, because I have never served in the armed forces (little something called a visual disability). I honestly would have, if I hadn’t any medical problems.

The thing is, that it’s not just the military who has this perception. How many other groups were targeted like this, deemed unfit for one reason or another? Women were once considered too weak to do certain jobs, or enough intelligence for others. Women were expected to be housewives, secretaries and baby machines. Blacks at one point were owned like cattle, abused by fellow human beings and considered nothing more than working beasts because of their skin color. They were segregated from whites, discriminated, harassed, murdered. It took the government to tell the American people they were citizens too. Now the latest groups to face bias are the GLBT community and immigrants. Should we forget the murder of Matthew Shepard, or the story of Tempest Smith? Don’t know the names? May I suggest you Google them and find out for yourself. People are up in arms over Elena Kagan, because they fear she’s gay and she’ll destroy the Supreme Court. What of the transgendered? I knew several over the years, and I felt a kinship in them because we both were ostracized for being different. People think once transgendered, that person is no longer capable of doing their job. So a person has a serious, gut-wrenching decision to change their gender, and now they’re suddenly incompetent? WHO comes up with this stuff? Load of bollocks, I say. Under all the changes, at their core they are HUMAN, and so many people forget that fact.

I’m different too; I have some mild disabilities. Should that immediately make me less capable of doing a job? I just cannot fathom the level of knee-jerk stupidity that infests the minds of a portion of this country. Who gives a CRAP about what one’s private life if that private life has absolutely NO bearing on the job duties? Get the frakk over it, you’re big boys and girls now. Get the Moron Minority out of governmental decisions and focus on the job. If this is what the top brass are so obsessed about, I’d rather trust a trained chimp to run the Pentagon than those bozos. Not to mention the millions wasted on hunting down gays in the ranks and the destruction of careers and lives as a result. Now there’s this asinine survey dispatched by the Pentagon about DADT, and it makes me wonder who came up with it, what is its purpose, and who it was sent to. It’s blatantly provocative, it’s meant to stir up feelings and fear, and I don’t think it does anyone justice.

This past week, there have been several suicides of young people because they were, or were perceived to be gay. The one that has gotten the most media attention is of Tyler Clementi, who took his life after an ugly prank played by his roommate. He was only 18. There were other cases too, some of the suicides as young as 12 years old. The organization To Write Love On Her Arms has been going full tilt because of this getting out the message of suicide prevention and awareness. The Human Rights Campaign has a petition making the rounds asking those in D.C. to invest more into preventing such discrimination that leads to these tragic deaths. Something needs to be done about this. Not in six months, not in a year from now. It needs to take action NOW. Nobody wants to talk about these things because of the stranglehold the Religious Right has over swaths of the population. People still feel they have the right to discriminate and demonize a group of people based on religious doctrine. Fine. Object all you want, but don’t object so that it leads to people taking their lives because you don’t think they have the right to exist. I would like to say I gladly stand with the GLBT community in this, because NO ONE deserves to be treated in such a monstrous manner. No one deserves to be bullied to death over sexual orientation, religion, race or gender. Or a million other stupid, petty reasons. I won’t let this go, because the whole existence of bullying is far too personal for me to ignore. I was bullied because of my disabilities, not sexual preference. It made me feel like wanting to commit suicide as well, many times, because I felt I didn’t deserve to be even considered a human being. Not anymore. I am not going to let this issue dwindle into obscurity. If you read this, I hope it compels you to take action as well about this. This is NOT some isolated event. It is happening across the map, and if you laugh it off, you are not living in reality.

This country needs to stop living in the Dark Ages, where the church ruled by fear and violence. Americans are of every color, culture, religion, and lifestyle. No one has to agree with it all, but NO ONE has the right to restrict and discriminate over willful hatred of anyone who is different. It’s the 21st century, sweethearts. Get with the program.

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