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Took them long enough, thanks to the bass-ackwards politicians trying to drag this issue out until it died. Religious exemptions, my butt. That was a blatant delaying scheme and everyone with a brain should’ve seen that.

There has been a tired, done to death spiel the far right keeps trotting out to block this kind of legislation and I am getting fed up with the public being so blindly ignorant of it. The far right keeps making the claim that legalizing same-sex marriage will lead to all sorts of grossly indecent acts, that gays will want to marry animals, or marry children, or engage in incest, and it’s a complete LIE. All they want is to marry their PARTNER, a fellow HUMAN BEING. They have no interest in getting married in a church that hates them; they want the same legal rights as every straight couple in this nation. Religion has no place in this, and they have NO right to force their ways on others who have absolutely no connection to that faith. Marriage licenses are issued by city hall, NOT a church, or a temple, or a mosque. It is a legal document, not a religious one, and the majority of the American people are so stupid they can’t be bothered to learn the difference.

Yes, I’m disgusted with a portion of the people in this country, because they’re not interested in educating themselves about the laws that make up this nation. They’d rather rely on quick sound bites from political or religious ideologues to inform themselves than to actually USE the brain in their skulls.

I am proud to be a New Yorker, born and raised in this state. I could not imagine the tremendous shame I would feel if my state elected officials decided that certain New Yorkers were unworthy of full legal rights as their fellow New Yorkers. Gays and lesbians are just as human as you or I, and to think that there are people still who see them as less than human makes me physically ill.

What makes me shake my head in wonder is that it was only a mere 40-odd years ago interracial marriage was declared legal. Forty years is a drop in the bucket when you think about it. Forty years ago, some people thought those with a different skin color were less than human and it was a criminal offense to even marry one. That’s pathetic. It has to be one of the most idiotic things I’ve ever heard in my life. So they discriminate based on skin color, but why not eye color, since we all have various colored eyes?

We brought down racial discrimination (for the most part), so now the haters need a new enemy. The GLBT community seem like a great place to start, for them. They’ve done a pretty good job so far, demonizing them, ostracizing them, even murdering them. Ever since we allowed the Moron Majority to hijack government, religious dogma has been sneakily inserted into law, especially in rural areas, the South, and Midwest. We dumb Americans haven’t made any objections so far, because we just aren’t interested. I am, however. I am very interested in seeing that ALL people in this state and country have full civil rights. The idea that only certain American citizens are worthy of equal rights sounds like something straight out of the mind of George Orwell‘s ‘Animal Farm‘. I’m sure you literate folks know the quote I’m referring to.

I am happy for the Empire State, because they did something right for once. They made a case for equal rights and pulled it off. America keeps bragging how we are the ‘land of the free’, but who exactly are the ‘free’ they speak of? Only the straight population? If we truly believe in the idea of equal rights for all Americans, then we had better prove it, instead of grandstanding on the subject. Words aren’t enough at this point; it’s time for action. I’m glad New Yorkers with a social conscience stood up for human rights.


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Yes, I do believe I’ve come across another subspecies of internet troll out prowling the interwebs. I’m thinking of calling this one a parasitic comment spammer–maybe someone else can come up with a better description.

This particularly nasty variety of internet troll hijacks other people’s blog comment sections, or any online piece published to promote their own agenda. These people come from all sides, no one side is less culpable than the other. I participate on several social networking sites, and I was particularly infuriated over one discussion whose subject matter is a sore point for me. I have a distinct loathing for conspiracy theorists, especially the anti-government types who follow Alex Jones‘ crap as religiously as their bibles. There are not too many people that I have such seething hatred for, but these kooks are up on that list. I lost my temper and unloaded on the guy, who basically was dumping clip after clip of conspiracy junk into the discussion, hardly allowing anyone else to get a word in edgewise. Anyone who disagreed, such as myself, got royally trashed. He was very nasty, implying I was a sick, psychotic freak who needed to be locked away. He also said he had the right to call me those names because he held advanced degrees in psychology. I only have an Associate’s. Hmph. So, just because someone has a big fat fancy sheet of paper in a frame gives one the right to demonize others. Fascinating. It was a very ugly mess, and it was shut down by the site owner. I amazingly was not thrown off the site, but neither was this pompous fool. He’s still there, posting pile after pile of conspiracy videos, plots of how the secret cabal is going to overtake the world and all other sorts of truly offensive drivel. I will poke around conspiracy sites out of sheer curiosity, because I want to know what kinds of things they talk about. Some of it I just find so compeltely deranged it sounds like it comes from a schizoid’s personal diary. I mean, it’d make for great filler for science fiction stories, but I just can’t swallow some of what they claim.

So, back to this troll. I think the site owner made it clear to try not feeding the resident troll, and the moderators are keeping an eye on him if he tries to pull any other antics. I was truly afraid this guy was going to go after me, because he’s precisely the kind of temperament who doesn’t let go of hurts and holds grudges dear to his heart. I joined another site, and lo and behold, he pops up there too! He’s sneaky enough to title his posts with themes that fit in with the site’s membership, but when you take a look, it has absolutely nothing to do with the discussion title. He replies to his own posts, putting up all kinds of things promoting his agenda.

I have tried to be objective, watched the videos to satisfy my curiosity (without trying  to break my computer in rage), tried to rationalize the arguments made in such clips, and just find myself needing more proof. I was invited to the new site by the site’s creator, and when this fellow showed up, I compared the two profiles from the other and this new one. Same video material, same job, same age. The name was different, but it was the same guy. I informed the site creator about him, and while she won’t ban him, she’s going to keep him under a microscope. I really enjoy this new site. I have been able to discuss topics that I’ve posted on other sites that have gotten ignored, sneered at, and trashed. I’ve met some truly delightful folks there, and I am very disappointed that someone has to basically commandeer the site for their own fanatical agenda. It’s wrong. If I were someone who had a site and someone did this to me, you can bet that mental midget would be gone, pronto.

I’ve seen it being done on progressive and liberal sites as well. Someone comes in seeming to be a fellow progressive, exhorting the ideals of the movement, but  all the while, they’re busy compiling data on their political enemies, finding weaknesses to exploit, making lists of leaders within the organization. Those folks singled out get harassed by right-wing groups, their personal details given out on extremist sites to the listeners, and some of those listeners get the notion to take action on that information. This is all connected, and if you want to call my present train of thought conspiracy-laden, that’s your choice. On a Facebook group I enjoyed, it was getting bombarded by right-wing hacks attempting to shut the page down by overloading the comments. The page admins were being run ragged trying to boot them out. Mind you, I did not see this happening to Tea Party groups, or other related links. Strange, isn’t it?

I have not engaged the troll on this new site, because it honestly makes me  ill to even argue with someone so rabidly paranoid about everyone. I’m just going to watch what he posts. I have an open mind, believe me, but there is a limit to how far I am willing to believe. When someone is advocating violence to promote governmental change, espousing the mentality if you’re not with them, you’re the enemy, people should be concerned. That’s not okay to me, and for someone to arbitrarily dump their ideological manifestos on everyone and insist you accept it as the truth is morally offensive to me. It’s things like this that so disgust me about the human race at times, that people are so virulently suspicious of everything they believe  someone is out to get them. Trolls are just gutless cowards. They hide behind microphones and computers, write hateful manifestos to local papers, create websites devoted to hating everything that isn’t exactly like them, putting the blame for their own personal failures on everyone else but themselves. It’s easier to blame the government for one’s own laziness, or for one’s violent nature. Or blaming the economy because the current president isn’t white. Oh, yeah, there’s plenty more where that came from. Or that the world leaders are really reptilian aliens conniving to take over the world and enslave humankind. I think that one’s priceless.

This is what one of this subspecies of internet troll does to websites; cause disruption and bad feelings all around, because they can’t bear to see anyone else having a good time. If you want them on your site as part of ‘free speech’, be my guest, but when your site has become inundated by lunatic schemes, anti-government hysteria and hate speech, don’t come crying to me. I just pointed it out to you. Now it’s your mess to deal with.

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This is something I have long pondered over the years. Sometimes my folks get annoyed by the way I dress, as in I dress too ‘young’ for my age. That is, my workplace attire is rather casual. A lot of the time I can be seen in jeans and t-shirts with some kind of playful or cartoonish graphics on it. Novelty prints, like Star Wars or my favorite, a Labyrinth movie print. Some people think that a 36 year old woman shouldn’t dress this way, that they should be wearing a proper suit and heels to work or in public. My workplace isn’t precisely suitable for formal dress, as in I get dusty, skirts can be awkward to move about quickly in, and long ones can get caught under office chairs. My coworkers have never seen me in ratty pants, or shirts with holes, or even dirty clothing. I think they’d be shocked and worried if I ever showed up looking like that. They also don’t see my looks as detrimental to my abilities either.

I suppose my appearance also bugs people, because of the type of earrings I wear in them. I mentioned in previous blogs I have stretched lobes, but they’re not very large. Most of the time people hardly notice them. I’ve been fortunate to work in a place that doesn’t mind them. Or my tattoos–I ONLY have two, and both are mostly covered up.

There is the mindset though, that certain personal styles define a person as less than intelligent, or that they’re being immature. If I do dress casually, it’s never trashy or unkempt. I would never allow myself to leave the house looking like a complete slob. Sometimes I do dress up a bit, such as pairing a classy top with some tailored jeans, nice shoes, something in that vein.

I think I’m eclectic, but not juvenile. That’s the mistake some people make when they judge people on looks. Look at celebrities; they wear just about anything they want, even if it doesn’t look so great on them. They get ridiculed by the fashion mavens, but I don’t think it necessarily stops them from repeating those errors. Prime example of such: Lady Gaga.

Some people adopt a certain style because it helps define who they are, that it’s a fashion trend they enjoy. Some people can get away with it, regardless of age. Some do it for attention; they dress provocatively because they have a need for attention. Maybe it’s because of something in their history, or maybe they just like being the center of attention. I don’t think it’s necessarily fair to say once someone reaches a certain age, they can’t dress in a particular manner. Some bratty kids told me I was an old maid and shouldn’t wear graphic-print tees because I was in my 30s. Then again, they were teenagers, and clearly didn’t have much wisdom in their remarks.

But what defines a person’s competence? Is it one’s appearance, or is it intelligence? I know it’s various factors that play into this, but I don’t think because one looks a little out of the ordinary it automatically lowers their intelligence or competency. I understand workplace standards, and regulations, but I think because this world is becoming more diverse, we need to be a bit more accepting of others. I think this applies mostly to the older generations, because they find it bizarre and uncomfortable to see people who look so different in public. A person can look completely polished, impressive and popular, but that can just be a facade. Behind all the dazzle, there’s not much to that person. The same could be said for someone who is very homely, plain and quiet, but their actions can change minds. Or someone who’s covered in tattoos and piercings; they could end up being the kindest person you ever met.

It’s a double-edged sword. We want our own sense of individuality, but we also don’t want to be seen as a joke. It’s a tricky balancing act. I have my moments when I feel like being a little silly, or I want to look edgy and dark. I’ve pulled off looking goth and then looking very girly. For me, it’s more of the mood I’m in, and I know when I want to carry off such looks. I know my boundaries and I also know what looks right on me and not. It’s style, it’s how you present yourself to others that is the game-changer. I was never happy about my physical appearance, but through others encouraging me, I’ve learned slowly to accept what I have. It’s the blessing and curse of being unique. When you love yourself, you take care in how you present yourself to others. I had to learn that for myself. I don’t necessarily have to take so much time in how I look when I go out, but it makes ME feel better about myself. How we look is just one part of our being; what we say and do are even more important. Clothes, looks are just on the outside. What really matters is inside. We need to dump stereotypes because they don’t help anyone, to be honest.

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I don’t own a webcam, so I can’t make a video to share. I thought maybe if I wrote it out and posted it, it would find its way to the ‘It Gets Better‘ project. Things really hit the roof last year with the rash of suicides and media attention. I think you know what I’m talking about. My personal feelings are that there really ARE that many suicides due to anti-gay bullying that they do take their lives, but people don’t want to talk about it. And they don’t want to admit they might’ve been complicit for creating the atmosphere for someone to take their life.

I grew up bullied in school over my birth defects. Kids taunted me mercilessly because of my face, calling me horrible names, even hurting me. It took a toll on me emotionally and psychologically. By the time I was in middle school, I had convinced myself I was a monster and less than human. I believed that what the bullies said was true–I was a freak, my parents hated me, that I deserved to die, and no one would ever love me. I was antisocial, I preferred to be alone, and I occasionally had outbursts against other students. The name calling was the worst, I think. I’m not sure how graphic I should get, because I would like to see young people be able to read this and understand. A lot of the names were extremely vulgar, filled with obscenities and just downright cruel. No-nose is probably one of the tamer ones used on me. Or flat-face, retard, ugly, and stupid.

It was in middle school that my father enrolled me in karate classes taught by the high school math teacher. My father, who was also a teacher, found out that I was getting regularly hurt by the bullies in school, and he feared for my safety. He thought the martial arts would help me defend myself and give me the discipline he felt I needed. It was a good gesture, but I was already far down the path of depression. I was angry by the fact I had gone through so many reconstructive surgeries, having braces, not fitting in. Now I was being told I was depressed, and I refused to admit to it for a long time. It made counseling very difficult. I know my behavior drove my parents crazy, because all they wanted to do was help me. I was punched in the hallways, where I couldn’t see who it was because of all the other kids, had my locker door shut on my head as I got my books out of it several times. I used to be regularly targeted in gym class with balls, even though the teacher enforced no head shots. They did it anyhow. One incident I was struck in the head with a kickball at a distance of no less than three feet, thrown with full force. It hit the side of my face so hard it knocked the prosthetic lens I wore over my non-functioning left eye right out. This was in front of everyone. I’d never done anything to the kid who hit me. I avoided everyone, for that matter. I would’ve done everything to be invisible if I could, just to avoid attention. The kid got punished for that incident, but it didn’t deter others. No one should be made to live in fear like that, to worry every day what might happen to them.

When you’re bullied so much that you want to end it all, it means that you’re at the point where you don’t trust anyone for help, not even your own family. You don’t think there’s anything anyone can do to help you, because you’ve become accustomed to seeing everything in a negative light. It wasn’t until after high school I began self-injuring, to try and cope with my pain. I felt I deserved to be hurt, because I was a mistake, I was worthless, I didn’t deserve to be born. When I was in school growing up, bullying was just a part of surviving. You didn’t complain to the teacher about it, or you’d face even more abuse from bullies. You kept your mouth shut and your head down, praying they’d miss you. It wasn’t the epidemic it’s become nowadays, because people didn’t think bullying was that serious a matter.

I wasn’t bullied for being gay, I was bullied because I was different. I didn’t choose to be like this, I didn’t ask for a dozen surgeries or to be blind in one eye. It was how I was born, and if you think that’s a cruel twist, how about this? I’m an identical twin. My sister was born with no problems whatsoever. Because of me, she suffered the abuse of bullies too. She was taunted because she had a ‘retarded’ sister. My sister was the only one who ever defended me from the jerks.

It does get better, believe it or not. It may take a long time. It’s also a choice. You can choose to stay miserable, wallow in your pain, even take your life, if that’s what you think is the right solution. I don’t think those will be particularly beneficial methods. You can make the conscious effort to get better, though. It’s a brutal road, full of potholes and obstacles, but if you are determined to show the bullies up, you will succeed. I am still fighting this battle, even now. It doesn’t matter what one’s ‘difference’ is. You don’t even have to be GLBT to be bullied; you could be in my situation and get hassled. You could be of an ethnic group that’s not common to a small town and get bullied because you don’t fit into the community. You could have a major disability and be ridiculed for it. You could be non-Christian and be threatened because you don’t attend the churches everyone in town adheres to. In regards to that one, go look up Tempest Smith. It’s a heartbreaking case that is no different than the bullying sweeping the nation over the past year, and that took place a number of years ago.

What you need to remember is that for things to get better, you need to fight for it. You have to fight back tooth and nail, because you deserve to be here on this earth as much as any other. You are someone’s loved one, a daughter, son, brother or sister. No one has the right to say you don’t deserve to be here, because they don’t know what they’re saying. There is a certain satisfaction that comes from proving the haters wrong, and it’s better than any kind of food or drink. They tried to break you, tear you down and you’re still here. You’re thriving, succeeding, knowing you have every right to exist. No one can take that from you ever. In closing, I’d like to say to all of you who are hurting, you’re not alone. You have friends, you have people who care so much about you. Don’t ever give up.

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This is something that I’ve noticed becoming more and more prominent on various internet news sites. Especially progressive-minded ones. It could be on any topic, but there will be a number of commenters that will inject their brand of politics into the conversation. I don’t know if it’s just a commenter’s particular style, but they seem bent on shutting down the story. I saw this happen on Facebook, on some liberal and progressive pages. It was a concerted effort by a number of self-proclaimed conservatives that they wanted to shut that page down because it went against the conservative agenda. One of them was arrogant to declare so to everyone on the page. He and his cronies just bombarded the page with hateful comments, calling all Democrats, liberals, progressives traitors and cowards, and a slew of other obscenities. Facebook did jack squat about the problem, because they’re too cowardly to do so. It was up to the page admins to boot the trolls. I have visited conservative sites and I have yet to see a dissenting opinion in their comments on articles. I have seen ugly rants on AlterNet against liberals, by a regular number of commenters, who show up like clockwork on hot-button issues. By far the worst attacks come on the Huffington Post, which I happen to enjoy reading on a regular basis. Most of the time, you can tell who the neo-cons are by their screen names. Most reflect something about patriotism, military, God, guns, or capitalism. Oh, and Tea Party jingoism. These ones show up constantly, and some of their comments are so vulgar they get removed, but they still keep popping up.

It makes me wonder though, why these types would haunt a liberal site? Are they honestly interested in serious discussion of issues with the opposing side, or are they there to snoop and pick fights? A lot of them employ circular logic and counterattacks when confronted on their claims of liberal misdeeds. They love to complain of the weak, bleeding-heart mentality of progressives, that all poor people are lazy, criminal immigrants living parasitically off the American people. They love to sling around the doctrine of Birtherism as well, to cause further irritation.

Okay. I understand the idea of political discourse, the discussion of opposing views, but I’m really not seeing it in these comments. How does using crude insults and counterattacks supposed to be level-headed debate? I came across a comment on a site where the theory of political operatives whose sole job is to harass members of liberal and progressive sites. They were paid to log into those sites to keep track of what the opposition was saying about them and also to attack verbally the writers, site managers, everyone involved in running liberal sites. I don’t know if this is just an idea, an internet rumor, or if it’s real, but the more I read on sites, the more I find this kind of activity becoming more prevalent. I’m not talking about censorship, but do liberals go on sites like Fox and return the favor? Do they call up conservative talk shows and vent their spleen at the host? I’ve yet to hear it, or if it does happen, it’s not reported.

Everyone says to ignore the trolls and they’ll go away, but to be brutally honest, it doesn’t work. These are individuals who act like a porcupine quill; the more you worry it, the more embedded it becomes. They mean to stay, they mean to make themselves and their agenda known, and they won’t stop until they break the other side down. This is schoolyard bully behavior, being performed by adults. Adults who should know better, but maybe the paycheck is more important. I know some woul complain that the whole idea of this is not worth discussing, is pointless, boring and trivial, but I don’t think so. We’ve become too complacent, too self-absorbed in our own egos, that when something does happen that affects us personally, we’re scared witless. Sadly, the ones who need to see this message won’t ever read it, and those that do will mock this as hysterical and reactionary. Next time when you read the news online, check ou the comments portion, if one is there. See how many conservatives post as opposed to liberals. I’m willing to bet there’s more right-wing views than the left being represented, and the left regularly gets trashed. Does it affect you? Which view do you lean towards, or what side represents you? Do these self-appointed spokespeople speak for you and your views? If not, would you be strong enough to call them out? The right has plenty of soldiers to support their cause; give any fanatic of theirs a computer and an audience, and they’ll rant away. Just look at Alex Jones. Yikes. If you don’t know, he’s that kook responsible for the ‘Terror Storm’ propaganda, which I think is a crock of horse dung.

I also find laughable the accusations of ‘liberal media bias‘. Eh? I don’t see it. If anything, it’s bias against anything liberal. Right-wing statements and Tea Party rallies are more likely to be talked about on the news than the efforts of progressives working for equality. All the networks are guilty of this, though smaller networks who don’t necessarily cater to the masses hype things to the extent the major networks do. Do some internet searching, look up some of the things I’ve mentioned. Maybe you can prove me right or show me errors in judgement.

This is just my observations, not professional research. This comes from my internet people-watching via comments on articles. Agree, disagree, that’s fine. I think it’s only fair to put this out there for people to think on.


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I hope everyone has had a wonderful New Year’s, and looking forward to this brand new year. A conversation I had last night with my mom and some friends we invited to celebrate with got into the subject of appearance. One of the major subjects of scorn was stretched lobes, piercings, and tattoos. The other ladies were much older than I am, and therefore  a bit more conservative in views of fashion. They were complaining about how tattoos detract from one’s looks, how they uglify a person. Same with ears and piercing. My mom was griping about a student she sees in the halls at her school who has enormously stretched lobes, and how she finds them grotesque. She declared that this kid would never get a good job, or be taken seriously in life because of what he did to his ears. She was upset that the boy’s parents seemed okay with him stretching and considered it irresponsible. My mom also doesn’t like tattoos and considers them a mental aberration. People who get tattoos, she feels, have some kind of mental instability and a desire for attention. Several of her fellow teachers have tattoos, and she’s never said anything to them, but it’s clear she disapproves.

I got read the riot act for mine, told I was stupid, irresponsible, unhinged and sick for doing so. My parents grumbled about one of my younger sisters getting one, plus she got her nose pierced, but were not quite as harsh on her as they were with me. Maybe it’s because she’s not suffering from depression? I don’t know.

What the ladies last night were commiserating over was that they felt anyone with extensive piercings and tattoos would never get far in life. No company would ever want to hire them, or anyone take them seriously because of their appearances. Is that true? Is there any concrete facts to support that accusation? Have any of you been turned down for employment because of extensive tattoos and piercings? What jobs were you forced to take? Were any of you treated differently than others? Did people consider you less intelligent? They said it was okay in other cultures, like in Africa and Asia to have enlarged piercings and such, but not in America, because it’s not publicly acceptable. According to them.

I think there are different levels to ideals of style, beauty, fashion. What we consider attractive here in the States may not be in other parts of the world. This country, and Europe, keeps trying to force the standards of Western beauty on the rest of the world, because we think this should be the worldwide standard.

So what qualifies someone to be socially acceptable by the public now? Does having a great deal of tattoos and piercings automatically make someone unworthy of intelligence, kindness, the ability to be a parent, teacher, skilled professional? Should we view these people as sick, psychologically disturbed for doing these things to their bodies? The people I’ve met who have body modifications, piercings, tattoos, have generally been intelligent, NORMAL people. I’ve met some weirdos too, but by far, they have been very down to earth folks.

People who look down on this will often dredge up obscure bits from the bible about not defiling one’s body with cuts and such. What about surgery, then? Does someone needing life-saving surgery risk spiritual condemnation? They also say someone who modifies themselves is just desperate for any kind of attention because they didn’t get it as a child. Or the person is acting out against a repressive society by being defiant, being deliberately provocative in appearance, acting outrageous. Sometimes they accuse these people of being perverted, for having all those piercings and the like.

I have never been truly comfortable with myself in regards to my looks, because of the surgeries, the scars, the emotional imapct. I knew people would stare at me openly when I was younger, wondering if I was in a car accident, or if I had Down’s Syndrome. It made me very angry and bitter towards everyone. My parents asked me why on earth would I do these things to myself after all I’d gone through. I was making myself uglier, in their view. Really? So because I chose to stretch my lobes and get tattoos, I’m a sick freak. I’m a loser, baby. I know my limits, thank you very much. I’m not as stupid as they consider me at times. I did my research to prepare myself. I took a lot of time to consider what I wanted to do. I didn’t get a butt-ugly tat of a cartoon character, or some misspelled phrase. I chose my images very carefully. I considered placement, and how it would look over a long period of time.

I see this world we live in as growing more global, as we embrace different cultures. Look at America–we are no longer all white WASPs. We are a culturally and ethnically diverse nation that cannot be classified into one simple category. As for standards of beauty, I think we need to change that too. Instead of these sickly, wasted twits tottering down the catwalks, we should be embracing the idea of a healthy body and mind. Thinner doesn’t mean better. I don’t think appearances equate ability or intelligence either. I think it’s wrong to judge based solely on one’s looks, or lifestyle, or even religion. We can have our dislikes, but we shouldn’t be forcing them on the unwilling.

I’ve had my share of prejudice towards things in terms of body art and modification; there are some kinds of piercings I will never appreciate. There are tattoos I will never like because I just find them incredibly tasteless and unattractive. I have to wonder about the person how they will feel when they get older. Will they want to maintain stretched lobes when they are elderly, or whether those full sleeves they got as a young person still look good when they are in their 70s? It’s nothing to sneeze at. It’s common sense, and being practical. I know I’m going to retire my stretched lobes when I’m older, because it just won’t look right.

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That’s what DADT really stand for, as far as I can tell. I am tremendously pleased that this moronic policy has been knocked down, because it is a black mark on the idea that America is the ‘land of the free’.

I keep hearing from all these top brass that removing DADT will destroy the military, that it will somehow promote licentious behavior, or that gays and lesbians will try to molest other soldiers they come in contact with. They complain that now soldiers have to worry about if their combat buddy is going to rape them. Maybe female soldiers should, since the rate of sexual assault on female military personnel has shot through the roof. When was the last time any of those generals been in a foxhole, or a firefight? When they were in combat, were they actively worrying about if the soldier next to him was gay? Seriously, did that ever cross their minds?

True, I’m only a lowly civilian, but this kind of paranoid mentality is absurd, especially for military personnel. I see soldiers and officers as professionals, not wild-eyed nutcases. If I were serving and I heard of this kind of attitude going about, I’d be extremely embarrassed, because that’s not what I consider professional behavior. How exactly will having gays and lesbians being able to serve destroy the military command structure? All the ones I’ve known were not interested in broadcasting their relationship, they were not outrageously flamboyant, and they felt their personal relationship was none of anyone’s damned business.

The opponents of DADT keep trotting out all these ridiculous stereotypes of gays, and think that’s how they’ll behave if allowed to serve. Give me a break. Gays have brains just like everyone else, and they certainly have the capacity to follow the rules. I blame the Religious Reich for this pervasive attitude also, because now all the evangelical chaplains are whining about having to come in contact with gays, and they feel persecuted. Hm. Maybe some of those fundies, like the hordes of them in the Air Force Academy, would stop harassing non-Christians in the ranks and do their duty to serve as spiritual counselors, not modern-day Crusaders.

We have this monumental asshat of an Army doctor who was court-martialed because he refused to obey orders from the President. The guy was one of those psycho ‘birthers’. People like him do not deserve to wear the uniform if they behave like that. It’s shameful. There have been examples of military personnel engaged in religious events NOT connected to the military, and they showed up in uniform. That looks as if they are personally representing their service for that religion, and that’s dead wrong. Very few of them have been punished for that, or if they did, it was hushed up so as to not create drama.

Yet according to some military know it alls, gays and lesbians don’t deserve to wear the uniform because of their preferences. So what about all those married servicemen and women? Some are not even married, yet have a family. It’s okay for them to have kids out of wedlock and serve, but not for gays. Women soldiers have been assaulted by male soldiers, and the women are punished for speaking up on it. The rapists don’t get punished, and yet no one is screaming about that problem. But the top brass are terrified of gays.

I believe about 13,000 were kicked out due to DADT. I’ll bet some had much needed specialties, but since they were gay, they were not wanted. How many Arabic translators? Medics? Oh, but the military lowered its standards in order to increase recruitment by allowing felons to sign up. So it’s okay to be a criminal and become a soldier, but if you’re gay and you want to serve your country, you’re not wanted. Other countries permit open service. Have those armed forces fallen apart into ruin because of that? Have they? Can anyone give me solid, statistical proof this is so? ‘Oh’, but the loyal opposition says,’ that’s Europe. We’re not like Europe, we still have standards.’

Really? So, discrimination, harassment and outright assault on gays and lesbians who are still quietly serving is an example of America’s moral rectitiude? Am I missing something, because I don’t understand their logic. The military doesn’t take its marching orders from the Bible, it follows orders from its superiors and the President.

This is not going to be a pretty scene, with its implementation. I can guarantee there will be violence. There will be hate speech and hate crimes perpetrated against them. I hope people can get past the evangelical histrionics and make a clear declaration that discrimination has no place in America. It’s un-American.

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I am still trying to wrap my mind around this blog I stumbled upon the other night. I was laughing with incredulous amazement at the monumental IGNORANCE of this guy. It was something that popped up on my Twitter feed via HubPages (I am pretty unfamilar with it). So I had to check this out.

This masterpiece of religious paranoia was titled ‘The Tragic Truth about Tattoos‘. This piece goes beyond a double face-palm…..I don’t even know how to describe how ridiculous this guy who wrote it sounds. He basically declares, without a shred of proof, how having tattoos will lead you into Satanic occult practices, bloodletting (?), pedophilia, homosexuality, bestiality, criminal activity, gangs, drugs, sex, et cetera ad nauseum. He comes up with the idea that ancient shamans tattoed themselves and drew blood for evil practices. He never explained that line.

I had to read the responses, which have been quite lively so far. A lot of Bible-quoting from some, declaring this and that about how cutting one’s body is desecration. The funny thing is, there were more comments tearing the author a new one than supporting him, and a lot of them were self-professed Christians! I thought that was the icing on the cake. A lot of them were rather insulted that the author took it upon himself to judge everyone based on whether they had tattoos or not. Ah, the compassion of fundies! Whatever happened to Matthew 7:1? One of my most favorite passages from the Bible.

I decided to add my two cents in and posted a comment on whether the author thought that people who had plastic surgery would be condemned to Hell, or be driven into acts of depravity for being operated on. I gave him a list of my medical procedures and asked him if my reconstructive surgery would lead me to become a social deviant. Did I mention that he also thought that having tattoos would lead you to drop out of school and have a low IQ? I graduated high school AND college, thank you very much. I have never been arrested, I have never done drugs, and I most certainly am not a sexual pervert. He made claims that tattoo parlors were infested with filth and disease, and I can tell you that is NOT true. When I got mine, I spent weeks checking places out, asking about their record on cleanliness, got customer feedback, visited the place several times before making an appointment. For my first one, the place was as sterile as a doctor’s office and the artist was meticulously precise in his preparations. Everything he used was new, nothing used. He took every precaution in making sure the area was clean and free of possible contamination.

Let’s see. I kow quite a few people who are not criminals or deviants and have tattoos. They are also very normal, stable, hardworking people. My little sister’s husband has several on his legs. He’s a teddy-bear (he’s been in love with her since high school). Heck, his parents have tattoos! One of my cousins, his wife has a large tattoo of a dancer across the top of one foot. She never did anything criminal. Several other cousins have ink as well; their parents had no problem with it. One of my other sisters has a tattoo also, and a nose piercing. She’s one of the smartest people I know, went to Cornell, has a degree in environmental engineering. She never displayed signs of deranged behavior.

I know I shouldn’t get so worked up over a blog, but I think it does a great disservice to people of faith to have morons like this guy babbling about blatant nonsense. It sounded like something out of another century, that’s how antiquated and censorious it came off as. Maybe I’m being mean, beating up on this guy here, but I think I’m justified in my anger. We don’t need these stereotypical blanket claims of how a certain style corrupts a person, because it’s not true. Don’t like the ink? Don’t get one! Making broad generalizations about a subject you know little about is guaranteed to gain you a new arsehole. Maybe you should look this little prize up and add your contributions to the comments? I’m not going to be slandered by some wild-eyed religious kook, or lumped together with the crazy theories he concocted. He insults everyone with his stupidity. One of the best responses was from a Pentecostal who was utterly disgusted with the author’s ignorant statements. The commenter went on to say the author made all Christians to look like discriminatory bigots, and it was an insult to HIS faith. I say good for that man.

We need more respect for one another, I think, not more religious police looking for moral crimes.

Maybe this is just me, but it makes me scratch my head and have a WTF moment. Why is it that some people out there think if someone is a little different, they’re suddenly unqualified for a position? Prime example of this is the moronic DADT policy in the military. The moment someone is found out to be gay, it immediately designates them as inferior and unqualified for whatever position they held. So, let’s say a soldier is a valued and highly skilled linguist, regarded for their extreme accuracy in translation. Then it gets out that this soldier is gay and now they are considered unfit and incapable of serving as a translator. See, this is where the confusion sets in for me. HOW does one’s private life have ANY kind of bearing on one’s ability to translate? Or for that matter, serve as a medic, a pilot, or whatever position held? I’m supposed to accept that a poorly trained translator who is straight is eminently more qualified than a highly trained trnslator who happens to be gay?

I just don’t get it. It boggles my mind that there are these huge gaps of logic in making these kinds of decisions. Of course, there’s a lot of raging homophobia amongst the old guard and rabid evangelicals in the military, and because they know how to throw their weight around, they are able to enforce their discrimination. I could be mistaken, because I have never served in the armed forces (little something called a visual disability). I honestly would have, if I hadn’t any medical problems.

The thing is, that it’s not just the military who has this perception. How many other groups were targeted like this, deemed unfit for one reason or another? Women were once considered too weak to do certain jobs, or enough intelligence for others. Women were expected to be housewives, secretaries and baby machines. Blacks at one point were owned like cattle, abused by fellow human beings and considered nothing more than working beasts because of their skin color. They were segregated from whites, discriminated, harassed, murdered. It took the government to tell the American people they were citizens too. Now the latest groups to face bias are the GLBT community and immigrants. Should we forget the murder of Matthew Shepard, or the story of Tempest Smith? Don’t know the names? May I suggest you Google them and find out for yourself. People are up in arms over Elena Kagan, because they fear she’s gay and she’ll destroy the Supreme Court. What of the transgendered? I knew several over the years, and I felt a kinship in them because we both were ostracized for being different. People think once transgendered, that person is no longer capable of doing their job. So a person has a serious, gut-wrenching decision to change their gender, and now they’re suddenly incompetent? WHO comes up with this stuff? Load of bollocks, I say. Under all the changes, at their core they are HUMAN, and so many people forget that fact.

I’m different too; I have some mild disabilities. Should that immediately make me less capable of doing a job? I just cannot fathom the level of knee-jerk stupidity that infests the minds of a portion of this country. Who gives a CRAP about what one’s private life if that private life has absolutely NO bearing on the job duties? Get the frakk over it, you’re big boys and girls now. Get the Moron Minority out of governmental decisions and focus on the job. If this is what the top brass are so obsessed about, I’d rather trust a trained chimp to run the Pentagon than those bozos. Not to mention the millions wasted on hunting down gays in the ranks and the destruction of careers and lives as a result. Now there’s this asinine survey dispatched by the Pentagon about DADT, and it makes me wonder who came up with it, what is its purpose, and who it was sent to. It’s blatantly provocative, it’s meant to stir up feelings and fear, and I don’t think it does anyone justice.

This past week, there have been several suicides of young people because they were, or were perceived to be gay. The one that has gotten the most media attention is of Tyler Clementi, who took his life after an ugly prank played by his roommate. He was only 18. There were other cases too, some of the suicides as young as 12 years old. The organization To Write Love On Her Arms has been going full tilt because of this getting out the message of suicide prevention and awareness. The Human Rights Campaign has a petition making the rounds asking those in D.C. to invest more into preventing such discrimination that leads to these tragic deaths. Something needs to be done about this. Not in six months, not in a year from now. It needs to take action NOW. Nobody wants to talk about these things because of the stranglehold the Religious Right has over swaths of the population. People still feel they have the right to discriminate and demonize a group of people based on religious doctrine. Fine. Object all you want, but don’t object so that it leads to people taking their lives because you don’t think they have the right to exist. I would like to say I gladly stand with the GLBT community in this, because NO ONE deserves to be treated in such a monstrous manner. No one deserves to be bullied to death over sexual orientation, religion, race or gender. Or a million other stupid, petty reasons. I won’t let this go, because the whole existence of bullying is far too personal for me to ignore. I was bullied because of my disabilities, not sexual preference. It made me feel like wanting to commit suicide as well, many times, because I felt I didn’t deserve to be even considered a human being. Not anymore. I am not going to let this issue dwindle into obscurity. If you read this, I hope it compels you to take action as well about this. This is NOT some isolated event. It is happening across the map, and if you laugh it off, you are not living in reality.

This country needs to stop living in the Dark Ages, where the church ruled by fear and violence. Americans are of every color, culture, religion, and lifestyle. No one has to agree with it all, but NO ONE has the right to restrict and discriminate over willful hatred of anyone who is different. It’s the 21st century, sweethearts. Get with the program.

Prop(8)aganda of hate

I read the news with a certain amount of satisfaction that the moronic publicity stunt pulled by the far right wingnuts has been shot down. Yes, I’m talking Prop 8. It is 20 freaking 10, and we STILL have to hold onto ass-backward bigotries?

Fine, to all the religious folks who don’t like same-sex marriage–no one is forcing YOU to marry someone of the same sex. Get it through your thick skulls. They aren’t interested in YOU, they are devoted to their partners, okay?

The problem is that the far right wingnuts are trying to use Prop 8 as a way to destroy the GLBT community. They want everyone to believe that once same-sex marriage is legalized, somehow this will lead to all sorts of depraved activity. They want YOU to believe there will be people who want to marry animals in order to practice bestiality, or that fathers will be marrying their own daughters, or brothers and sisters will be able to get married. That’s the stuff they keep screaming about, yet I have yet to see a single case of such pairings being brought before a court to be fulfilled. Honestly, what ARE they smoking?

Prop 8 is legalized discrimination, plain and simple. It is instituting RELIGIOUS doctrine as federal law, which is like peeing on the Constitution in my eyes. It’s despicable that there are so many hateful, scheming bigots making an outright attempt to devalue the lives of a portion of American citizens.

The far right wingnuts want to protect the sanctity of marriage by making marriage ONLY between a man and woman for the purpose of producing children. I see a flaw in this argument. What about all those couples who get married and are unable to have children? Is their marriage now invalid because no children were produced by their union? What of couples who choose NOT to have children? Invalidate their vows as well? How about older couples, maybe each widowed, who fall in love and get married? They can’t have kids at their ages, so nix their marriages as well? Or all those couples who have kids but never marry–children out of wedlock. Isn’t that against their Bible? How come they aren’t punished, then?

All they can see is through a very narrow field of hate. Anything that doesn’t fit into their manifesto of dominion is evil. What they are doing is evil, by promoting this intolerance and legalized hate crime against fellow American citizens. All I can say for this straight, white female, is that I support my GLBT brothers and sisters in this fight. Never give up your rights and never let others take them from you.

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