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It’s not a perfect world we live in. You know it, I know it. The core of it is that we need to make the best of what we’ve got.

There are some who want to throw out everything our Founding Father set up and start up a new world order in the vision of whatever ideology they follow. I can tell you some of this is pretty downright scary. We don’t have a perfect government, but who does in this world? If it was perfect, we’d be living in a utopia. Some things work out great on paper, but when you actually implement it into society, it doesn’t quite work as planned.

I have to wonder, would we really be better governed by corporations and big business? Would any of us be better off under their care? Seriously, can you answer that for me? Would this country do better if we scrapped the governmental system in place for a completely new one? Say one with Christofascistic overtones? If you don’t know the term, I urge you strongly to go research the term. I’m not doing your homework for you–I fully assume those who follow me are intelligent enough to want to find out what some of the things I talk about here.

Could you picture yourself living in an America that is run by a theocratic agency? You might want to read ‘The Handmaid’s Tale‘ by Margaret Atwood. Or V for Vendetta. Or, just imagine, the government model that was in WALL-E. Basically the government became a big coroporation. Some people like this idea, because so many politicans are just puppets for big money.

What kind of world do you want to live in? Ask yourself that. In November, when you’re in that voting booth. Do you want to be ruled by the cheap car salesman, Mittens, or or our sitting president, who got a crapload of misery dumped on him by the previous one?

Another point. The tought times we’re in? They’re not going to vanish overnight. There is NO magic wand to be waved to make all these problems disappear. It took time for them to grow, and it’ll take time to make them go away. We Americans need to get rid of our instant grtification mentality, because it’s utterly and completely unrealistic to think that way. We have to fix our own problems, and sometimes amputating a limb (as in dumping our current president) is not a good solution. As the old phrase goes ‘would you cut off your nose to spite your face’?

Big business does not care about me or you. It only cares about how much money it makes at the expense of the public. It doesn’t care if you lose your home, everything you have, your job, your family. So why do you think having these rich CEOs meddling in politics will make it better for YOU? You are simply slave labor to them. You are an automaton, a drone that they don’t want to pay because it means more money for THEM.

Life is an enormous struggle, people. Get used to it. You can either blame everyone else for your problems and hate everyone, not contributing a whit save your vitriol, or you can roll up your sleeves and try to make the world a better place. I know it, because YES WE CAN.


Online threats

I have now received two threats from commenters today. One had the charming name of ‘death to parasites‘ as a handle and an e-mail of I’m sure it’s fake so that they can’t get caught or traced. They called me a moron, a racist and a parasite. The other accused me of being a parasite as well, so I’m wondering if it’s the same person making threats to me.

It scared the daylights out of me. It was childish and evil, and clearly the work of a coward who hides behind anonymity and implied violence. I hope WordPress takes note of this, because I don’t take kindly to stalkers nor bullies.

I’m going to keep posting my blogs, because I know I have people who DO support me and respect my point of view. If someone has an opposite view, fine. Just don’t couch it in menacing terms, thank you. I enjoy a good debate, but when one says I should die because of my point of view, well……you’re going to get your sorry butt reported. Threatening to hurt someone over words is just…….pathetic.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so frightened by a political election until this one. I’ve never seen one get so ugly fast. And it most certainly will get worse. It’s made me feel at times that if the GOP overthrew the government, I’d be better off dead. The GOP would like that, because it means they won’t have to shell out any money for my care anymore. More for them.

I don’t understand how women can vote for Romney/Ryan. Do they really hate themsevles that much that they’d be willing to give up their civil rights once those tow clowns get in office? Do conservative women honestly like being obedient Stepford Wives? I guess so, because it was how they were raised, sadly. They were indoctrinated from childhood to be dutiful, subservient slaves to men.

They say Obama is anti-business, and would take away everything from job creators. I think that’s crap. The right thinks that completely deregulating all business would make life better. Okay. So the public has to risk buying defective products from businesses? That people should just put up with mass pollution from factories because profit is more important over safety? You would really risk voting for people who would destroy the world around us in order for others to make piles of money they won’t share? I DON’T GET IT.

These people who vote Republican see nothing wrong with women, minorities, LBGTQ losing their civil rights because it doesn’t jive with their religious philosophy. They see nothing wrong with America becoming a theocracy like Iran. In the 21st century, there are people who still believe that fellow human beings do not deserve to have the same rights as they have. That’s horrifying. That’s the mentality of the Dark Ages. That’s antiquated, fossilized thinking. In the 21st centruy, there are those who want to destroy science and replace it with the inconsistent, contradictory messages of religious texts. I don’t hate all religion, only when it become toxic like it has in this country, and like it has become in the Middle East. I am a deeply spiritual,  but not religious person. I take my faith very seriously.

It’s useless arguing with them because their minds (or whatever they call a brain in their heads) are made up already. They won’t vote for the president because he is everything they are not. You know, I wonder if that’s because those right-wingers are jealous. That a person of color is smarter than they are and is holding the highest elected office in this country. Aside from being hardcore racists.

There are those who say they just won’t vote because they hate both sides. Fine. You know what that says? It means you are giving up your voice in this country. It’s saying you don’t think you matter, so why bother registering your point of view? It’s LAZY and cowardly. It means you really don’t give a crap about anyone or the Constitution. Oh sure, you can toss it around all you want, but if you don’t even KNOW what it says, don’t bother using it as a defense.

There are those who say that we shouldn’t even have goverment anymore, that we should embrace sovereign citizenship as the law of the land, allowing everyone to do whatever they please. That’s just a pleasing euphemism for anarchy. I’m not that stupid. You know what happens to an anarchistic society after a time? I give you Somalia. It’s the people with the most power, supplies, influence and funding that gain power. You really want big business to hold the strings to your life, to be completely at their mercy if you don’t give them everything you own in order for you to survive? You really think big business, corporations, banks have YOUR best interests in mind? Rather than this current president? Is that what you people who hate our president really want America to become?

The sad thing is that I’m preaching to the choir. You know this. I don’t know if my words can possibly change a hater’s mind. If they can, it would be a miracle. I am praying for a miracle. It’s why I’m voting in November. We cannot afford to sit this out  in pure spite. I really hope somehow Mr. Obama could read this, see my words and take them to heart. I believe in him as the future of this country. Please tell me that what I’ve written speaks to you, that you would tell others. That others would hear what I have to say. It’s for all our sakes.

Thoughts from a frustrated liberal

I love my readers, I really do. I appreciate whenever you comment on what I post, most especially my political rants. Still, there are times when I feel like giving up, because I just don’t think I’m getting through to anyone. Let’s be honest: I’m preaching to the choir. You and I are pretty much on the same side when it comes to politics. My gripes are your gripes, except I have the big mouth to say so.

I hate what this country has turned into. It’s terrifying. Our government isn’t perfect, but it’s what we’ve got. The idea that some people want to completely do away with our current model and set something new up is pure insanity. I’ll tell you what they want. They want anarchy. They want sovereign citizenship and corporate anarchy to be the law of the land.

As much as some people think having no one to tell you what to do is such a grand thing, there are drawbacks. Eventually, a structure of power is going to rise. It’s going to be the ones with the most power (money and influence) who will assume control. The fat cats, the ideologues, the religious fanatics. They are going to be battling for control of all of YOU, in a government-free world. It will become an era of neo-feudalism.

People are going to suffer. I think the first to fall will be the sick, the poor, those without any kind of voice or influence. If anyone wants to survive, they are going to have to ally themselves with some kind of group. basically, you’ve got social Darwinism in action here. Only the strong will survive. Only those devious and cruel enough to get what they want will gain power and everyone will be at their mercy. Just look at the GOP.

I’ve gotten to a point where I actually am afraid to admit being a liberal, because I may be attacked for my way of life. We have crazies like Palin using targets and other images against Democrats. I don’t recall this ever happening under Bush.

That’s the next issue that bothers me. When did we become so violent when it comes to elections? Someone doesn’t like a candidate, so they make threats of violence against them?! We like to claim we’re nothing like the Middle East, but that kind of thinking is straight from there. So saying a candidate for office should die is ethical behavior in an election? What planet do these people come from?!

We don’t do that in America. We SHOULD NOT engage in that kind of behavior. It’s downright un-American for anyone in ths country to act that way towards anyone. The fact that this kind of mentality is thriving right now should give us pause about another thing. We can claim to be the land of freedom, but we are most certainly not. Women are on the verge of becoming property again, minorities and LGBTQ are second-class citizens, corporations buying polticians to promote their agendas…….that’s not freedom. We need to get our heads out of our collective butts and deal with this. We thought the 21st Century would be an era of wonder for America. We deluded ourselves. We screwed up royally. This country will not be the dream we want it to be unless we can ALL be considered on the same level.

That’s right sir. I’m not done with you, not by a long shot. I’m going to take on that phenomenally stupid remark you made about ‘legitimate rape’. Do you honestly think people are so stupid that they wouldn’t comprehend the obscenity that that phrase is? Do you know what rape is? Have you EVER sat down with a rape victim and tried to understand the absolute horror that they go through, even years after the assault? You declare in your reference to ‘legitimate rape’ that women are automatically asking for it. You really believe women are meant to be raped? You take it back, NOW.

When you said those things, it made me really wonder about how you perceive the world, because the impression I’m getting is that you have a very twisted worldview of how people are to be treated in society. Let’s get some things straight here, sir. Women are NOT breed cows. Women are NOT property. I don’t care what it says in your little bible, but that book is not the law of the land, the Constitution is, and it says women (or any minority) are not property or slaves. Thanks to an amendment or two, of course.

Then it occurs to me how in the  world dies it come into that shriveled organ you call a brain that something so horrible as rape could be legitimate? Do you EVER listen to yourself speak, sir? Do you have any idea of the kind of impact your words have had on a certain percentage of this voting population? If you say there’s a thing as ‘legitimate rape’ then you basically say you believe it’s okay for someone to be raped. What kind of human being are you to even think that way?

The fact that you won’t back out of this race gives me clues that you really do believe everything you say. Would you ever wish for your political opponent to be traumatized in that fashion? All your backtracking on that spiel really hasn’t done much for me, because in your dessicated little heart, you believe every word you said. If you were truly sorry for what you said you’d be apologizing to every American woman on your knees, weeping. You’re not, though. You’re rabidly defiant, standing by your resolve to stay in the race. And guess what? Those words will never leave your side. They will hang around your neck like a millstone until it drags you to the ground. You cannot escape them.

Know why you said those things? You fear women, and the only way you can show yourself to be the stronger is to tear women down, to put them under your heel. So you call women tramps and sluts and say we deserve to be raped, all the while turning a blind eye to the rapists out there. I’ll bet they’re all high-fiving one another because you just gave them a free pass to rape as much as they want without punishment.

You’ll never understand a rape victim, because to you, we’re beneath you. We’re dirty, wicked women who ‘asked’ for it. Really? You ever wonder how many rapes take place in nursing homes, with victims unable to fight back? I know disabled people are easily victimized and easy targets, because they can’t get away from their attacker. Did they ask to be raped? How about children? Tell me how a child asks to be raped. I’m listening.

I dare you to look me in the face and say I deserved what happened to me. Shame on you.

An open letter to Mr. Todd Akin

I honestly wonder what planet or alternate reality you hail from, sir, because what you say makes absolutely no sense. Maybe in your tiny, twisted mind it does, but a majority of this country does not.

You have managed to denigrate, humiliate, and dehumanize every single woman in this country singlehandedly with your monumentally stupid and ignorant remarks. Including this one. I’m quite willing to bet you don’t know of any woman who has ever been raped, so you have no clue what one actually goes through, do you? You ever go to bed, hoping you’ll never wake up in the morning, so you won’t have to think about the rape ever again? You ever have a complete freak out in the gynecologist’s office when it comes to an internal exam, unable to allow anything to touch you down there? Of course not. You’re an old white man. Never would happen to the likes of you. Get scared when a man takes interest in you, when you’ve scrupulously avoided drawing any attention to yourself in regards to looks? The fear that every man who shows interest is a potential rapist.

Not every woman gets preganat from rape. Some rapists are cunning enough to wear a condom. They just want to hurt the woman bad but not leave her with a child. It’s all about domination, control, keeping someone under their heel. Rather like your party, sir.

You are a disgrace to elected office, sir. You are an embarrassment. You are only in the position you are for your own ideological agenda and schemes. You do not represent your constituents, nor do you have any sort of respect for them. And when you make such disgusting, uneducated blather like you did, you are basically crapping all over those who elected you. Maybe some of them deserve it, because they were stupid enough to vote for you.

This country does not need any more deranged, fanatical idiots like you in elected office. And when you go on to smear your political opponent, it only gives proof to your rabid hatred of women. If you’re married, your wife ought to be ashamed of you. She should be enraged and offended by what you said, unless she’s some witless Stepford wife you indoctrinated long before you married her. If I was married to you, I’d throw you out of the house and be filing for divorce immediately. You’re pathetic.

You do not speak for the American people and you most certainly do not speak for victims of rape and assault. My advice? Shut your big mouth and get out of the race. This country doesn’t need an ignoramus like you spouting the despicable things you believe in.

The real domestic terrorists

Nobody wants to talk about it, because they’re too cowardly. They don’t want to admit it either. More mindless, rampaging violence strikes again, this time at a Sikh temple. Oh, but hate speech is protected speech. Yeah, until some deranged psycho with a gun pulls the trigger. Some loser white supremacist decides to go hunting at the local Sikh temple and murders six people and injures many more, including a veteran police officer.  The shooter was taken down by police, thankfully before he could kill any more innocent people.

I hate these moments. I hate it when evil, bigoted morons go on their bloody-minded crusades to purify America from anyone who isn’t white, evangelical Christian, and right-wing. I am sick of these monsters destroying this country with their fanaticism. Oh, they’re against ‘Islamic sharia law’ being instilled in America? How about your deranged, fundamentalist Christian regime you’re trying to force down everyone’s throats, poorly disguised as anti-women amendments and laws? How about that? And they have the gall to complain about Muslims?

I want these monsters out of my country. They do not represent me, they do not represent America, and they are an abomination to all that this country stands for.

Besides the massacre in the temple, for the second time in a month, a mosque in Joplin, Missouri, has been burned. This time, the little cretins burned it to the ground. That’s no accidental fire. That was arson. I’ll go further than that and call it what it should be named; an act of domestic terrorism. I pray to my gods that the scumbags who did this get caught and are prosecuted to the maximun. They are filth, the ones who did this. They are gutless cowards fueled by hate to inflict fear and terror on a community. I’d like to see them once they’re caught to be paraded around town, humiliated and condemned by everyone.

What infuriated me even more is that this mosque burning was given very little attention by the media, as if they wanted  it to disappear. No. This needs to be front and center, in everyone’s faces until they choke on it. I want to see the public up in arms like they did for Trayvon Martin. Those people who were targeted—they are as human as you and I. They are AMERICANS. Would you ever consider doing this to your neighbors? Why is it okay for it to happen to someone who isn’t Chirstian? You give me a good reason why.

More terrorists lurk in our midst. They flooded town hall meetings a few years back, armed with guns, holding rallies against our president, brandishing loaded weapons. That’s right, the Teabaggers. They are just waiting for hte right opportunity to strike. People are too cowardly to call them what they really are, domestic terrorists. They walk around with guns, hating on the president, itching for a confrontation. They want to start a war, where their Christofascist regime will be installed over the nation.

All of this, I’ve had buliding inside me like poison, and I had to lance the boil. I had to get this out of my system. I am so angry that such evil, hateful people are ravaging the soul of this land, setting us against one another. More violence won’t stop this. people need to stop being afraid of bullies and stand up for what is right. It’s never the popular choice, but it is what is needed to save us.

Captain America saves the day

” I don’t like bullies. I don’t care where they’re from”. So says Steve Rogers, before he becomes the iconic symbol of American patritoism. I can’t tell you how much that one line has affected me, because it really makes me feel so much better.

Imagine my rage when I see this photo of a Tea Party rally and some fat slob dressed as Captain America is holding up an anti-Obama sign.  I was literally trembling with anger at the sight of it. The Captain America I know would be utterly horrified and insulted at the perversion of his image if he saw it. Captain America is one of my personal heroes (okay, Chris Evans is really easy on the eyes, what can I say?)

Now let me tell you a story about another iconic superhero who was used in a very powerful way  via comic books to bring down an enemy in our own country. It took place decades ago and was the result of a very daring reporter who literally risked his life to bring this project to life. His name eludes me right now, but what this man did was to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan, learn its secrets and agenda, and expose it to the public. he went all over in the hopes that someone would pick up his story, but no one would touch it out of fear of retaliation. He wound up pitching this to the most unlikely of places, DC Comics, who eventually did do something with it. They created a comic book where Superman, the Man of Steel, takes down the Klan. They based the story on his investigative reporting, and admittedly, the reporter DID embellish things a bit, but what he did was revolutionary. When that comic was released, it tarnished the images of that racist hate group for a good long time. They were humiliated, sconred, their membership dropped significantly. They went underground because of it. It took them a long time to recoup from that thrashing a very intrepid and daring reporter with the help of a beloved comic company did.

So when I see nutbag losers dressed up as the Cap hating on the President and what he represents, it makes me physically ill. Cap represents EVERYTHING the the Tea Party is not. Yeah, so he’s a comic book character. I get it. Thing is, people are inspired by images and characters. The Cap represents everything good about this country, about what makes us great, what makes us proud. The Tea Party is nothing but a pack of rabid, unhinged bullies who will stop at nothing to achieve domination over everyone (kind of reminds me of HYDRA, personally).

We need something like that Superman comic again. I really do think so. You would be surprised at the social awareness that is a part of comic book plotlines–the writers are NOT stupid. They get political. They take on social issues (remember same-sex marriage?). I’ve seen storylines that deal with sexual assault, domestic abuse, drug addiction. Comics are a superb medium to get social issues across to large portions of the population.

So here’s what I want to see from Marvel Comics. Maybe even the legendary Stan Lee will take notice. I want to see Captain America take on the Tea Party and run it into the ground. I want the writers at Marvel to get over ego and do what’s right. I want to see some brave writers and artist make this come to life. I’d even be ready to start an online petition to make this happen. Are you in? Because I sure am. I don’t back away from bullies.

Y u no like my healthcare?

I think I lost a friend recently. Over the healthcare ruling, of all the insane things to get mad over. To be honest, I am deeply hurt, because I really enjoyed interacting with him. He was an online friend, one I got to know over several years. I worried about him, I gave him emotional support when his partner died and he was a complete mess. I talked to him about deeply personal issues that I felt he could understand.

We were on opposite political sides, and i forgave him for that, because I was more intersted in his friendship than political ideology. He was in a rage the other day, the angriest I have ever seen, and it frightened me. He hates the president, he hates the new healthcare ruling, he hates liberals and went on a tirade, banning and deleting people from his friends list. He has not communicated with me in days and I think it’s because of my liberal progressive views. I know I’ve been prone to posting certain links on my page about my views. If people want to disagree, that’s fine. I cannot force them to change their views, even if I disagree with them. But when people come at me telling me I am a monster for being a progressive liberal and damned to hell, I’m going to fight back. I will not be threatened and lectured on MY page by someone I don’t know about how evil I am for my perspectives. Mind you, I had some drama from someone else who attacked me on my page for my views last week. They got removed, because I will not tolerate menacing and inexcusably rude behavior from people, whether it be online or real life.

I can disagree with people and still be friends with them. I have friends who are pro-gun and I’m not, and we get along, because THEY understand my reasons why I don’t like firearms. When it comes to this healthcare mess, I NEED it. When I found out it had passed, I broke down in tears of joy and relief. I have serious medical issues that need covering, and if I didn’t have insurance, I don’t know what I’d do. If other people don’t want healthcare, fine, that is their choice. But what I want to ask those who say NO ONE deserves healthcare coverage is WHY? Why is it bad for me to have healthcare coverage? They won’t answer my question. They just go on how the president should die, that he’s a monster and a tyrant and all kinds of craziness. All I want to know is why they don’t think it’s right for ME to have healthcare. If I laid out all my medical issues on the table before them, would it still change their point of view? Would they still see me as a friend?

This is heartbreaking. This is madness. This should not drive people to hate one another in blind rage.


Ever look at some people’s cars and check out the bumper stickers on them? You can tell what kind of person they are by what they say. I notice a lot more anti-Obama, bigoted, hateful ones more than those in support, and some of them really come across to me as inciting hate.

It makes me wonder about these people. Do they really like being so hateful? Of course, in their eyes they don’t see it that way. They believe it’s free speech, even when saying they’d like to see the president and his family die. They believe it’s their patriotic duty do say such things, and when someone objects, they scream ‘they’re taking away my civil rights’. They hate the idea of someone with intelligence, so they trash-talk teachers, anyone with a scrap of brains in their skulls as ‘elitist’.  It’s THEIR free speech, just not for those of us who disagree with them.

I mean, do they really like advertising how stupid they sound? Or crazy, unhinged, violent? Yes, there are some liberals on the fringe who do similarly stupid things, but not as many as the crazies from the right. These folks might as well drive around with a neon sign attatched to the roof of their car saying what demented psychos they are to the public. They public advocate violence in the name of ‘freedom’, while seeking to deny freedom to those they hate. How does that make any kind of sense?

If you ask them why they’re filled with so much hate, they’ll deny it, but why do they support such hateful rhetoric? The core of it is that your can’t argue with someone who has their mind made up about something. That kind of mentality is bred into someone, through their upbringing, through how their family views the world.

They feel threatened by anything that challenges their narrow worldview, because they like being in control. Throw a wrench into the mix and it sets their whole world out of whack. Humans have a tendency to hate what they don’t understand, and attack it with savage ferocity when it won’t go away quickly. That’s why we are living in a time of so much hate right now. They see change as evil, and a pestilence that must be wiped out, so they use what comes naturally to them to combat it: violence.

Maybe it’s time to do a little unscientific survery on your own. Se how many haters there are in your neighborhood by reading the bumper stickers. It’s not necessarily accurate, but it may give you an idea of what the political climate one lives in. I’ve heard people say the further south, the more hateful and violent the stickers are.  My last bit of advice is this, though. You cannot reason with a hater. You will not change their mind on things, nor will you alter their perspective. Let them go on with their bigoted scope, because while they are very loud, they are a minority and will find their message of hate fizzle into obliviion.

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