I see myself as pretty much a social misfit. I’m socially awkward, as in that I don’t really have any friends to speak of. I have absolutely no social life. I’m quite serious, no joke. I have a lot of interests that most people consider strange, such as the paranormal, collecting semiprecious stones and minerals, big fantasy/sci-fi geek. I love cats and most animals. I HATE spiders with a passion.

I’m an artist by hobby and I enjoy sketching for my own personal relaxation. Costume design is another interest of mine; though I can’t sew worth beans I love coming up with ideas for costumes. I’m big into Renaissance Faires, though I haven’t been to one in ages and am dying to go back to one. I love attending in full costume (which I have to thank my sister for making).

Don’t watch much TV, big on book reading. I’m often surfing the web, checking in on my YouTube channel for more videos to add. (It’s mostly of cats and music videos, of which the majority of are of Muse). I like to make jewelry, big into the Steampunk genre and would LOVE to meet other Steampunk aficionados. Musical tastes are all over the map. I can go from classical to world music, to industrial to new age. I enjoy movie soundtracks, especially those of John Williams, James Horner, and Howard Shore (he did the score for the Lord of the Rings trilogy). Some of my musical favorites include Enigma, Daft Punk–my guilty pleasure is their anime movie ‘Interstella 5555– The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem‘, Loreena McKennitt, Janelle Monae, Fleet Foxes, The Black Keys, Sting, the Police, and Enya. Tool is slowly growing on me and I have to admit Nine Inch Nails is intriguing. I’m rather fond of Erik Satie, Gustav Holst, and Karl Orff as well. I am a devoted Muse fanatic, and I love watching them via YouTube videos. I just cannot get enough of their music, their videos, the crazy stage antics of  Matt Bellamy. He makes me purr.

I consider myself a spiritually private person, as in that I don’t openly advertise my faith. I generally keep it to myself, because I know it can lead to unreasonable hatred of me. I am pagan, which means I am not Christian, Jewish, or Muslim. I follow my own particular ways, I follow the seasons and the moon, and I honor the Deity that encompasses the world around me. I don’t shove it in people’s faces because I don’t see the purpose of such. I don’t appreciate blatant proselytizing or religious harassment, being on the receiving end of such. It was extremely hurtful and upsetting. I treat people accordingly; if they treat me with respect and kindness, naturally they’ll receive it in return. I judge people by their actions, not their religions.

I have some minor disabilities such as being blind in one eye. I have maxillofacial hypoplasia, a condition that causes various forms of facial deformities including cleft palate/cleft lip, underdevelopment of the facial features, blindness and I think brain development. I’ve had 12 reconstructive surgeries to correct most of it, and need additional major dental work. It’s made me rather sensitive about my looks and explains why I’m painfully shy of people. But my looks shouldn’t equate a lack of intelligence. This is pretty much me. I would have to say I am brutally blunt in these blogs, especially the ones dealing with life and my issues.  I don’t like lying about myself, because it just serves no purpose for me. I know I’m a bit confrontational in them, but that’s because I WANT people who read them to think about what I’ve said. What I’ve gone through is not a comfortable thing; it’s not supposed to be ‘happily ever after’, because that will never ever happen to me. Maybe what I’ve written will cause you to think about your own actions in regards to others. I’m not out seeking pity, or to be an emotional parasite.  If you do find my words have meaning, I am grateful they bring meaning to you. If you take the time to read them, even better, and what makes me happy is when I get feedback on them. If you have taken the time to read what I’ve posted, then something caught your eye. Please, don’t feel shy to reply to me, because that’s what I hope to do through my posts here.