I don’t think I’ve ever been so frightened by a political election until this one. I’ve never seen one get so ugly fast. And it most certainly will get worse. It’s made me feel at times that if the GOP overthrew the government, I’d be better off dead. The GOP would like that, because it means they won’t have to shell out any money for my care anymore. More for them.

I don’t understand how women can vote for Romney/Ryan. Do they really hate themsevles that much that they’d be willing to give up their civil rights once those tow clowns get in office? Do conservative women honestly like being obedient Stepford Wives? I guess so, because it was how they were raised, sadly. They were indoctrinated from childhood to be dutiful, subservient slaves to men.

They say Obama is anti-business, and would take away everything from job creators. I think that’s crap. The right thinks that completely deregulating all business would make life better. Okay. So the public has to risk buying defective products from businesses? That people should just put up with mass pollution from factories because profit is more important over safety? You would really risk voting for people who would destroy the world around us in order for others to make piles of money they won’t share? I DON’T GET IT.

These people who vote Republican see nothing wrong with women, minorities, LBGTQ losing their civil rights because it doesn’t jive with their religious philosophy. They see nothing wrong with America becoming a theocracy like Iran. In the 21st century, there are people who still believe that fellow human beings do not deserve to have the same rights as they have. That’s horrifying. That’s the mentality of the Dark Ages. That’s antiquated, fossilized thinking. In the 21st centruy, there are those who want to destroy science and replace it with the inconsistent, contradictory messages of religious texts. I don’t hate all religion, only when it become toxic like it has in this country, and like it has become in the Middle East. I am a deeply spiritual,  but not religious person. I take my faith very seriously.

It’s useless arguing with them because their minds (or whatever they call a brain in their heads) are made up already. They won’t vote for the president because he is everything they are not. You know, I wonder if that’s because those right-wingers are jealous. That a person of color is smarter than they are and is holding the highest elected office in this country. Aside from being hardcore racists.

There are those who say they just won’t vote because they hate both sides. Fine. You know what that says? It means you are giving up your voice in this country. It’s saying you don’t think you matter, so why bother registering your point of view? It’s LAZY and cowardly. It means you really don’t give a crap about anyone or the Constitution. Oh sure, you can toss it around all you want, but if you don’t even KNOW what it says, don’t bother using it as a defense.

There are those who say that we shouldn’t even have goverment anymore, that we should embrace sovereign citizenship as the law of the land, allowing everyone to do whatever they please. That’s just a pleasing euphemism for anarchy. I’m not that stupid. You know what happens to an anarchistic society after a time? I give you Somalia. It’s the people with the most power, supplies, influence and funding that gain power. You really want big business to hold the strings to your life, to be completely at their mercy if you don’t give them everything you own in order for you to survive? You really think big business, corporations, banks have YOUR best interests in mind? Rather than this current president? Is that what you people who hate our president really want America to become?

The sad thing is that I’m preaching to the choir. You know this. I don’t know if my words can possibly change a hater’s mind. If they can, it would be a miracle. I am praying for a miracle. It’s why I’m voting in November. We cannot afford to sit this out  in pure spite. I really hope somehow Mr. Obama could read this, see my words and take them to heart. I believe in him as the future of this country. Please tell me that what I’ve written speaks to you, that you would tell others. That others would hear what I have to say. It’s for all our sakes.