That’s right sir. I’m not done with you, not by a long shot. I’m going to take on that phenomenally stupid remark you made about ‘legitimate rape’. Do you honestly think people are so stupid that they wouldn’t comprehend the obscenity that that phrase is? Do you know what rape is? Have you EVER sat down with a rape victim and tried to understand the absolute horror that they go through, even years after the assault? You declare in your reference to ‘legitimate rape’ that women are automatically asking for it. You really believe women are meant to be raped? You take it back, NOW.

When you said those things, it made me really wonder about how you perceive the world, because the impression I’m getting is that you have a very twisted worldview of how people are to be treated in society. Let’s get some things straight here, sir. Women are NOT breed cows. Women are NOT property. I don’t care what it says in your little bible, but that book is not the law of the land, the Constitution is, and it says women (or any minority) are not property or slaves. Thanks to an amendment or two, of course.

Then it occurs to me how in the  world dies it come into that shriveled organ you call a brain that something so horrible as rape could be legitimate? Do you EVER listen to yourself speak, sir? Do you have any idea of the kind of impact your words have had on a certain percentage of this voting population? If you say there’s a thing as ‘legitimate rape’ then you basically say you believe it’s okay for someone to be raped. What kind of human being are you to even think that way?

The fact that you won’t back out of this race gives me clues that you really do believe everything you say. Would you ever wish for your political opponent to be traumatized in that fashion? All your backtracking on that spiel really hasn’t done much for me, because in your dessicated little heart, you believe every word you said. If you were truly sorry for what you said you’d be apologizing to every American woman on your knees, weeping. You’re not, though. You’re rabidly defiant, standing by your resolve to stay in the race. And guess what? Those words will never leave your side. They will hang around your neck like a millstone until it drags you to the ground. You cannot escape them.

Know why you said those things? You fear women, and the only way you can show yourself to be the stronger is to tear women down, to put them under your heel. So you call women tramps and sluts and say we deserve to be raped, all the while turning a blind eye to the rapists out there. I’ll bet they’re all high-fiving one another because you just gave them a free pass to rape as much as they want without punishment.

You’ll never understand a rape victim, because to you, we’re beneath you. We’re dirty, wicked women who ‘asked’ for it. Really? You ever wonder how many rapes take place in nursing homes, with victims unable to fight back? I know disabled people are easily victimized and easy targets, because they can’t get away from their attacker. Did they ask to be raped? How about children? Tell me how a child asks to be raped. I’m listening.

I dare you to look me in the face and say I deserved what happened to me. Shame on you.