By now, everyone has heard of the horrific shootings in Aurora, Colorado. I couldn’t get it out of my head today at work, it just filled my thoughts. The more I learned about this, the angrier I got about how many unhinged, dangerous psychos have access to deadly weapons. Not a SINGLE responsible gun owner had the nuts to stand up and denounce this horror. They are too gutless and too cowed by the psychos of the NRA and other assorted gun freaks to do so.

The guy who perpetrated this crime was loaded. He had law-enforcement grade body armor, law-enforcement grade weaponry that he used on the theater patrons. I’m sure the ammunition was to their scale as well. I have to wonder how a civilian gets his hands on that much firepower and NOT set off any alarm bells? Seriously, I don’t get it. Oh, that’s right, everyone has the right to be loaded down with guns like a military armory thanks to the Second Amendment. I wonder how all those bloody gun freaks are feeling about this right now. I hope they’re feeling bad. I hope they’re feeling damned ashamed of themselves because of this horrible incident.

Of course, there is going to be some monumental horse’s arse who will say that if people had concealed carry permits, they could’ve killed the shooter. I KNOW there are morons who think this, who have said it already in response. So instead of Bruce Wayne, some yahoo with a gun wants to be John Wayne and blow holes in the shooter. In a DARK, smoke-filled theater full of frantic people. And they’d be able to aim perfectly to take down the madman, saving the day through more gunfire. Sure. Go ahead, try it, hotshot. Unless you have the pinpoint accuracy of Hawkeye, I wouldn’t bet on it. We’d end up with even more innocent people lying dead and wounded because some mental midget wants to play shoot ’em up cowboy and play hero. That’s LAW ENFORCEMENT’S job, not some jack-off wannabe hero with a gun.

12 people are now dead, at least 71 wounded from what I heard on the news. I don’t know if more will succumb from their injuries. I am PRAYING that no more die. I’m not saying that people should not have gun ownership, I am saying people need to be gods-damned responsible when they own such a thing as a gun. I would love to have people be required to undergo a mental evaluation to prove they are stable enough to own and use a gun. How many more times is this going to happen before people wake up and demand something be done? I’m tired of this. I am so sick to death of hearing about these kinds of things happening. Gods help us all.