There’s something that has just baffled me about the far right, and I have yet to get a clear answer from any of them. They do not want government of any kind, as I see it. They want people or states to govern themselves independently. So are they advocating city-states, sovereign citizenship, or plain old anarchy? If someone is going to govern, who would it be? Those with the most money and power?

They don’t want any sort of regulation over business, so if a company produces a product that is harmful to customers, they’re not liable for the consequences? Even if a customer dies from use of the product?

Education. Those with the means to afford it can get educated, but everyone else is out of luck. In regards to that education, what quality will it be? Who will be responsible for dispensing that education to people? I haven’t heard any concrete explanations on that subject.

Religion. Will there be a nationally recognized faith that all citizens must follow, or will there be religious freedoms in place? Does faith equal citizenship? It seems to me that if you follow the extreme, evangelical brand of Christianity, you are a recognized, legal citizen and if not, you are a criminal traitor.

Lastly, there’s the matter of individual privacy. How one lives their life seems to be the intense preoccupation of the far right.Whatever you do in the privacy of your own home is now a matter of national concern that could threaten the integrity of the country. Your gender, your orientation are all subject to scrutiny, and if it does not comply with the dictates of the far right, it is illegal. Since when is one’s EXISTENCE illegal? Being a woman and all that entails is potentially criminal behavior. Honestly, are Americans SO STUPID as to not find any of this disturbing?

No regulations on anything else. So they can destroy the ecosystem, pollute and poison the land to their heart’s content, sell toxic merchandise and food at the buyer’s expense, and that’s okay. It’s okay to rip off the citizens in the name of profit, but when one’s private life comes into question, they have to have complete control over it.

All right. So if they want NO government, WHO is going to go around and spy on people’s intimate lives to monitor sexual purity? If they eliminate all government, there will be no department to do so, yet they are gung-ho on making sure they know everything about your sex life.

Tell me if this makes any sense to you. I just don’t get it at all. It’s ridiculous.