I think I lost a friend recently. Over the healthcare ruling, of all the insane things to get mad over. To be honest, I am deeply hurt, because I really enjoyed interacting with him. He was an online friend, one I got to know over several years. I worried about him, I gave him emotional support when his partner died and he was a complete mess. I talked to him about deeply personal issues that I felt he could understand.

We were on opposite political sides, and i forgave him for that, because I was more intersted in his friendship than political ideology. He was in a rage the other day, the angriest I have ever seen, and it frightened me. He hates the president, he hates the new healthcare ruling, he hates liberals and went on a tirade, banning and deleting people from his friends list. He has not communicated with me in days and I think it’s because of my liberal progressive views. I know I’ve been prone to posting certain links on my page about my views. If people want to disagree, that’s fine. I cannot force them to change their views, even if I disagree with them. But when people come at me telling me I am a monster for being a progressive liberal and damned to hell, I’m going to fight back. I will not be threatened and lectured on MY page by someone I don’t know about how evil I am for my perspectives. Mind you, I had some drama from someone else who attacked me on my page for my views last week. They got removed, because I will not tolerate menacing and inexcusably rude behavior from people, whether it be online or real life.

I can disagree with people and still be friends with them. I have friends who are pro-gun and I’m not, and we get along, because THEY understand my reasons why I don’t like firearms. When it comes to this healthcare mess, I NEED it. When I found out it had passed, I broke down in tears of joy and relief. I have serious medical issues that need covering, and if I didn’t have insurance, I don’t know what I’d do. If other people don’t want healthcare, fine, that is their choice. But what I want to ask those who say NO ONE deserves healthcare coverage is WHY? Why is it bad for me to have healthcare coverage? They won’t answer my question. They just go on how the president should die, that he’s a monster and a tyrant and all kinds of craziness. All I want to know is why they don’t think it’s right for ME to have healthcare. If I laid out all my medical issues on the table before them, would it still change their point of view? Would they still see me as a friend?

This is heartbreaking. This is madness. This should not drive people to hate one another in blind rage.