Came across another jewelry artist that is worth sharing with you, by the name of Danielle Lewandowski. Her business is called Bent N Twisted Creations. She does hammered metalwork in silver and copper, and other assorted designs. Lovely, unique pieces that you know time was spent on. I recently purchased a pair of dangly copper earrings from her. I fell in love with them upon seeing them featured in a jewelry forum on Facebook. She was quite happy to make me another pair, for the initial pair had sold.

I had a chance to chat with her online, because I was curious to learn how she got into the jewelry trade. She’s been very pleased with doing her business on ArtFire, and I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback on the site.

As well as doing metalwork, she’s done marvelously clever things with antique silver forks, hammering them into pendants and bracelets, the tines worked into curls and loops. I was very impressed with them. She also created a wire cupcake pendant, which just delighted me, because I’ve never seen anything like that. It’s adorable.

I also believe very strongly in supporting individual artists, like her and others, because they work very hard at what they do. It’s a means of living for some, and for you to take interest in their work, and even purchase items means a great deal. Not to mention she is a very sweet person to chat with, and she was very obliging to allow me to do this piece about her work.