I wanted to feature another jewelry artist I met online, by the name of George A. Newman. Very pleasant fellow, works with silver and other natural materials. I thought his work deserved a shout out because i really like it and it’s very unique. It has a very organic, rustic feel to it, very simple. Strong, masculine lines to it. The pieces I’ve seen feature hand-carved bone and shark teeth. I have a set that  I purchased from him and I love it. It features a shark tooth that is held against an oval of bone with silver. The bone is enclosed with a strand of silver rope, an echo to his days in the Navy. He learned his skill of jewelry from classes and mentors, and has done this for quite some time. Another piece he did for a friend was of a heart with a tiny hand over it. The friend was a heart patient, and he made it specially for her. One story of another piece was of a wolf’s tooth pendant, which he sold to a young fellow for a lower price because it meant a lot to the kid. That I found deeply touching, because that kind of sensitivity is not so common these days. Jewelry work, especially small, independent artists, is HARD WORK. It’s their livelihood, their way of paying the bills, so it’s not something one picks up as a hobby. I’m learning that myself the hard way. They take their creations seriously, and each creation is a part of them.

I also got to know him as a person, and he’s a genuinely sweet, caring man (a grandpa!), with a gentle sense of humour. I enjoy chatting with him online, and he puts up with my zaniness with an incredible amount of patience. He’s on Facebook, and I’ll try to look up his website when I have a free moment elsewhere.

I included a picture which he so graciously sent me of the earrings I got from him. These are statement pieces, and i modified them slightly by attatching them to horn hooks so I can wear them in my stretched lobes. They make excellent weights, I have to say. I feel like a warrior princess when I wear them, and it’s a very empowering feeling, I might add.

So, if you have some free time, consider taking a stroll and look up his work. I think it’s worth the time and I know he’ll appreciate it.Image