Ever look at some people’s cars and check out the bumper stickers on them? You can tell what kind of person they are by what they say. I notice a lot more anti-Obama, bigoted, hateful ones more than those in support, and some of them really come across to me as inciting hate.

It makes me wonder about these people. Do they really like being so hateful? Of course, in their eyes they don’t see it that way. They believe it’s free speech, even when saying they’d like to see the president and his family die. They believe it’s their patriotic duty do say such things, and when someone objects, they scream ‘they’re taking away my civil rights’. They hate the idea of someone with intelligence, so they trash-talk teachers, anyone with a scrap of brains in their skulls as ‘elitist’.  It’s THEIR free speech, just not for those of us who disagree with them.

I mean, do they really like advertising how stupid they sound? Or crazy, unhinged, violent? Yes, there are some liberals on the fringe who do similarly stupid things, but not as many as the crazies from the right. These folks might as well drive around with a neon sign attatched to the roof of their car saying what demented psychos they are to the public. They public advocate violence in the name of ‘freedom’, while seeking to deny freedom to those they hate. How does that make any kind of sense?

If you ask them why they’re filled with so much hate, they’ll deny it, but why do they support such hateful rhetoric? The core of it is that your can’t argue with someone who has their mind made up about something. That kind of mentality is bred into someone, through their upbringing, through how their family views the world.

They feel threatened by anything that challenges their narrow worldview, because they like being in control. Throw a wrench into the mix and it sets their whole world out of whack. Humans have a tendency to hate what they don’t understand, and attack it with savage ferocity when it won’t go away quickly. That’s why we are living in a time of so much hate right now. They see change as evil, and a pestilence that must be wiped out, so they use what comes naturally to them to combat it: violence.

Maybe it’s time to do a little unscientific survery on your own. Se how many haters there are in your neighborhood by reading the bumper stickers. It’s not necessarily accurate, but it may give you an idea of what the political climate one lives in. I’ve heard people say the further south, the more hateful and violent the stickers are.  My last bit of advice is this, though. You cannot reason with a hater. You will not change their mind on things, nor will you alter their perspective. Let them go on with their bigoted scope, because while they are very loud, they are a minority and will find their message of hate fizzle into obliviion.