I’m going to be featuring another online discovery that I think is worth investigating. I met this witty, sassy young woman on another online social forum and I think she has heaps of talent. She makes handcrafted jewelry and sells it on Etsy. It’s offbeat, funky, pop-culture fun stuff. Why is she so different? Picture yourself wearing little doughnuts, complete with frosting and sprinkles in your earlobes. Or chocolate chip cookies. TEENY PIZZAS. She makes these marvelous miniatures and attatches them to steel eyelets in various sizes. I should also mention these are designed for people with stretched earlobes, but just to look at them is fun enough.

One of her latest creations was waffles, I think. This is tedious work, mind you. The detail she puts into them gives you an idea of how serious she is at making them. She also makes funky cameos that she mounts on eyelets, in bright, neon colors. They feature all kinds of things. There’s a few sites on Etsy who try to rip off her designs shamelessly, but they don’t have the quality of hers. I’ve looked at them and compared.   And besides, I felt she deserved a bit of a shout out for her hard work.