I am going to promote another’s blog in this latest entry, because I frankly think it’s worth reading and deserves more readership. It’s another WordPress blog called the Society for the Promotion of Tentaclebeasts, and I believe its creator is named Stevie Miller. I came across this via the Steampunk group on Facebook and what initally snagged me was the great logo design for it. I was already picturing it on a t-shirt, because I thought it lent itself so divinely to print medium.

So, I had to check out the actual blog, and I was hooked. It grabbed my attention from the start, had me poring over the episodic stories intently, and my overactive imagination happily provided me with visuals as I read. I found the characters charming and intriguing, including the tentacled ones. I was trying to imagine what they looked like in my head, how big they were, the colors they were described to be. You’re dealing with Victorian era, with a dash of women’s lib for good measure, as in the female protagonists are just as bold as their male counterparts. The tentaclebeasts (I LOVE that word!) are also just as much genuine characters, because they have their own parts to play in these tales, and I look forward to more.

I also discovered S.P.O.T. has a Facebook page, which I’m sure I will be joining soon, because I am genuinely enchanted by this. It looks like a lot of fun, and I’m sure the creator of this is also enjoying it. I even like the template for the page, rather like a worn leather portfolio or blotter, with frayed threads at the edges. Visually, it adds even more character to the stories. It is worth a read, it is worth taking a look at, because if it affected me this strongly to write a blog about it myself, it’s worth passing along to other readers.