Instead of telling people why I should have health care, I want to know why I don’t deserve it. Or anyone else, for that matter. Why is having health coverage such a bad thing? I REALLY want to understand this, so please, I’m giving the anti-healthcare advocates step up and tell me why someone like me does not deserve to have healthcare. Is it because I’m low income? Slightly disabled? Oh, maybe it’s because I’m able to function normally for the most part, so I’m not really ‘sick’. I honestly don’t know.

Why exactly is is so absolutely horrific for people to have coverage for medical issues? What about people who have a chronic condition that REQUIRES frequent medical attention; if they should not be allowed healthcare, what should they do instead? Just tough it out? Maybe put up with as much of the condition they can tolerate? What about someone profoundly disabled any completely unable to care for oneself? Should they just lie in a bed all day? What about that disabled person’s family–if they can’t take care of that child. Not enough money, or the necessary skills to care for the condition. If no one is entitled to healthcare, what does a family in that situation do? Turn to religious charities to help?

We are required by law to have car insurance in order to own a vehicle. Same goes for owning a house. You can’t even get a mortgage without first having homeowner’s insurance. No one is screaming about how unconstitutional that is. Yet God forbid everyone in this country should get health insurance in case they get sick or injured. Is it just me, or does anyone else think the anti-healthcare goons have a cockeyed argument?

I don’t think I’m being facetious; I’m completely serious about this. So was it criminal that my parents made sure my surgeries were taken care of, to fix my birth defects, or should I just have been allowed to develop without any treatment? That I really don’t deserve to have a prosthetic eye fill the empty socket, and just go about life wearing an eyepatch to cover the hole in my face? Maybe I should’ve just had all my teeth pulled out and gum all my food instead, because I apparently don’t deserve to have dental care either.

How far ahead do these anti-heathcare nuts think about this? Do they really believe heathcare is an entitlement for those with money, and anyone else should just die? I want to hear them give me a coherent answer to my questions, because I have right to know. What gives THEM the right to decide whether I, or anyone else, should have healthcare? I want to know exactly why they feel this way and not some stupid talking point from the GOP. Their mentality has a lot in common with social Darwinism, in my opinion. Let the ones with the means survive, and the rest will die off. Except that the rich need to live off the backs of the poor to survive.

So let’s hear it. Please explain in clear, understandable terms why no one in this country deserves healthcare. Inquiring minds want to know.