So I am trying to start up a home business, but I have some major stumbling blocks in my path. Biggest being I have absolutely NO business sense whatsoever. I don’t know anything about how to run a business, promote it, fund it… see a trend? One positive step is that I created a page via Facebook to show off some of my work. Just look up WeaselWorks if you’re on Facebook. I don’t have a lot of pictures, and some of them are dreadful. I have discovered I am the world’s worst photographer, because I tried to take some additional photos of my other pieces with a disposable camera and they came out awful. I was very annoyed, to say the least. Hopefully I’ll be able to get better images with the help of my mom’s digital camera, and she’ll take the pics, because I’m just hopeless.

I seem to have a lot of positive feedback so far, though that’s only based on my friends who have checked out my work. I’ve done some one on one sales, and those have been promising. Then there’s Etsy, of which I’m trying to establish a shop, but I want to get some high-quality images before I officially present it for the public. I don’t want to come off as cheap and sloppy, and I take my owrk seriously. If I’m going to be selling something to the public, it’s going to be a s good as I can make within my own ability and means. I am NOT going to sell people junk.

I love making jewelry, and it’s one thing that gives me happiness in life. I love the creativity of this work. I know it can’t fully support me, but if it can help boost my quality of life, it’s worth pursuing. Maybe someone has ideas to help me improve this venture. I’m not going to be taken for a ride either, by some slick con artist. There’s always someone who’s going to try and rip me off with my work, so I need to be careful, and someone as new to this as I am is prime meat for some devious cretin. SO that’s where I am. Maybe you might go on Facebook (if you can tolerate it) and see my work. If you like it, maybe you’ll pass it along. So, here’s to new beginnings. I hope it’s a good one. By the way, the image you see in this post is one of my own work.