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Let’s be clear about something. When I speak my mind, I am speaking for ME, nobody else. I have no intentions of making myself the self-imposed speaker for any group of people. Which brings me to my most recent gripe. I really dislike being spoken for by right -wing extremists. They say they speak for the ‘American people’, which in some sense would include me, but I am not a right-wing nutbag. I have absolutely nothing in common with them. Why on earth would I want someone who hates everything I stand for represent me? I believe in equal rights and social justice, they don’t. I want religion to stay the heck out of politics, but they combine the two constantly. I want my damn healthcare–they’d rather see someone like me die first before I could qualify for healthcare. I am rather liberal in views and consider myself a progressive, which is comepletely the opposite of them. I oppose the corporate anarchy proposed by the likes of Ron Paul and his minions, or the foaming, wild-eyed ravings of Santorum. I’d like to see CEOs forgo their obscene paychecks for doing absolutley nothing and donate it to helping the helpless, instead of lining their pockets. I do not want to see MY reproductive rights denied to me, just because of some evangelical kook gunning for the White House. You can keep your bible off my body, thank you very much. I am low income, which is ironic, since many low income folks also claim allegiance to some of these candidates running about the country. Do these people honestly pay any attention to the true intentions of some of these candidates? If given power, these people would strip away what little rights the poor have left.

And yet, these people claim to speak for me. They claim to know what’s best for this country while squashing the rights of those they disagree with. I never said the opposition couldn’t talk, I’m most likely going to tune them out because they bore me. Or laugh at them, because I think their rhetoric is insane.

They say they speak for the likes of me, because they believe their ideology is the best course for this nation, even if I don’t like it. They would force their dogma down my throat if given the opportunity, but I won’t let them get close enough to do that. So they hate liberals like me, call us ignorant and led astray by wickedness (more of that religio-political drivel again).

When I hear them talking about how they, the Right, represent the true values of the American people, I scratch my head. Then I ask myself, WHICH of the American people do they represent? Not me, or anyone who shares my views. These guys represent the 1%. They do not speak for minorities, for the disabled, the poor, the unemployed, non-Christians, LGBTQ, oh, the list could go on. Who do YOU think they speak for? When you hear them out there preaching, do you really believe they are speaking for you? That they care about your own personal values and beliefs? Think about it when you go vote.

Great White Right, I am quite capable of using the brain I was given, thank you, so please, don’t speak for me anymore. I’m also quite capable of using my own voice to represent myself in the public vein, rather than allow bloodthirsty religious plutocrats do so.