An ocular prosthesis

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If you know what I’m referring to by the phrase ‘surplus population’, good for you. If you understand why, even better.

I’ve been thinking about the state of healthcare in this country, which is a huge joke, in my view. The healthcare companies will do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to deny you coverage of procedures that are desperately needed, but are always happy to help out those with the most money to get whatever THEY need covered. I’m beginning to see that it’s really about how much money you have.

I don’t have a lot of money. What I make can’t even get me a studio apartment, and it’s sad. I also have some significant medical issues that are also sadly, rather expensive. Might I add, this is not because of poor health choices, but birth defects. An ocular prosthetic costs $2000 without insurance, and the one provider I had at the time I needed a replacement refused to cover it, claiming it was purely ‘cosmetic’. So I was expected to go around with an empty eye socket instead. I gave Aetna hell for months over it, me and the secretary from my doctor’s office. They gave me all kinds of excuses for why they didn’t want to pay for it; it was cosmetic, it was unnecessary in their view, I had to see a specialist that was in California (!!) of all places—I live in New York, by the way. I already HAD the specialist who’d been making my pieces since I was 4 years old, and he was located in my own state, but they didn’t want to cover it, but they would cover a small portion if I saw the person out on the West Coast. Bull. Dinkies.

Do I sound like a scam artist to you? Do I come across as one of those ‘welfare parasites’ the rich whine and moan about endlessly? Do I seem like someone bent on cheating Medicaid out of money for my own nefarious purposes? You really want to go there? You think just because I have a job, a car, shelter, health insurance, life is perfect for me? I get told by some insensitive, heartless boor that I ought to pick up a few more part-time jobs to make more money in order to survive. So I either work myself to death to make more money or I try to survive on what little I have? Not everyone is built to be a human automaton, working themselves in to a frenzy for money. I can’t do that, with my medical issues. Of course the next thing I get called is that I’m just lazy. Bite me. You trade places with me and what I’ve lived through and you call me lazy to my face, rich conservative pigs. I challenge you.

So healthcare is really only for those who can afford it, which comes out meaning only the wealthiest of Americans should have it, and everyone else can just die. I shouldn’t get healthcare because I’m low income? Not everyone who is low income is a criminal. Or an illegal immigrant. Or whatever racist stereotype the far right chooses to insert into the slot. I am just trying to get by in this life. I’d be happy to do it without all these stupid health issues. Did I also mention that my wonderful birth defect screwed up my upper jaw and I need a crapload of dental surgery to repair  it? I am praying that the dental coverage I have gives me some kind of support, because otherwise it WILL eat up EVERY penny I have. I am praying to every deity I know that I will be able to have this work done without bankrupting me in the process. I either get my teeth fixed or I find an apartment. I need both, but I can’t afford both. There are people in this kind of situation EVERY LIVING MINUTE through no fault of their own. Oh, it’s just teeth. I can’t eat properly without this work, or speak clearly. It goes beyond aesthetics, people. It’s quality of life care, damn it. Everyone should be entitled to it, not just the rich and useless. I’m in pain from this. I have several teeth on the verge of falling out, NOT because I have poor hygeine, but because of this damn cleft palate. I worry if I’m going to lose them during my next meal, or if they’ll just come out for the heck of it. Family is going to help me pay for this, because they know how important this is for me, and how much it would improve my well-being. I don’t like it, but I should be grateful that I have people who care that much about me.

Aetna finally caved in after at least 6 months of me and the secretary badgering them, and when I threatened to take Aetna to court over their refusal. They still left me with $800 dollars to pay myself, but they swallowed the rest. I hope it hurt them going down. I don’t have that insurance anymore. Not after screwing around with me like that. I’d say ALL of the healthcare companies act just like that, though they’d deny it. They’re welcome to prove me wrong. Maybe they’d like to cover my expenses this time around, just to show that they perhaps DO care about their customers instead of how much money they’re bleeding off us.

In closing, I don’t want anyone’s damn money. I just shared some of my issues because I am only one of far too many who are in the ‘surplus population’ that don’t get the things they depserately need to have a decent existence. We’re human beings too, and it’s about time we were treated as such.