Muslim American Flag

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There are times when certain segments of the American population really disgust me. I am sure everyone has seen this absurd brouhaha over the show ‘All American Muslim‘ and how a passel of ignorant, inbred hicks in Florida pressured big name companies to drop their advertising because Muslims were not being prtrayed as murderous terrorists. Fine. If people want to scream ‘freedom of speech’ till the cows come home, go right ahead. You can go declare to the world what a hateful, intolerant bigot you are, and I ALSO have the right to think you’re a bunch of  small-minded morons. Oh, and I can say that too, because it’s MY freedom of speech.

Lowe’s can go shove it, along with all the other companies that caved in gutlessly to these religious lunatics. I won’t set foot in their stores again, not after this. The Arab/Muslim community has been around for decades in Dearborn, Michigan, and now all of a sudden a pack of yahoos insist they’re bloodthirsty killers, claiming that they’re lying about Islam. Lowe’s gave the pathetic excuse that they only dropped their ads because they thought it was a ‘bad show’. Not good enough, sweetheart. There are more holes in that defense than a piece of Swiss cheese. Try giving an honest answer for once. People may actually thank you for it.

So, let me try and understand this. According to the Florida nutters, ALL Muslims all over the world, are evil, vicious terrorists, and Christians like them are saintly, pure and virtuous. Do I look like an idiot to you? They actually expect someone like me to swallow that half-arsed argument without hesitation? The purpose of doing a show like ‘All American Muslim’ was to show that they are HUMAN BEINGS just like the rest of us, not some monstrous race. They are as American as you or I, regardless of their faith. And to insinuate that non-Christians are less worthy of being called American turns my stomach. This country is NOT a Fundamentalist Christian theocracy and it NEVER will. All those companies who bowed to the threats and abuse of a tiny, loudmouthed horde of religious bullies should be ashamed of themselves. They are cowards who did it to save their own hides rather than stand up with their own moral convictions. They would rather kiss the backsides of raving fanatics than do what is morally right.

I have a counter proposal for the network who put out ‘All American Muslim’. How about you do a show on those militas out there, or those extreme Christian groups? How about YOU chronicle their daily lives, WITHOUT censoring a thing and see who is more violent? How come we don’t see a show about the daily lives of militas who hate the current President and wish him dead, or advocate government overthrow? Problem is, the networks don’t have the rocks to do it. They’re too cowardly to even consider it and I think it’s a shame.

I say boycott the Florida Family Association. Boycott intolerance, willfull stupidity, and right-wing ideologues.  I don’t want their ilk near me or my family. I don’t want their hatred and rabid ideology infesting my community. They are a public disgrace and should be held in contempt for their atrocious behavior.