Goodness Bliss

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This was something I shared with firnds on Facebook, but I’d like to share with all of you.

Like love, I think goodness is a universal trait. We all have the capability for goodness, it’s just a matter of whether we CHOOSE to use it, express it, or share it. It is not a sign of weakness, as some misanthropic sourpusses believe.

Goodness is what makes us all better people. It’s what makes us see the world with intense clarity ,and sometimes that can be a hard thing to bear. Sometimes we want to be selfish and not care about others, but that’s not a failing, it’s part of our human nature.

I like being good to other people who need it, because it make ME feel good, to be honest. There are some who try to use our good natures for their own selfish gain, but in the end, they only end up hurting others and themselves. Being good to others should not be something to ridicule, because it is an indication that we have a soul, a conscience, and have the willingness to love. It’s not a duty, it’s something that comes directly from our own hearts.

Goodness owes no allegiance to ANYONE, or any group, most of all, any faith. No one owns the ability to be good; it’s within all of us, and as I stated in the beginning, we all can choose to use it or not. Being good to others in the hopes a Deity will give us higher status in heaven completely cancels out the whole meaning of it all. You either mean it, body and soul, when you do good, or you don’t at all. There is no middle ground when it comes to this issue. Deception doesn’t work in this situation.

Doing good makes the universal soul better, and in doing that, makes each of us better people.