Husband beating his wife

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I’ve been doing some more thinking over how the extreme right is trying to hold marriage hostage because of gays. Coming down to it, a marriage license is issued by local governement, NOT religious institutions. You can have as many religious wedding ceremonies as you want, but what counts in a court of law is that documentation issued by the city hall.

They keep bringing up that the only true acceptable marriage is between one man and one woman, and it led me into some other thoughts. What if a marriage between one man and one woman turns out badly, that they are at such odds with one another that there is severe emotional, even physical suffering? Is it ethical to force that couple to remain together, depsite the facts that there is no love between them, that they do not want to be together? Does religion have the authority to force that couple to remain married, even when they are in such a state of misery? What if one of the spouses is abusive? What if we can see the evidence of that abuse on either the husband or wife? What if it’s a family? What of the children? Should the children be forced to live in a state of abuse and fear because a religion declares divorce a crime? Do we sit by and allow children to be tormented by domestic abuse? How about Warren Jeffs, then? A grown man with dozens of child brides, that doesn’t bother any of you? Gays getting married is monstrous, but adult men marrying little girls is no big deal, right?

All I hear over and over from the right is that gay marriage  is an abomination, a perversion, yada yada yada. Over and over again, about how evil gays are and how it’s destroying marriage. Really? Explain divorce rates in the Bible Belt, which are sky high. The heartland of morality, and yet how about all those children out of wedlock and single parents? What about the parents who molest their own children? Sure, ban gy marriage, but it’s okay with God for a father to assault his own children? or a husband who beats his wife and kids bloody–that’s good Christian values there. If the right is so concerned about marriage, why do they say NOTHING about these atrocities?!? Not a word. Nothing. I have yet to hear one evangelical condemn domestic violence, or demonize a wife-beater. If there has been such, please show me proof of it, because I’m apparently looking in the wrong places for that information.

Any man who expects me to be submissive is going to get socked in the face, because I don’t bow down to any man. I am not a slave to men, nor will I put up with ANYONE being treated in that fashion. The idea of a faith that would permit degradation and abuse of another human being, or any living being because their god said so is despicable. They regard family values so highly, yet have absolutely no idea of what it actually means. They think gays being allowed to adopt children is criminal, but how about all those kids in foster homes who are treated like garbage by those ‘foster parents‘? I don’t think all are bad, but there’s enough to taint the whole of it. They think kids raised by gay couples will be irrevocably and emotionally damaged, yet what of the kids in regulat heterosexual couples who have been abused horribly? That’s okay? The right is remarkably silent on this, I’ve noticed. Why is that? It’s more than marriage, when you give it the long view. It’s about people, it’s about respect, and frankly, there has been very little of that lately, for one another. It’s about fair treatment. Women are not simply subservient baby-factories for zealously religious men. Women are human beings too, and they deserve better than to be kept in a kind of pregnant slavery to a man. Any woman who believes that is blind and ignorant. I don’t think people realize how many different angles there are to this, because it’s not just gay marriage. It’s equality of the sexes, it’s about decent treatment of one another. It’s saying no to physical and emotional abuse. All of us deserve better.