Don’t suppose you recall that last entry I made on steampunk, do you? Time to heave a great sigh and try to overcome my enormous chagrin. I was royally fooled, people. Clearly, the site was successful in its goal to trick people that it was serious. I got owned. It’s a fake conservative site!  The .org bit really got me, because it seemed so genuine.

When I began to think of how the author was so rude and vulgar in his comment responses, that should’ve tipped me off that it may have not been serious. There was also the little feature where you could vote up or down on each individual comment, which was ‘praise or condemn’. Another obvious clue which I did not take into consideration. I just go so wound up in my indignation (I figure I’m proving some right-winger true that liberals get worked up over social issues) that I fired off my previous blog without really doing some serious digging first.

I feel I should apologize to my readers, because I feel I’ve misled them. It wasn’t intentional, just some truly careless mistakes on my part and I have not even begun to really tear into myself for my stupidity. I can’t even begin to express how embarrassed and mortified I am for writing that previous entry, full of righteous indignation, only to be made out to be a complete moron for falling for such a cleverly conceived faux-conservative site.

I’ve been debating whether to delete that entry, because of its obvious errors, but then no one would be able to understand what I got so enraged about. So I will leave it as is, as an example of my foolishness.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I am not a professional writer. I doubt any respected online journal would ever hire a rank amateur such as myself to write for them, especially someone with only an Associate’s Degree to her name and no journalistic credentials whatsoever. I write primarily for my own enjoyment, and hopefully the pleasure of others who can bear to read what I’ve written.

I will do the best I can to make up for this lapse in judgement, and I hope you will not give up on this amateur blogger. I look forward so much to the responses, believe me.