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I could not wait to get home from work so I could begin writing this latest entry, because it was just too good to not put aside. It was a charming little article about steampunk on a bass-ackwards little site called ChristWire.org. I had assumed that the acquaintance who posted this to my Facebook feed had done so for humourous reasons. Most definitely in the humour category. I thought at first the site was a parody, like The Onion or better, Landover Baptist. Amazingly, this site was entirely serious about showing the evils of subcultures to the vast unwashed. The piece was titled simply; ‘What is Steampunk?’  I began reading the article and could barely keep myself from falling out of my chair with hysterical laughter. If this site is an honest parody, they’ve done one of the best jobs I’ve ever seen, but if for real, it’s quite sad that there are people who have nothing better to do in their lives than to hunt far and wide for examples of ‘sinful’ activity.

The author of the piece wanted to explain to his devoted and uneducated flock about the dangers of the steampunk subculture. Basically it was about sexual fetishes, weird emo behavior, drug use, just a sloppy, random accumulation of things. He tosses in what some term as the godfather of steampunk, Jules Verne, and to make things worse, could not even spell the name right!!! He spelled it Julias Vernes. I shudder at the sight. Frankly, I thought his grammar skills were blasphemous, and his manners, for all he claimed to be a devout Christian, were appallingly rude. The comments section were full of outraged (and rightly so!) responses. The author’s replies were peppered with vulgarities and homophobic rants.

The article; and I think calling that assortment of poorly spelled words is an insult to all decent writers, just degenerated into raving about the amoral depravity of folks who engaged in the steampunk genere and other vague weirdness. He also kept confusing cyberpunk with steampunk, and I think there’s a distinct difference between the two. Cyberpunk, think William Gibson of ‘Neuromancer‘ fame.

In defense of steampunk, maybe there are some who channel the genre in erotic venues; I’ve seen it, so it’s not a myth. But to say EVERYONE who enjoys the subculture is a sick freak is inexcusably ludicrous and offensive. He had a picture that he claimed was some kind of steampunk erotic toy. I had no idea what the heck it was; it could’ve been a steampunk paperweight for all I know. Heck, it could’ve been a battery charger!

Tyson dear, let me offer you some advice; get a real career and stop the hack job. You’re a tremendous embarrassment to serious journalists and those who enjoy writing and good grammar. Aside from being an absurd rant on a kooky religious whackjob site, it was one of the most execrable examples of writing I’ve seen in a while. Now I admit to not being a professional writer myself; I don’t hold degrees in writing or journalism, but I take great care in what I put out. I do my best to be coherent in my posts.

This site does not deserve sympathy. I’d love to instigate a flash-mob of the piece and just bombard the comments section of that particular article with as many rebuttals as possible. This guy needs to be seriously owned, and given an education on what he supposedly thinks he knows. You have to see the site to believe it, because it really is that crazy. It’s Michele Bachmann crazy, and I derive a warped sense of pleasure reading the crazy things she says. This ChristWire site is just like her. Steampunkers of the interwebs, let’s go leave our mark. Ignorance should not go unpunished. I’d like to toss out a word of thanks to Raven Digitalis, who found this glorious little nugget of absurdity. Bravo.