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Much as I find it very handy for announcing my latest WordPress blogs, lately it’s been annoying the daylights out of me. It has been THREE days and I cannot seem to access my own Twitter account! I have a shortcut link to it, and whenever I’ve tried to check out the latest feed, I get a blank screen.

This is part of my  problem. I am not a computer genius, so I have absolutely no clue how to fix this, and it’s irritating me immensely. I mean, I don’t have scads of followers. I have a measly 68 people following me. I’m following almost 180. I’m not famous (only in my imagination), but that’s okay. I’d rather have people following me who are actually interested in what I like to ramble on about, rather than just following me because it’s ‘cool’.

All I want to know is what the heck is going on. Has something happened to Twitter that I don’t know about? I don’t think my computer can get viruses (it’s a Mac). It could be because it’s also an old and senile computer. I see Twitter as a means of social networking; I haven’t mastered every little trick there is. I can’t even figure out how to create links on it. My one guilty pleasure on Twitter though, has to be changing my screen backgrounds via their Themeleon link. I’ve gotten so hooked on it that I’ve been tinkering with my profile at least once or twice a week, looking for cool patterns. I typically will find something and then tweak the color scheme, mixing and matching colors. Heck, if I could have a career doing this, I’d be in heaven. Ugh, only 3 days and I’m suffering from Twitter withdrawl. It’s pretty sad, isn’t it?

It makes me wonder though if anyone else has had this problem accessing Twitter lately, not being able to even see your own profile. I even Googled my own and tried to access it. Still came up with a blank screen, even though Twitter showed up in the search bar.

This is so frustrating. I’m as irate as those Angry Birds I see all over the place. If I find out that someone has hacked into my account, I’m going to find them and do what aggressive birds sometimes do: crap on them to show my indignation. I want my Twitter back so I can talk to my peeps!