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Actually, this is a bit of a peace offering, as it will hopefully satisfy both sides of this dilemma. You guys hate the abominable treatment of beloved comic book characters by movie producers and directors. So do I, believe it or not. I can sympathize with you in your need to vent your spleen over the dreadful interpretation, but here’s where we can work together on correcting this gross travesty of screenwriting. What you folks need to be doing is not directing your anger necessarily at the movie, but the ones running the show. I’m talking about those fat cats in charge of producing the flicks and the screenwriters. That’s who you need to be raking over the coals. And perhaps the actors, for involving themselves in such a public embarrassment of a movie.

I give you fanboys a lot of credit for your anguish, because you pick out all these infinitesimal details most folks don’t even know about that are critical to a character. You guys (and gals, I shouldn’t ignore you either) know your stuff, and I think some of you could pull off some decent stories. It would be amazing if all of you chose to write to these producers and let them know how fed up you are with the quality of the storytelling in movies, the ignorance of the screenwriters on the movie plots, and the addict-like craving to rely so heavily on special effects instead of a decent storyline.

One of the main reasons for me wanting to see a movie in the theater is the quality of the story. You can dress up a kitty in your old baby clothes and call it your child, but it’s still a cat under all of it. And not too thrilled about it either. I know I wrote a previous blog about the spate of superhero flicks coming out and so far, they pretty much bombed. Gee, I wonder why?! Let’s see if Hollywood really pays attention to moviegoers when you flood their mailboxes and e-mail with your criticism. You folks are the ones Hollywood should be going to for all the critical details and character histories, you folks should be the ones brought on as consultants, aside from the character creators for these movies, but noooo, they’d rather go with their swelled egoes and write crappy scripts.

I want to see the X-Men: First Class movie, to be honest, because that so far has been decently reviewed, and my little sister loved it. I have to say, some of the actors in it are pretty easy on the eyes too.

Okay, so I was pretty harsh on you folks in a previous blog, but I was just irritated at the amount of venom being put into these tirades. Okay, forget the movie, because it’s not even worth complaining about. I’ll give you my own fangirl experience. I was a huge Pirates of the Caribbean fan, up until the third movie. When it was over, I was SO mad I was ready to take my purse (otherwise known as my supermassive black hole) and attack the movie screen with it. I would’ve, but my mom was with me, and I don’t think she’d have approved of my willful vandalism of public property. I was so disgusted by the ending, and pretty much the whole movie, I began writing my own version of the ending just to soothe my rage. Of course, I need to see this latest one so I can maintain the story continuity. It really got under my skin though, and rarely do movies have that effect on me. Mr. Bruckheimer, I’m extremely disappointed in you. You let me down tremendously when you decided to condemn Will Turner to undead servitude aboard the Flying Dutchman. THAT I won’t forgive you for. I believe in HAPPY ENDINGS, dang it!

So, do you fans out there see what I’m getting at? Go after the producers, because they’re the ones funding these big films. When they finally get the hint that their poorly scripted movies are not satisfying audiences,maybe they’ll actually pay attention. I haven’t seen a movie in the theater since the special edition of ‘Avatar‘ came out, and before that, it was that sorry excuse of a Pirates movie. I only went to get my fill of Jack Sparrow, but that was it.

I could give a flying hoot about special effects; what grabs me is a great story, fine acting, and darn good musical score. All the flash and glitter of effects are secondary for me, to be honest. As it is, I hardly watch TV anymore, because the quality is not there. And it’s even sadder that there are so few truly well-done sci-fi movies that I’d see over and over. The screenwriters churning out this crap being shoveled on screen are overrated; they only get the gigs because of their name, I think. I’m not qualified to write screenplays because I don’t have that level of skill–hey, at least I’m honest to admit that. What I do think I am perceptive of is a good story, and that’s what makes me go to the movies. Fanboys and girls, this is the time to give Hollywood a piece of your collective minds about the quality of the films you enjoy. Go get ’em.