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This is something that I’ve noticed becoming more and more prominent on various internet news sites. Especially progressive-minded ones. It could be on any topic, but there will be a number of commenters that will inject their brand of politics into the conversation. I don’t know if it’s just a commenter’s particular style, but they seem bent on shutting down the story. I saw this happen on Facebook, on some liberal and progressive pages. It was a concerted effort by a number of self-proclaimed conservatives that they wanted to shut that page down because it went against the conservative agenda. One of them was arrogant to declare so to everyone on the page. He and his cronies just bombarded the page with hateful comments, calling all Democrats, liberals, progressives traitors and cowards, and a slew of other obscenities. Facebook did jack squat about the problem, because they’re too cowardly to do so. It was up to the page admins to boot the trolls. I have visited conservative sites and I have yet to see a dissenting opinion in their comments on articles. I have seen ugly rants on AlterNet against liberals, by a regular number of commenters, who show up like clockwork on hot-button issues. By far the worst attacks come on the Huffington Post, which I happen to enjoy reading on a regular basis. Most of the time, you can tell who the neo-cons are by their screen names. Most reflect something about patriotism, military, God, guns, or capitalism. Oh, and Tea Party jingoism. These ones show up constantly, and some of their comments are so vulgar they get removed, but they still keep popping up.

It makes me wonder though, why these types would haunt a liberal site? Are they honestly interested in serious discussion of issues with the opposing side, or are they there to snoop and pick fights? A lot of them employ circular logic and counterattacks when confronted on their claims of liberal misdeeds. They love to complain of the weak, bleeding-heart mentality of progressives, that all poor people are lazy, criminal immigrants living parasitically off the American people. They love to sling around the doctrine of Birtherism as well, to cause further irritation.

Okay. I understand the idea of political discourse, the discussion of opposing views, but I’m really not seeing it in these comments. How does using crude insults and counterattacks supposed to be level-headed debate? I came across a comment on a site where the theory of political operatives whose sole job is to harass members of liberal and progressive sites. They were paid to log into those sites to keep track of what the opposition was saying about them and also to attack verbally the writers, site managers, everyone involved in running liberal sites. I don’t know if this is just an idea, an internet rumor, or if it’s real, but the more I read on sites, the more I find this kind of activity becoming more prevalent. I’m not talking about censorship, but do liberals go on sites like Fox and return the favor? Do they call up conservative talk shows and vent their spleen at the host? I’ve yet to hear it, or if it does happen, it’s not reported.

Everyone says to ignore the trolls and they’ll go away, but to be brutally honest, it doesn’t work. These are individuals who act like a porcupine quill; the more you worry it, the more embedded it becomes. They mean to stay, they mean to make themselves and their agenda known, and they won’t stop until they break the other side down. This is schoolyard bully behavior, being performed by adults. Adults who should know better, but maybe the paycheck is more important. I know some woul complain that the whole idea of this is not worth discussing, is pointless, boring and trivial, but I don’t think so. We’ve become too complacent, too self-absorbed in our own egos, that when something does happen that affects us personally, we’re scared witless. Sadly, the ones who need to see this message won’t ever read it, and those that do will mock this as hysterical and reactionary. Next time when you read the news online, check ou the comments portion, if one is there. See how many conservatives post as opposed to liberals. I’m willing to bet there’s more right-wing views than the left being represented, and the left regularly gets trashed. Does it affect you? Which view do you lean towards, or what side represents you? Do these self-appointed spokespeople speak for you and your views? If not, would you be strong enough to call them out? The right has plenty of soldiers to support their cause; give any fanatic of theirs a computer and an audience, and they’ll rant away. Just look at Alex Jones. Yikes. If you don’t know, he’s that kook responsible for the ‘Terror Storm’ propaganda, which I think is a crock of horse dung.

I also find laughable the accusations of ‘liberal media bias‘. Eh? I don’t see it. If anything, it’s bias against anything liberal. Right-wing statements and Tea Party rallies are more likely to be talked about on the news than the efforts of progressives working for equality. All the networks are guilty of this, though smaller networks who don’t necessarily cater to the masses hype things to the extent the major networks do. Do some internet searching, look up some of the things I’ve mentioned. Maybe you can prove me right or show me errors in judgement.

This is just my observations, not professional research. This comes from my internet people-watching via comments on articles. Agree, disagree, that’s fine. I think it’s only fair to put this out there for people to think on.