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You know, this whole brouhaha over same-sex marriage is rather absurd, when you give it a closer look. The right-wing thinks that allowing same-sex marriage will lead to the destruction of morality, ethics, the human race. They keep trying to equate the LGBTQ community with the most vile kinds of predators on the planet, that they are literal abominations that need to be exterminated. They keep trying to label the gay community as less than human, so that when those individuals are attacked verbally or physically, it’s deemed acceptable. Rather like killing flies, in their minds.

I wonder if the far right ever bothered to look at the divorce rates in this country. Know where the highest rates are? The South. The home turf of the Bible Belt, who spouts on and on about the sanctity of marriage. I wonder what the level of unwed mothers or single parents is down there too. Being gay down there is a crime, but having a half-dozen kids in the name of Jesus is just peachy.

The far right regards the North as full of godless, amoral atheists, yet divorce rates there are much less. Now how did that come about? Us unconverted, unrepentant Northerners seem to have less divorce, and we’re not so rabidly religious. We’ve got good old Sanctimonious Santorum, saying allowing gay marriage will lead to acts of bestiality and mass depravity. He hasn’t a leg to stand on with that argument, and it’s the biggest pile of dung I’ve ever come across. I have known many people who are gay, and they do NOT act like the stereotypes being heavily promoted by the right wing. They are not interested in going after every person they find attractive; they are devoted to their partner. That’s not something plucked out of a magazine, that’s from listening to my friends. They’re fed up with being demonized by the far right, they’re sick of the public swallowing the outright lies being spread by the far right. They are human beings and they would appreciate being treated as such. They don’t want to get married in one of the right-wing’s churches, because it wants no part of them to begin with. They want the right to be recognized as a couple by law. Marriage in a church or other house of faith is a religious ceremony, not one laid out in federal law.

If we’re going to talk about the sanctity of marriage, why doesn’t the far right take on Hollywood then? That’s the capitol of divorce, extramarital affairs, and wanton depravity. How many of those heterosexual marriages fall apart, how many times do celebrities get married and divorced? If the far right is so obsessively concerned that keeping the right to marry only among heterosexuals, then maybe they should start berating all those multiply divorced stars, go after all their illegitimate children from various liasons. Last time I looked, this country was not a theocracy. There is no gilded cross atop the Capitol, nor is there one crowning the White House. It’s bitterly ironic that all these right-wing politicians can commit adultery, engage in inappropriate behavior and still declare themselves as piously Christian. These jokers have the gall to pass their judgement on the rest of us? The efforts of the Civil Rights advocates made it clear that no one should be discriminated against because of color. This fight isn’t over. Aren’t we all Americans, we who were born in this country? Don’t those people who identify as LGBTQ have the same rights as every other American citizen? America is not the home of ‘separate but equal’. America is not the home of ‘freedom for some, but not everyone’. We have passed the first decade of the 21st Century and this country cannot give full rights to a portion of its citizens. That’s sad. I take that back–it’s pathetic. We allow a small minority of right-wing extremists to hold the country hostage over the right to marry, because THEY don’t want it. Those rabid religious nuts don’t own me, my life is not their personal property, and they have no business forcing their dogma down my throat. They have no business doing it to anyone either.

I want to see the day with my own eyes when everyone in this country can be treated with respect. It is a national shame that hatred and prejudice hide under the cover of faith and politics, that it is used to rip this nation apart rather than make it stronger. We’re all human here. Why can’t we see that?