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I mainly use my Twitter account to announce my latest blog postings, though I do post other random comments and such. Lately though, I have found myself simply reading the tweets that pop up from those I follow. I follow a lot more people than those who follow me.  I have a habit of people-watching when I’m out at the mall or such, but this is people-watching on the internet and it’s so intriguing. Anyhow. My latest amusement has been the pack of die-hard Muse fans (I thought I was bad, but these folks are true devotees of the band). I love reading the comments they post, especially because I think almost all of them are in the UK and Europe. English colloquialisms are just so charming, I think.

I’m not saying these things to ridicule them; I really do find their posts entertaining and it’s why I like reading them. I’ve replied here and there, but I’ve rarely gotten a response from them. Except for the one in Korea–she seems like a sweet person. Maybe I’m not interesting enough? I don’t know. They apparently have the actual members of Muse following them (unless it’s someone posing as them), which makes me strangely jealous. I’ve never had anyone famous follow me. No, let me amend that; the amazing La Carmina followed me back (besides, I love reading her tweets and blog, not to mention ogling her cute fuzzy Basil). I’ve gotten some genuine weirdos wanting to follow me, including racist Tea Party kooks. I blocked them. I’m following more folks than people following ME, but then again, it’s a big old pond and I’m just an itty bitty goldfish. At present, I have only a modest 50 people following me. I do wonder what they must make of my tweets at times.

I’ve never been truly particular to a musical group until a Facebook friend recommended them to me, and I haven’t regretted it. Maybe Muse won’t appeal to everyone, but it does to me, because I find there’s a truly emotional connection with their songs. I played DJ last year at a local radio station (97.7 WEXT) and created a playlist of their songs because I wanted people to get a sense of what Muse was like. I got a lot of positive feedback from the radio staff and a few listeners. They still remember it even now. That was momentous for me, and I did brag about it for a little while before it aired, because this was an example of my devotion to the group. I just wish they’d give me a chance, talk to me, because I’m not such a terrible person.

This particular blog entry is a bit of an experiment, I suppose, because I’m curious to see if they pick up on this, that they realize I’m giving them a shout-out to the world. I feel like I’m the only Muse fan in America at times, because all my other Musers are either across the country or abroad. Yes, I am just one gal on a computer (which suffers from senile dementia), rambling on about my life and interests. It’s funny how others out there find connection with what I write, and it’s a nice feeling. I don’t necessarily do it for attention, but I enjoy the interaction. Among my Musers, I seem to have several in the UK, one from Spain, I think, one in Korea, as I mentioned earlier. Couple of them seem to be gung-ho PS3 gamers, racing fanatics. One is an artist, I think. They have very interesting musical tastes as well. It’s led me to go check out some of the bands they mention. Maybe it’s silly to pine about this, but I wish they’d talk to me too. There’s a Twitter widget on my blog–you can see all of my random comments and links, so I’m not completely invisible. Gods, could it be my social leprosy has spread to the internet?

I must not have achieved full Muse fanaticism, because some of the things they toss about go right over my head. I haven’t become a member of any forums dedicated to the band, so that could be a reason. Care to invite me? I don’t bite, well, only for very good reasons. Some very interesting photos posted as well, from the band (if it’s really from them). Hey, I have to add that bit, because people can claim to be someone else on Twitter for various reasons, and not always the most honest ones. If they see my Twitter link, will they be curious enough to check it out, or will they dismiss it as unworthy of their attention? Will this actually incur more reads of this blog, or more followers? It would be interesting to see.

Aside from that, it’s so fascinating to see the wide array of people on there, what they say, the links posted, the varied interests. I’m not going to resort to cheap stunts to get people to follow me, because that’s not my style and it’s not in my character to do so. I just like the interaction of others, because it means something to me. If someone reaches out to me because we share a common interest, that can’t be purely random, although some people just follow on Twitter for no reason at all. So, let’s see what happens now.

Some of my Twitter Musers I’d like to recognize: Tohhh, MuseQuotes, yeahitsjames, Muse_Luver, Muse Fan Korea, and all the others whose names have slipped from my mind as I type. I hope you guys see this.