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If anyone hasn’t caught on by now, I have a very diverse range of interests, which includes comic books and superheroes. I have been watching with interest the upcoming hero flicks due next month and the summer. I’m hoping to see a few, if I get the chance. What really has me in a ROTFL moment are the heated and almost vitriolic sniping by die-hard comic/sci-fi/computer geeks. The latest spate of venom is over the ‘Green Lanternmovie starring Ryan Reynolds. I’m going to see it, because I very much enjoyed the sight of him filling out that green suit. Hey, I’m a gal, I’m entitled to ogle. I was reading the comment board on an article about the upcoming movie and these guys were going absolutely ballistic over every piddling detail. Really? I mean, are you dudes actually serious, going all-out bananas over a MOVIE? They were whining Reynolds wasn’t right for the part, he was wimpy, or some other nonsense. They were ranting over the plot, the computer graphics used, how characters should look, this wasn’t right, that didn’t look like it was in the comic book, they ripped off Star Wars, blah, blah, blah.

This was just too much for me, and I could not stop laughing. Being an artist, I can get picky about detail, design, colors, etc. But I don’t obsess about it like it’s the end of the world. Where do these people come from? On and on, raving how it’s going to bomb, they hate everything about it, they don’t want anyone to see it and if anyone does, they’re a loser. Give me a break. Honestly, do these guys have a life? Heck, I went to see the X-Men movies (Logan was SO fine), because they were fun for me. My sisters, our mom and I went to see ‘The Phantom‘ four times at the local theater when it was playing (yes, a long time ago, in a village far, far away), because it had really cheap tickets and we just loved how Billy Zane filled out that purple suit. I can tell you there was quite a showing of the female population in that theater. Did I mention that my mom is the one who got me into science fiction?

These people who have to find fault with every little aspect of some movie just come off as really sad and pathetic to me. They’re not content to simply register their disapproval of the subject, but they feel driven to make everyone swallow their immense rage over such ‘sacrilege’ of their sacred comic book characters. They scream that THEY could write a better script than the ones who did do the movie, and ‘it would be so much better’. Okay, fanboys. Since you think you’re such literary savants, go make your own version. Seriously. If you think your writing skills are Nth times more eloquent, go pitch your screenplays to the producers. As if GL isn’t causing a ruckus, there’s the hullaballoo over ‘Thor’ and how one of the characters is played by a black man. I don’t know that comic, so it’s hard for me to pass judgement. What just throws me is that Kenneth Branagh is directing this. I would’ve never seen that coming. Although, if you want to see some epic battles and heroics, you should watch his version of Henry V. Yes, that’s Shakespeare for you heathens, but it had me cheering, bawling, and in awe. Not to mention you get to see a young Christian Bale in a minor role. I might go see ‘Thor’ as well, because I’m simply curious. Ah, yes. Almost forgot good old Captain America. They FINALLY got around to making it. Rather amusing they used the actor who played the Human Torch in ‘Fantastic Four’. Those movies were dreadful, I can say without hesitation. He looks pretty sweet in this, from the clips I’ve seen. Costume looks pretty good too, and realistic.

When it comes down to it, no one is going to be completely satisfied, and that’s to be expected. A director can only do so much, actors can only do as much as they can put into a role. Sometimes things work out splendid, and sometimes they fall on their face. People are going to see the movies, regardless of what’s said. I’d rather watch ‘Green Lantern’ than the boorish, drug-addled ravings of Charlie Sheen any day. There’s no comparison in that, don’t you think?