A crop circle in the form of a triskelion

Image via Wikipedia

I seem to be stuck on alliteration when it comes to this subject. Ah, well, makesi t easier to remember. Well, my previous attempts on writing about this topic have been met with ferocious criticism and some amusement. In light of that, I decided to try and educate myself on it and I had no idea there was so much research dedicated to it! It was astounding and fascinating to read, though a lot of the scientific angles went over my head. Much as I love science, it has never been one of my best subjects.

I picked up a book from the bookstore (one of my reasons was that it had great photos of the crop designs), and have been reading it in sections. Some of it is hard to ge through, because it gets technical and confuses me. There were certain things that stuck in my head, though. The alteration in the grain that was bent and flattened; samples taken showed evidence of radiation, or intense heat. If there was radiation, was it of a harmful nature? Did it render the field sterile, or cause the crop to grow abnormally? What would happen if a sample was taken and grown in a sterile environment; would there be any noticeable differences compared to an unaffected plant? That would be interesting to see. On a cellular level, what changes were evident in the plant structure? Then there’s the wildlife. Did they quit the area while the crop circle was being made, or remain? Some reports state that animal life cleared out of the area before one appeared. What if there was animal life in the crop circle–what effects did they experience? Did it kill them? Insects, small rodents, birds; it would be very interesting to learn if anything unusual was picked up in the wildlife. What particular form of radiation was detected, if picked up? Were people who worked that land affected by what happened there? I want to know, I want to read their stories, because most of those folks were ordinary, not prone to wild fancies.

The designs created were what initally captivated me, because they intrigued me as an artist. The designs grew in complexity over the years, and it made me wonder if these complex patterns contained some kind of mathematical sequence in them. Some are reminiscient of fractals, which are highly mathematical in structure. My favorite of those is the one dubbed the ‘triple Julia set‘. Another design bore a remarkable resemblance to another construct called a Mandelbrot set. Is it sheer coincidence, or more? It’s uncanny. Do these patterns form naturally, or is it something created by intelligence? As a purely artistic thought, I could see this fashioned into a piece of jewelry (I’ve seen other crop circles replicated as such). I love it. It is utterly hypnotic and beautiful to look upon, the spiraling circles create a whirlpool for the eyes.

As these designs become more intricate, they take on depth. Some of them look almost three-dimensional, and I had the crazy notion if it were possible to convert one of those crop circle designs into a three-dimensional form, say via computer program. Could there be some sort of numerical sequence embedded in the construct? I am not a scientist or math whiz; I just have a lot of ideas. If so, what kind of message could it contain?

I am interested in this phenomena because it is so interesting to me. There are so many levels to all of it, and I love a good mystery. I don’t think crop circle researchers should consider me the enemy, because I want to know about them just as much as they do. I’d love to be able to communicate with them because I’d like to expand my knowledge of this subject.

I still think of the circles as inspiration for some wonderful art projects, though. I keep seeing the patterns done as cutout designs with heavy cardstock, maybe hung from the ceiling and left to twirl. Or done as watercolor-like stained glass paintings. It would be an interesting project to undertake. It is an act of beauty put here for a reason, by someone. How can one not look at them and wonder how they came into being? Why? Is it art for art’s sake, or is it art that has a message for us? We can’t deny it calls to some of us, like myself. I feel that it has to be more than a fantastic image crafted into a field of grain. There is so much locked within those multitudinous circles that we haven’t come close to unlocking. Maybe we just haven’t found the right key to unlock them.