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I can think of a lot of people who should be, but it’d take too long to list them. I have been sick to my stomach since yesterday after hearing of the absolutely hideous actions taken by a political extremist. I’m scared. I am scared of how far people have gone, how far hateful rhetoric has driven people, and how far people will continue to espouse such views.

We are not a perfect country, but this kind of behavior is unacceptable. It’s un-American. It’s so bitterly ironic how people here brag about how we’re nothing like the Middle East, and all the political assassinations happening there. Really?  We are becoming more accepting of using violent rhetoric against politicians who don’t share certain views. We don’t seem to have a problem with using bullets rather than ballots to effect change anymore.

My heart grieves for Arizona, for the victims, for the murdered, for those who had to witness such monstrous violence. Anyone who thinks this act was a demonstration of ‘free speech’ is a lunatic. It is a desecration of the First Amendment.

I find it very difficult to believe the sincerity of some far-right leaders when they say they are ‘horrified’ at this tragedy. They KNEW very well this could and would happen, but never bothered to dissuade anyone from taking that path. I hope they can sleep at night. I can’t. I kept thinking of the families who’ll never be able to see loved ones again. A father who will never watch his beautiful little girl grow up and achieve her goals. Just hearing his grief-filled voice in an interview had me sobbing. This is what happens when you ignore extremists. They do not take kindly to being laughed at, snubbed, blocked from expressing their crack-brained manifestos to the public. They will do whatever it takes to make everyone in this country listen, and that includes acts of violence.

I have been reading many articles and commentaries today about this massacre, and I couldn’t help but notice a trend in the comments section. I’ve seen it in play with other topics considered liberal/progressive. About half the comments are anti-Democrat, anti-progressive, and blame the president and any Democrat for everything bad that has happened. I follow a number of liberal and progressive pages on Facebook, and over the past months, they have been subject to massive disruption by people I and others term trolls. One of them went so far as to declare it was his objective to cause so much disruption on the page that it would be shut down. I remember one fellow who used the name ‘Pariah Dog’ as his handle; clearly he did not want to be identified. The same kind of game is happening to many of the reports out via media outlets. They are trying to paint the shooter as a left-wing liberal nutcase, from what he rambled on about according to sources. Honestly, he just comes off as a complete nutbag, with no real ties to any group. He was just completely nuts. Apologists are trying to make it look as if the guy was subject to MKUltra indoctrination; now the conspiracy nutters are getting in on this. And one of the best excuses I’ve heard today was that some nutbag pastor says the shooting was the result of America accepting homosexuality. What?!?

Back to the issue. I remarked to a friend online that it was apparently ‘open season’ on Democrats now, since the Republicans have gained power in DC. This incident, I think is just the beginning. This is the weapon of cowards; using violence. When they can’t get their way, they stir up the mob of uneducated haters and usually one of them will put into action those hateful words. The hate promoters sit comfortably behind their microphones and keyboards, putting out all this extremist diarrhea, and their devoted listeners just soak it up. Did they ever, in their lives, ever consider, even hope someone would do the dirty work for them? What kind of country are we that says if you don’t agree with someone, it’s okay to go and destroy them? What kind of perverse mentality thinks this is completely acceptable by the public?

I have plenty of disagreements with people, but never in my life would I want ot hurt someone over it. I can’t think of any rational person who thinks like that. It’s like having Tim McVeigh pardoned for his destruction in Oklahoma City over a ‘misunderstanding’. Vandalizing campaign offices, shooting them up, sending death threats to elected officials—that’s part of the American Way?! Since when? Since when does trying to blow up someone’s house, or sending explosive packages to government offices represent democracy? Last year, I believe a politician in Virginia had the gas lines to his house cut. Threats were sent to his brother, I think. Other politicians have had their offices attacked. Far as I know, free speech does not include acts of violence against others.

To clarify something, you’re probably wondering what the title of this blog means. It’s a song title, by the band Muse. I recommend watching the video to the song, because the images make a lot of sense in regards to the situation as of late. The lyrics, too. I know you can find it on YouTube. If we do not stand up to the extremists, right OR left, in this nation, we will surely destroy one another in the goal of superiority. We CANNOT let this continue.