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That’s what DADT really stand for, as far as I can tell. I am tremendously pleased that this moronic policy has been knocked down, because it is a black mark on the idea that America is the ‘land of the free’.

I keep hearing from all these top brass that removing DADT will destroy the military, that it will somehow promote licentious behavior, or that gays and lesbians will try to molest other soldiers they come in contact with. They complain that now soldiers have to worry about if their combat buddy is going to rape them. Maybe female soldiers should, since the rate of sexual assault on female military personnel has shot through the roof. When was the last time any of those generals been in a foxhole, or a firefight? When they were in combat, were they actively worrying about if the soldier next to him was gay? Seriously, did that ever cross their minds?

True, I’m only a lowly civilian, but this kind of paranoid mentality is absurd, especially for military personnel. I see soldiers and officers as professionals, not wild-eyed nutcases. If I were serving and I heard of this kind of attitude going about, I’d be extremely embarrassed, because that’s not what I consider professional behavior. How exactly will having gays and lesbians being able to serve destroy the military command structure? All the ones I’ve known were not interested in broadcasting their relationship, they were not outrageously flamboyant, and they felt their personal relationship was none of anyone’s damned business.

The opponents of DADT keep trotting out all these ridiculous stereotypes of gays, and think that’s how they’ll behave if allowed to serve. Give me a break. Gays have brains just like everyone else, and they certainly have the capacity to follow the rules. I blame the Religious Reich for this pervasive attitude also, because now all the evangelical chaplains are whining about having to come in contact with gays, and they feel persecuted. Hm. Maybe some of those fundies, like the hordes of them in the Air Force Academy, would stop harassing non-Christians in the ranks and do their duty to serve as spiritual counselors, not modern-day Crusaders.

We have this monumental asshat of an Army doctor who was court-martialed because he refused to obey orders from the President. The guy was one of those psycho ‘birthers’. People like him do not deserve to wear the uniform if they behave like that. It’s shameful. There have been examples of military personnel engaged in religious events NOT connected to the military, and they showed up in uniform. That looks as if they are personally representing their service for that religion, and that’s dead wrong. Very few of them have been punished for that, or if they did, it was hushed up so as to not create drama.

Yet according to some military know it alls, gays and lesbians don’t deserve to wear the uniform because of their preferences. So what about all those married servicemen and women? Some are not even married, yet have a family. It’s okay for them to have kids out of wedlock and serve, but not for gays. Women soldiers have been assaulted by male soldiers, and the women are punished for speaking up on it. The rapists don’t get punished, and yet no one is screaming about that problem. But the top brass are terrified of gays.

I believe about 13,000 were kicked out due to DADT. I’ll bet some had much needed specialties, but since they were gay, they were not wanted. How many Arabic translators? Medics? Oh, but the military lowered its standards in order to increase recruitment by allowing felons to sign up. So it’s okay to be a criminal and become a soldier, but if you’re gay and you want to serve your country, you’re not wanted. Other countries permit open service. Have those armed forces fallen apart into ruin because of that? Have they? Can anyone give me solid, statistical proof this is so? ‘Oh’, but the loyal opposition says,’ that’s Europe. We’re not like Europe, we still have standards.’

Really? So, discrimination, harassment and outright assault on gays and lesbians who are still quietly serving is an example of America’s moral rectitiude? Am I missing something, because I don’t understand their logic. The military doesn’t take its marching orders from the Bible, it follows orders from its superiors and the President.

This is not going to be a pretty scene, with its implementation. I can guarantee there will be violence. There will be hate speech and hate crimes perpetrated against them. I hope people can get past the evangelical histrionics and make a clear declaration that discrimination has no place in America. It’s un-American.