I hope by writing these particular entries that people will begin to look at the idea of self-image in a new way. Young people are so vulnerable to the distorted messages that bombard them in the media. They have to look a certain way, they have to have the latest fashion or risk being laughed at for not fitting in, or they have to be stick thin. Go look at the major fashion magazines out there and flip through the pages. Look at the models in the fashion spreads. I personally think these women are ugly. Some of them are so thin you can count their ribs, and to fashion moguls, that’s apparently attractive. I guess anorexia and bulimia are necessary fashion tools as well. When you think about it, the models you see are freaks. It’s not normal to be six feet tall and weigh one hundred pounds. They’re genetic flukes, simply through their parents’ genes. It’s not healthy either, come to think of it.

Why do you want to torture yourself into becoming this false idea seen in a magazine? Do you think you’ll be more accepted? The stuff advertised in these fashion rags no normal person could get away with wearing as everyday wear, for starters. Maybe Hollywood, but then, some celebrities have no accounting for taste. It’s insulting to delude girls into believing they have to be skeletally thin, have fat lips, and wear a size zero in jeans. Looking like a famine victim minus the bloated stomach is not what I consider beautiful.

Much as I like perusing the pages of Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and others, I could never wear any of those outfits and not look ridiculous. I don’t think many average women could either.

What is beauty anyhow? It’s become so warped and perverted by the fashion industry that people are killing themselves in order to fit that category of ‘beauty’ the fashionistas trump. When I see those wasted, vacant-eyed models, I see a brainless, unattractive twit. I do mean it when I think they’re ugly. Why would I want to look like them? I don’t think it would gain me any more friends (not that I HAVE any friends to begin with). I will never be model-grade material, not with my face. I would go crazy if say, Lancome or MAC plus some big name label gave me a huge makeover, but that’s not going to happen. I DARE them to take me up on the offer, but that’s just a dream. I know I’m poking the metaphorical bear with a stick, but I think these fashion gurus need a reality check.

I’m not normal looking; I never will be. I have struggled nearly my whole life to accept the way I am and be happy. I get so mad at times when I see regular people whining about their looks, how they feel ugly. Really? I’d take their looks over mine any day, honestly. I’d take the nose with the bump over mine, or the freckles, or the funny ears. My god, I’d be weeping for joy if I had two eyes instead of sight in only one eye! I get so angry when I see these idiots getting plastic surgery because they want to be beautiful. There was nothing wrong with them in the first place!! They had to go be brainwashed by those stupid fashion stereotypes about how they should look. Have they ever taken a look at kids with severe facial birth defects then? Let them consider how they felt about their face and then see the torment these kids go through. Some of those kids can’t even afford to have their defects fixed, and there are perfectly normal people who have to carve up their faces because they’re not pretty enough. It’s incredibly selfish and stupid. Instead of worrying about your own face and wrinkles, maybe you could do something to make someone less fortunate a bit happier. All that money you’d waste on a nose or boob job you could donate to an advocacy group, like FaceForward, or CleftAdvocate. They help out families whose children are born with facial birth defects.

Let’s consider beauty again. Overweight kids and adults don’t have a good time of it, and are often the butt of tremendous cruelty by others. Being overweight is not a good thing, but humiliating them and making them feel less than human does not fix things either. There was that moronic woman who wrote that horrible piece in Marie Claire about overweight people and I wanted to punch her. It was despicable. These people want to feel good about themselves too, so why can’t we help them out? Hey, look at Gabourey Sidibe–she won an Oscar. She has beauty about her, because of her attitude. I think she’s an amazing woman. She is beautiful to me.

Anyone seen that Dove beauty campaign recently, about how a woman’s appearance is tweaked and altered through makeup and computer to literally transform her into something different? That should stick in our heads, ladies. Beauty is just a facade. A person can be downright gorgeous, from head to toes, but be the most ugly person because of their attitude. Someone who looks homely but is kind and loving, can be just as beautiful, but we ignore them because they’re not ‘pretty’. That’s sad and pathetic. This is what kids learn, what drives them to such extremes at times.

We need a fashion revolution, I think. We need to change the way we see ourselves, to learn to LOVE ourselves. We need to get rid of the know-nothing fashionistas wo have dominated our idea of beauty. Maybe I can get Oprah to help me out; this is something I’d consider right up her alley. I need to come up with a good battle flag now–care to help me out?  We can be the Real Beauty Crusade…..