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Since taking part in an online forum about body modification and body art, it’s led me to do some serious thinking about having more work done. There was a span of 8 years between my first tattoo and my second. I put a lot of thought and concern into having it done, what the risks are, what potential fallout comes from having them. I know my parents nearly disowned me for my first one, and I was berated and belittled for the second. It is a SERIOUS commitment. At least to me, body art is ART. Art means that it should be beautiful, meaningful, and finely done. If I see one more skull cupcake tattooed on some dumb girl’s shoulder, I will scream. That’s not art. That’s body grafitti that needs to be hidden for all eternity. It’s stupid. It shows a complete lack of sense, of imagination, and absolutely no concept of beauty.

I see so many young adults getting ink, and I wonder are they getting it because it looks cool, or does it actually mean something to them. They get tattoos in places that are going to look pretty damn stupid when they get older, like on their face. What if it’s some big, elaborate design that originally they thought was cool, but later on, they have a hard time being taken seriously? Yes, you can get ink removed, but it’s extremely expensive and painful. Are you considering that in your future, should you decide to have it removed?

I’ve heard of many people who get full sleeves, or have extensive piercings, have a very hard time finding employment. I know a lot of companies have strict rules in regards to appearance. I understand one’s need for individuality, but if your appearance becomes a huge distraction at work for other employees, it’s something you need to face up to. Not everyone likes seeing tons of facial piercings, or lots of tattoos. I know it’s becoming more accepted nowadays, but I sometimes think there are people who just push the limits and then get mad when people are disturbed by their bodily alterations.

That goes for body modifications as well. I decided to do some research into what that means, and I have to say, it made me a bit queasy. Some of it is downright grotesque. I don’t care if the person does it for shock value, but it’s seriously revolting. It makes me angry at times when I see normal looking people do these kinds of extreme things to their bodies. They have balls, rods and rings inserted under the skin of their arms, legs, hands, foreheads. Their chests, their scalp. I have to wonder; what are the long-term effects of having them done? What happens if something goes wrong–will they seek immediate medical attention, or try to doctor it themselves? This is no laughing matter. It is life -altering, body -altering procedures. It’s nothing like getting your ears pierced at the mall.

If you absolutely HAVE to have this done, as if your life depends on being modified, for all the gods’ sake, do your homework!! Find a reputable modification site, a forum, TALK to people who’ve had this done. Ask questions about everything, what’s involved, how much will it hurt, what’s used, healing time, etc. There’s the matter of cost as well. Are you up to it? Are you financially stable enough to afford this work? It’s a long-term commitment, and once it’s done, there’s no turning back.

I get upset  because I don’t like to see people make choices they’ll regret later in life. I want them to be safe in what they do, so they won’t get hurt. I hope that if they do go forward with it, that they are strong enough mentally for how people will perceive them once it’s done. They will be changed, and some people may not be very accepting of it. Oh, people will say, ‘I don’t care what anyone thinks of me’, but I think that’s just a front. I think it does hurt, the stares, the pointing, the whispered commnets as you pass. See this picture I inserted in here? That’s complete insanity and the woman does it for shock value. She knows she’s a sideshow freak and it gets her all the free publicity she could ever want. Don’t turn yourself into a joke, please. It is a BIG decision. Be smart about it, take your time, and only, ONLY, when you’re completely sure about your choices, do it.