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I am still trying to wrap my mind around this blog I stumbled upon the other night. I was laughing with incredulous amazement at the monumental IGNORANCE of this guy. It was something that popped up on my Twitter feed via HubPages (I am pretty unfamilar with it). So I had to check this out.

This masterpiece of religious paranoia was titled ‘The Tragic Truth about Tattoos‘. This piece goes beyond a double face-palm…..I don’t even know how to describe how ridiculous this guy who wrote it sounds. He basically declares, without a shred of proof, how having tattoos will lead you into Satanic occult practices, bloodletting (?), pedophilia, homosexuality, bestiality, criminal activity, gangs, drugs, sex, et cetera ad nauseum. He comes up with the idea that ancient shamans tattoed themselves and drew blood for evil practices. He never explained that line.

I had to read the responses, which have been quite lively so far. A lot of Bible-quoting from some, declaring this and that about how cutting one’s body is desecration. The funny thing is, there were more comments tearing the author a new one than supporting him, and a lot of them were self-professed Christians! I thought that was the icing on the cake. A lot of them were rather insulted that the author took it upon himself to judge everyone based on whether they had tattoos or not. Ah, the compassion of fundies! Whatever happened to Matthew 7:1? One of my most favorite passages from the Bible.

I decided to add my two cents in and posted a comment on whether the author thought that people who had plastic surgery would be condemned to Hell, or be driven into acts of depravity for being operated on. I gave him a list of my medical procedures and asked him if my reconstructive surgery would lead me to become a social deviant. Did I mention that he also thought that having tattoos would lead you to drop out of school and have a low IQ? I graduated high school AND college, thank you very much. I have never been arrested, I have never done drugs, and I most certainly am not a sexual pervert. He made claims that tattoo parlors were infested with filth and disease, and I can tell you that is NOT true. When I got mine, I spent weeks checking places out, asking about their record on cleanliness, got customer feedback, visited the place several times before making an appointment. For my first one, the place was as sterile as a doctor’s office and the artist was meticulously precise in his preparations. Everything he used was new, nothing used. He took every precaution in making sure the area was clean and free of possible contamination.

Let’s see. I kow quite a few people who are not criminals or deviants and have tattoos. They are also very normal, stable, hardworking people. My little sister’s husband has several on his legs. He’s a teddy-bear (he’s been in love with her since high school). Heck, his parents have tattoos! One of my cousins, his wife has a large tattoo of a dancer across the top of one foot. She never did anything criminal. Several other cousins have ink as well; their parents had no problem with it. One of my other sisters has a tattoo also, and a nose piercing. She’s one of the smartest people I know, went to Cornell, has a degree in environmental engineering. She never displayed signs of deranged behavior.

I know I shouldn’t get so worked up over a blog, but I think it does a great disservice to people of faith to have morons like this guy babbling about blatant nonsense. It sounded like something out of another century, that’s how antiquated and censorious it came off as. Maybe I’m being mean, beating up on this guy here, but I think I’m justified in my anger. We don’t need these stereotypical blanket claims of how a certain style corrupts a person, because it’s not true. Don’t like the ink? Don’t get one! Making broad generalizations about a subject you know little about is guaranteed to gain you a new arsehole. Maybe you should look this little prize up and add your contributions to the comments? I’m not going to be slandered by some wild-eyed religious kook, or lumped together with the crazy theories he concocted. He insults everyone with his stupidity. One of the best responses was from a Pentecostal who was utterly disgusted with the author’s ignorant statements. The commenter went on to say the author made all Christians to look like discriminatory bigots, and it was an insult to HIS faith. I say good for that man.

We need more respect for one another, I think, not more religious police looking for moral crimes.