Had some more thoughts to share on this interest of mine. Since getting tattoos and gauging my ears, it also comes into consideration of the cost to maintain such. I haven’t gotten my ink retouched, especially my first one because it’s still clear. I honestly plan on getting some more ink done, but I first want to come up with a design I am happy with and second, there is the matter of cost. Some designs can be charged by the image itself, while some tattoo artists charge by the hour, especially if they are highly talented and in demand. I can understand that, being an art person myself. Now I’m going to be practical and take this angle into consideration. Getting a tattoo can be very expensive, depending on the art. I do not make a lot of money, and my future designs I think will cost me more. Is the money I make at my job worth this? Am I justified in spending some of my paycheck on this kind of thing?

I certainly can wait, until I feel financially stable enough to afford such. I would also use that time to find a reputable artist and see what they charge for work. I am very finicky about the person I want doing this. The first place I went to, I visited several times and chatted with the artists, asked them about their reputation, talked to past customers on the service. It turned out to be a very good choice, because they were meticulously clean, they took their time in sterilizing their equipment, making sure all their instruments were in order before proceeding. What’s more, they were the nicest guys I’ve run into, and very supportive, considering this was my very first tattoo. That, I think, is an additional bonus. It makes the experience a whole lot more comfortable.

I hope I can find a good local artist that I could work with on designs and also payment. How would they prefer payment? Can they work out a payment plan if they know I’m not an extremely wealthy woman?  It’s something to think about, considering times right now are financially tight. Doesn’t necessarily mean you have to cut out all your pleasures. Just be more financially savvy about your choices.

I think the same goes for piercing gear. I have been toying with the idea of going down a size, from a 10 gauge to an 8. I also have a penchant for unusual shapes for my  holes, such as pinchers and tapers. I have this pair of helix-shaped tapers that just look so amazing. The weight isn’t that bad, and sometimes I honestly forget I have them in. I like the spiral ones too–have a dichroic glass pair that are just gorgeous. Those ones are nice because they’re so light. I’ve seen online ones carved of bone and/or wood in the shape of wings that I want so badly! There is the matter of ordering online, and I don’t own a credit card. I have been known to wear my helixes to work, and no one’s ever given me a problem about them (I work at a state office). I have another pair that has a serpentine shape that I like as well. The most I’ve paid for a pair were about $36.00–the glass spirals. I would love to find somewhere that has the unusual shapes I like at prices I can deal with considering my budget. I still wish they made the Omega shape–if I could find a pair in 10 gauge, I would be so happy. They were my favorite shape overall. ****Update!  ****I found them! Thanks to a fellow blogger and subscriber, I was able to find them, so I hope to place an order for a pair sooner or later. See, these are the kinds I’d wear pretty much for everyday work. I think they’re funky, sleek, and stylish. As for the site, yes, I’m going to be shamelessly promoting it, but after schmoozing about there, they really do deserve some praise. It’s http://www.Bodyartforms.com, and it was a treat just to look at all the beautiful pieces they had to offer. Maybe if they see I featured them, they’ll send me a free pair? Just kidding. I’ll work for my prizes; it’s only fair. Then again, my birthday is coming up in a few weeks….

I know my first blog about body art, tattoos, and piercings got the notice of tattoo artists, and they were kind enough to tag my blog onto theirs. I’d love feedback on this–please don’t feel shy to respond. I’d love to hear from some professionals out there about what you think of this, if I’ve made any good points or things you’d like to suggest to me. I find the inked-up crowd to be very interesting and engaging people, and I like talking with them. I look forward to some new faces following me.