Okay, I am going to try something different. By the way, I dedicate this to my acquaintance from across the pond, Craig, for being a faithful kick in the pants when I begin getting maudlin.

Instead of focusing on my negatives, I am going to look at myself in a more positive light. I’m not talking about all sunshine and daisies, but in a manner that highlights my assets. So I’m not the typical gal, but I can give you a run for your money if playing a game of Trivial Pursuit, or watching Jeopardy (I’m a notorious kibitzer). You guys want a girl who’ll go see an action flick, or a sci-fi movie, look no further. I can be your dream girl, where you won’t feel stupid about talking gaming, or stuff of that nature. We can talk shop about graphic art styles, graphic novels, computer graphics (you can teach me all about it). We can be art snobs and music critics too. You’d be surprised at the range of musical genres I like. Lately, I’ve had Tool floating through my brain.

You’d be surprised by what interests me. I admit I like vintage cars, mainly for their design. I know nothing about car mechanics, though. You could educate me, if you like. I like motorcycles as well, though I’ve never been on one. Again, it’s mostly about the look of them; the shiny chrome draws me like a magnet. I have longed to go for a ride on one, especially one of those glorious looking Harleys with the chrome polished like mirrors. I’ve gone fishing before, and yes, I will even put the worm on the hook for you too. I’ve been known to admire WW2 aircraft (I have a fascination with B-17s– Amazing Stories is the reason). Heck, if you’re into medieval weaponry, we can chat that up too. I’m interested in a lot of diverse topics. I like tattoos and some kinds of piercings. I enjoy talking to artists because it’s a subject I also like. I think guys who love cats, especially big, macho guys, are so adorable. It means that under all that gruff, they’re just a big teddy-bear at heart.

I make a pretty mean pasta sauce, as my family can attest to, and I enjoy a good dinner with intelligent conversation. I can chat about a lot of different things, because I don’t consider myself an average woman. You can take me for my looks, or you can take me for my intelligence, up to you. I’d be happy if you could accept both. I’m not a toothpick model on the catwalks, but I’d like to think I have more substance than those witless famine victims (aka runway models). I have curves. Don’t worry about me dressing trashy, because that’s not my style.

Honestly, you guys are missing out on so much here. You want someone good in your life, you’re walking right past her. Why settle for all the carbon-copy babes who have little or no interest in anything other than shopping and sex? Hey, just saying. Why lower yourself when you can take a chance on someone special? I don’t play head-games, or manipulate. I won’t be the psycho girlfriend you can’t escape from. People like me don’t happen very often, and when we’re gone, we’re gone for good. This is who I am; I don’t pull punches and maybe I’m a bit forward, but I’d rather have people know what I’m like rather than be devious about it. I’m the genuine article, one of a kind.