Maybe this is just me, but it makes me scratch my head and have a WTF moment. Why is it that some people out there think if someone is a little different, they’re suddenly unqualified for a position? Prime example of this is the moronic DADT policy in the military. The moment someone is found out to be gay, it immediately designates them as inferior and unqualified for whatever position they held. So, let’s say a soldier is a valued and highly skilled linguist, regarded for their extreme accuracy in translation. Then it gets out that this soldier is gay and now they are considered unfit and incapable of serving as a translator. See, this is where the confusion sets in for me. HOW does one’s private life have ANY kind of bearing on one’s ability to translate? Or for that matter, serve as a medic, a pilot, or whatever position held? I’m supposed to accept that a poorly trained translator who is straight is eminently more qualified than a highly trained trnslator who happens to be gay?

I just don’t get it. It boggles my mind that there are these huge gaps of logic in making these kinds of decisions. Of course, there’s a lot of raging homophobia amongst the old guard and rabid evangelicals in the military, and because they know how to throw their weight around, they are able to enforce their discrimination. I could be mistaken, because I have never served in the armed forces (little something called a visual disability). I honestly would have, if I hadn’t any medical problems.

The thing is, that it’s not just the military who has this perception. How many other groups were targeted like this, deemed unfit for one reason or another? Women were once considered too weak to do certain jobs, or enough intelligence for others. Women were expected to be housewives, secretaries and baby machines. Blacks at one point were owned like cattle, abused by fellow human beings and considered nothing more than working beasts because of their skin color. They were segregated from whites, discriminated, harassed, murdered. It took the government to tell the American people they were citizens too. Now the latest groups to face bias are the GLBT community and immigrants. Should we forget the murder of Matthew Shepard, or the story of Tempest Smith? Don’t know the names? May I suggest you Google them and find out for yourself. People are up in arms over Elena Kagan, because they fear she’s gay and she’ll destroy the Supreme Court. What of the transgendered? I knew several over the years, and I felt a kinship in them because we both were ostracized for being different. People think once transgendered, that person is no longer capable of doing their job. So a person has a serious, gut-wrenching decision to change their gender, and now they’re suddenly incompetent? WHO comes up with this stuff? Load of bollocks, I say. Under all the changes, at their core they are HUMAN, and so many people forget that fact.

I’m different too; I have some mild disabilities. Should that immediately make me less capable of doing a job? I just cannot fathom the level of knee-jerk stupidity that infests the minds of a portion of this country. Who gives a CRAP about what one’s private life if that private life has absolutely NO bearing on the job duties? Get the frakk over it, you’re big boys and girls now. Get the Moron Minority out of governmental decisions and focus on the job. If this is what the top brass are so obsessed about, I’d rather trust a trained chimp to run the Pentagon than those bozos. Not to mention the millions wasted on hunting down gays in the ranks and the destruction of careers and lives as a result. Now there’s this asinine survey dispatched by the Pentagon about DADT, and it makes me wonder who came up with it, what is its purpose, and who it was sent to. It’s blatantly provocative, it’s meant to stir up feelings and fear, and I don’t think it does anyone justice.

This past week, there have been several suicides of young people because they were, or were perceived to be gay. The one that has gotten the most media attention is of Tyler Clementi, who took his life after an ugly prank played by his roommate. He was only 18. There were other cases too, some of the suicides as young as 12 years old. The organization To Write Love On Her Arms has been going full tilt because of this getting out the message of suicide prevention and awareness. The Human Rights Campaign has a petition making the rounds asking those in D.C. to invest more into preventing such discrimination that leads to these tragic deaths. Something needs to be done about this. Not in six months, not in a year from now. It needs to take action NOW. Nobody wants to talk about these things because of the stranglehold the Religious Right has over swaths of the population. People still feel they have the right to discriminate and demonize a group of people based on religious doctrine. Fine. Object all you want, but don’t object so that it leads to people taking their lives because you don’t think they have the right to exist. I would like to say I gladly stand with the GLBT community in this, because NO ONE deserves to be treated in such a monstrous manner. No one deserves to be bullied to death over sexual orientation, religion, race or gender. Or a million other stupid, petty reasons. I won’t let this go, because the whole existence of bullying is far too personal for me to ignore. I was bullied because of my disabilities, not sexual preference. It made me feel like wanting to commit suicide as well, many times, because I felt I didn’t deserve to be even considered a human being. Not anymore. I am not going to let this issue dwindle into obscurity. If you read this, I hope it compels you to take action as well about this. This is NOT some isolated event. It is happening across the map, and if you laugh it off, you are not living in reality.

This country needs to stop living in the Dark Ages, where the church ruled by fear and violence. Americans are of every color, culture, religion, and lifestyle. No one has to agree with it all, but NO ONE has the right to restrict and discriminate over willful hatred of anyone who is different. It’s the 21st century, sweethearts. Get with the program.