Barbury Crop Circle es

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Argh. I try to write something amusing, not meant to be serious analytical work, and someone decided to rip me a new one over crop circles. I don’t know who makes them, or why, or when the trend began. I find them interesting because of their unmistakably unusual nature.

What I put in my previous post was all the things I had heard over the years, nothing I firmly subscribed to. I wasn’t making fun of anyone, or being mean. I had hoped someone would reach out and help me understand it WITHOUT being pompous and belittling. I can take teasing in jest, but when they accuse me of bashing their work simply for its existence, I consider that out of line. I am not a scientist, though I do enjoy reading about scientific discoveries. I am not afraid to say I understand all of it, but if someone were willing to try and break it down for me in a way I could  comprehend, that would be wonderful. I put that reply to my previous blog because I figured I’d let the readers decide if I was out of line in my observations. If they have evidence they’d like me to see, then by all means, show it to me and explain why they came to their conclusions. If I were doing an internet search, I wouldn’t know how or where to look for such information. That was partly why I wrote that initial post. I mean, come on! I am a devoted sci-fi fan, I LIKE aliens and astronomical phenomena. I have since I was a kid. If you believe in your heart that there is evidence to convince me, then go for it! Show me what you’ve got, help me understand it.

I am also writing this in response to the individual who responded with a very critical post of my blog. I am hoping this will cross her path and show her I am not as bitterly cynical as she thinks I am. I never even heard of her organization until about a hour ago, when I was checking up on my site here. So I visited it, looked around a little. I’m definitely going back for a better view, read what her investigations have revealed. Let’s just step back a bit, take some cleansing breaths and try to start over.