These things have fascinated me ever since I ran across them somewhere in my reading. I’m more inclined to believe they are of more terrestrial origin than from the great beyond, but all the same, there’s some clear artistic intent in their construction. If aliens DID make them, I’d love to talk shop on artistic techniques. Art-savvy aliens; I rather like that thought.

I find crop circles fascinating, to borrow a famous alien’s favorite comment. There is a precise, geometric quality to them, and I’d love to know if there’s any particular numerical significance in their creation. I mean, someone had to come up with the design, calculate how to lay it out in the field, and lastly, do it without getting caught. I’m not sure whether to consider crop circle making performance art or extreme landscaping.

Clearly, the ones that keep popping up are just too….obvious to be thought of as alien in origin, because they’re such recognizable symbols. Bugs, butterflies, birds…it’s almost like turning someone’s field into the Nazca Lines. I am more intrigued by the purely abstract designs, the ones that have a very geometric feel to them. Some remind me of fractal patterns, and I wonder if the creators were inspired by such.

There are other things that I have to question the conspiracy theorists about when they declare aliens made these things. They claim that the grass, wheat, corn, whatever was bent in the creation of these designs was now somehow genetically altered, or some such nonsense. One thing I recall one of these theorists saying that the stalks were all bent at precisely a 90 degree angle, and that the plants now were ‘enhanced’. I don’t know. It was just goofy. There are also people selling the stones found in the crop circles as metaphysical products, which rather annoys me. Supposedly the stones contain the ‘energy’ of the aliens who created these crop circles. It’s a ROCK. Just your plain, average field pebble, and these hucksters are advertising them as miracle cures. Ugh.

Anyhow. As for the designs, i would love to know where the idea of these things originated. This seems to be a relatively new phenomenon, in the last 30-odd years, I’m guessing. There’s no evidence of such creations being mentioned in the past, no recorded drawings or etchings of such found in museums. Someone, some artistic prankster decided to come up with this idea and set it loose on the world. It’s become part of our culture now, even lampooned by comedians. I’ve seen calendars of images, someone even came up with a crop circle quilt. I’ve seen the designs made into jewelry, t-shirt designs, even on the cover of an album. Was it Def Leppard? I can’t remember. The thing is, all of it, the concept of this, had to come from somewhere and someone.