When I was first starting out with this, I asked on the WordPress forum on how to improve my blog. Got a lot of mixed responses. Most said I needed to be a professional writer to gain a good following, plus have immaculate grammar skills. Well, excuse me if I don’t have a PhD in literary studies. Others said my topics were miserable and depressing. So, what am I supposed to do? Write about mindless, saccharine drivel to make them happy? Write about things I have no experience with? Give me a break and get off your high horses, people.

I have to say I wanted honest opinions, and I should’ve expected those kinds of answers, but it still hurts a bit to read them. Certainly I have a lot of interests, as you can see by my categories, but I’m not an expert on any of them. Maybe the jewelry bit. I’m not perfect, and I know I’ve made my share of spelling mistakes here and there. I write about what I know, what I enjoy, and maybe my hobbies are shared by others in the WordPress universe.

I always try to do the best I can here, but I wonder if my efforts are enough. Not many comment on what I’ve written. I sometimes think they don’t because maybe what I say makes them uncomfortable. I’m painfully blunt at times. I don’t see the point in sugar-coating my life, or making up my life experiences. What I’ve written about, especially in regards to my life, are real. I really don’t know many who could pull off such elaborate lies about their lives, except for maybe James Frey, who fooled Oprah with his fake autobiography. I could never do that to people, because it’s unethical and devious.

I expect most people to ignore this post and pretty much everything else I write here, because it’s not salacious enough, or filled with vulgarities and trivialities. I’m not a literary genius with dozens of accolades to my name. I’m just me. I can even say all this because I know people will not pay attention to my writings, because it’s just not good enough for their literary palates. Oh, it’d be lovely to have more than say, five people who subscribe to my blog, but I shouldn’t expect miracles. It’s about who you know, pimping your resume to the right sources, being part of the in crowd,  having lots of money. I have none of that. I have my mind and my computer.

I know I sound very bitter here, but really, can you blame me? Is it even possible to sympathize with me just a teeny-tiny bit? My mom has bugged me for years to submit my short stories to places for their publication. I never have, because I know without a doubt the editors there would reject them outright. I’m just not good enough. Even this blog site would never pass muster in their eyes because the topics are not of their caliber. A lot of this is mostly cathartic, to just vent and get certain things out of my system. I’ve come to accept that 95% of people who visit WordPress will NEVER bother to read anything I’ve written, and if they do, never offer any words on it. Their choice, of course. I’ll be amazed if anyone even reads this offering, much less comments on it. I have gotten all the criticism I can handle at the moment, on what’s wrong with my blog. It would be rather enlightening to hear from others about what I’ve done RIGHT with it.