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Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of him? The moment I laid eyes on this unbelievably cute fuzzball, I was in love. Basil is a cat. A cute, roly-poly, ginger/beige teddybear with these adorable little folded ears. He is of the Scottish Fold breed, one of the most sweetest breeds of cats I’ve ever seen. I wish I could afford one.

Anyhow. Basil has friends in high places, for his grandma is none other than the actress Mia Farrow (I have this fact directly from Basil’s mommy). Basil’s mommy is none other than the illustrious and multi-faceted personage known as La Carmina. If you don’t know who La Carmina is, you’re missing out on a lot. One of her specialties is the Gothic Lolita style ( clothing which I want really bad!), just really offbeat couture which I enjoy for its creativity. There’s more, but I can’t call it up at the moment.

Basil is quite web-savvy; he has a slew of YouTube videos, which was how I discovered him and his mommy. I just don’t know how anyone could not like him; he is just so charming, gentle, and photogenic. Yeah, so this is an all-out love-fest, but I can’t help it. He is so funny in photos, in videos, and he is very much loved. Basil has his own Facebook page, which has a monster following, of which I proudly count myself a part of. It’s so fun to see what people do for him; he has his very own ‘catio’–a patio for cats, built just for him so he can enjoy the outside without getting loose. He looks very happy roaming about in it.

I love his face. He would make a perfect model for sketching, and I’ve been promising myself to sit down one day and try doing a drawing of him. His eyes are very striking, very owlish and a vivid yellow-gold shade. He has a cute little brown nose. I’ve actually never seen a cat’s nose that particular color, but I think it just adds to his charm. He really reminds me of a live plush animal toy, because his fur is so thick and dense. I have to admit I am rather envious of La Carmina, because she has such a wonderful companion in her life. Not all cats are anti-social; my own dear cat was a big mooch when it came to food, and he loved to hang out with me.

That’s why I like Basil, because he’s so fun to observe, because he is so loved by his mommy and tons of fans. He makes people smile, and that’s what I think part of a pet’s job is, to bring happiness into people’s lives. He’s going to be a TV star as well, because tonight at I believe 8 PM, he’ll be featured on a program on the Discovery Channel. Or is it Animal Planet? I do apologize ahead of time if I get it wrong; I’m typing this off the top of my head right now. But do see if you can watch the program and show your support of this awesome kitty. I owe a big thanks to La Carmina for letting me write about Basil from a fan’s point of view. I hope you enjoy what I’ve written and I would LOVE to meet Basil and his mommy someday. Keep up the catitude, Bas!