I’ve been meaning to post this since I got the piece, because it is just so incredibly marvelous. I came across another blog, whose author has a charming jewelry business called Wrapped To Go, run by Linda and Jim Ray. They had spectrolite, which is the really colorful variety of labradorite used in jewelry. It also happens to be my all time FAVORITE stone. They had a previous piece for sale that I went batty over, but it had been sold. What drew me to that piece was the color flash in it, which is unusual. It was a smoldering plummy reddish tone which I have never come across in labradorite. Then, not too long ago, they alerted me of a new piece and sent me pics of it. I was in love.

Being tremendously patient with my ineptitude of ordering online, we finally arranged payment and I picked up this little beauty the evening I got back from a five-day visit to Florida (and a very much needed vacation). The wire work enclosing this piece is truly gorgeous, something I have never been able to master in my jewelry creations. Just studying how it encloses the stone is a treat for my eyes. The stone itself is a rough teardrop shape which gleams a sultry, almost metallic red, patched with violet, and a splash of yellow-green at the top.

I put it on a satin cord, which sets it off very nicely. Anything else would be too much, honestly. I have worn it several times, and it just makes me purr gazing at the sunset colorplay. It was worth it, because I can appreciate fine craftsmanship and the artistic sense that went into creating this piece. It was also nice to talk shop with someone who was experienced in this line of jewelry, because I enjoy it as a fellow artist. I received a number of compliments on it every time I’ve worn it, and that pleased me too. Yes, I suppose I am blatantly singing the praises of another, but I’m not ashamed to in this case. It’s a technique I’ve never been able to get the hang of, and I’d rather have someone who knows the art craft something for me than try to make a hash of it myself and get frustrated. I was also pleased to learn they are also fellow cat lovers, so I told them to give their babies a good tummy-rub for me. They were a pleasure to do business with, and I look forward to seeing more from them.

Linda, I hope you see this; I am really happy to have met you, and found something so truly beautiful.