I’m sure most of the world by now has seen that video from England of the lady who dumped a sweet kitty in a garbage can and walked away without a qualm. I would’ve given that biddy a piece of my mind if I had caught her. I was just flabbergasted by the blatant callousness of the woman, and the whole idea of tossing a cat in a trash can as if it were garbage. Was this woman mentally ill? That’s the only thing I can come up with, because I don’t know of any sane, common-sense folks who’d dump a cat in the garbage just for the heck of it. My dad put an upside down laundry basket over our cat once, but he was just clowning around with the furball. Dart came out of that unscathed. A bit baffled, but unharmed.

Now we go to the lunacy that comes AFTER this video hits the media outlets. Some blithering idiot comes up with a Facebook group calling for the death of the offending woman. Thankfully, the Facebook crew had the good sense to shut it down. This is moronic. Yes, the lady did an incredibly stupid and cruel thing, but to then make death threats against her? Are you serious?!? It is STUPID.

I am a devoted ailurophile, and I get outraged when I see cats and other animals abused and killed by sadistic jerks and irresponsible owners. But to actually threaten someone with violence or death over things like this is insane. It is unbelievably ludicrous behavior, and people who go to that extreme are to be equally scorned for their stupidity. Oh, I’ll bet most who joined that Facebook group did it just to be smart-alecks, but all of them, those who did it for kicks and those who actually wanted to see harm done to this misguided woman are MORONS.

I hope the woman does face some sort of punishment, though. I think having her volunteer at an animal shelter for a set sentence would be certainly effective. I visited a cat shelter recently with a friend and it broke my heart to see so many beautiful animals not wanted anymore. I’d gladly bring some home myself, but I think my father would have objections over pets again. That’s another story.

I applaud the kitty’s owners for their forbearance over her disappearance, and the fact that they called for common sense to prevail over this craziness. Hurting someone over this, or if it were a situation involving children, will not fix anything. The victims will still be hurt or missing, and the accused will not have learned anything. Let’s use our heads for something other than butting them against one another in arguments. Save us all a lot of headaches.