I think this has great potential as a Facebook group, which I may just create just to be a smart aleck. Of course, this would just be in the nature of what I think a weasel would do. In my many perusals of Google, I had no idea how many people find weasels amusing. In this I also include ferrets and their owners. I found some of the most adorable illustrations; one of the best is by a fellow who goes by the online handle AlbinoKraken. In this Google search, it pulled up this little line drawing of a weasel dining out of a rice bowl with a pair of chopsticks. I went crazy; this guy has read my mind! To back up a little, it has been a long-running family joke about me and weasels, and I went by that nickname in college. The weasel reference in regards to food is about one of my little quirks. I like to eat food in little pieces, such as sunflower kernels, rice krispies, pastina….you get the idea. It also is my habit of sorting tiny beads, which my mom can’t figure out how I don’t drive myself crazy doing it.

I saw weasel t-shirts, which I have seriously considered getting, just for a good laugh. There were very cute photos of ferrets doing their usual goofy antics, cartoon images of weasels (how could I not mention I. M. Weasel?) Apparently Frank Zappa, that gonzo music god, wrote a song about weasels tearing flesh? Sheesh. I also loved the grudge match of Bucky Katt and the resident ferret in the comic strip ‘Get Fuzzy’. I got a charge out of those.

The thing is, that I don’t see weasels as necessarily a sneaky or evil character. I always thought of them as resilient, fierce despite their size, curious in nature, and never hesitant to defend themselves when threatened. I came across the totem meaning of weasel, and the connection it had with my own life and experiences was very thought provoking. We share a lot of qualities, weasels and I. So, to all you ferret and weasel lovers, how about we start a club? Totally serious.