See, this is why Google is my absolute bestest friend as of late. Whenever I’ve something I can’t quite place, I turn to my trusty online search engine. This latest adventure was something that’s been driving me batty for at least 20 years or so. It was on one of my many recuperative stays at my grandparents’ house that I stumbled across a cartoon on Nickelodeon. I didn’t get cable at home, so having the remote at their house was a treat. I was channel surfing, and I came across this show. All Ican remember was a snatch of the theme song and a brief scene of one of the main characters being held captive. It stuck in my head like a burdock, and I wondered for years what the show was. I know I’d watch it during my stay at my grandparents’, but those two little bits are all that remained for me.

I owe it to the countless anime fanatics out there who have blogged on the show. I discovered my elusive cartoon was called ‘The Mysterious City of Gold’. The subject matter was also what captivated me, because ever since childhood, I’ve always held a deep interest in the unexplained, lost cities, aliens, UFOs, ghosts, etc. This was literally a treasure for me, because it was about something I always had fascination with. I was amazed at what my Google search brought up; I had no idea of what became of it, or even if I could see it at all anymore. Part of my fascination was due to these little gold ‘planes’ found in Colombia, and apparently there IS a giant golden aircraft shaped like a bird–the ‘Great Condor’. As a child, upon seeing those little golden ‘planes’, I was convinced they were just tiny replicas of real ‘planes’, though I had no idea how old they really were. I had a big imagination then.

Seems rather silly, doesn’t it? A goofy cartoon, golden cities, a daydreaming child. Why waste time looking up a fragment of memory, right? I think maybe I wanted to reassure myself it wasn’t just a passing fantasy, that it was real. It would be so wondrous to actually discover an ancient, hidden city today; it would renew our sense of wonder, of imagination, adventure. I longed for those hidden places, longed to live there, to meld into that lost race of people. I’ve had that feeling for as long as I can remember, ever since childhood. It’s never gone away for me. In a sense, I have found my mysterious city of gold; it just lies within the vast landscape of my mind.