I read the news with a certain amount of satisfaction that the moronic publicity stunt pulled by the far right wingnuts has been shot down. Yes, I’m talking Prop 8. It is 20 freaking 10, and we STILL have to hold onto ass-backward bigotries?

Fine, to all the religious folks who don’t like same-sex marriage–no one is forcing YOU to marry someone of the same sex. Get it through your thick skulls. They aren’t interested in YOU, they are devoted to their partners, okay?

The problem is that the far right wingnuts are trying to use Prop 8 as a way to destroy the GLBT community. They want everyone to believe that once same-sex marriage is legalized, somehow this will lead to all sorts of depraved activity. They want YOU to believe there will be people who want to marry animals in order to practice bestiality, or that fathers will be marrying their own daughters, or brothers and sisters will be able to get married. That’s the stuff they keep screaming about, yet I have yet to see a single case of such pairings being brought before a court to be fulfilled. Honestly, what ARE they smoking?

Prop 8 is legalized discrimination, plain and simple. It is instituting RELIGIOUS doctrine as federal law, which is like peeing on the Constitution in my eyes. It’s despicable that there are so many hateful, scheming bigots making an outright attempt to devalue the lives of a portion of American citizens.

The far right wingnuts want to protect the sanctity of marriage by making marriage ONLY between a man and woman for the purpose of producing children. I see a flaw in this argument. What about all those couples who get married and are unable to have children? Is their marriage now invalid because no children were produced by their union? What of couples who choose NOT to have children? Invalidate their vows as well? How about older couples, maybe each widowed, who fall in love and get married? They can’t have kids at their ages, so nix their marriages as well? Or all those couples who have kids but never marry–children out of wedlock. Isn’t that against their Bible? How come they aren’t punished, then?

All they can see is through a very narrow field of hate. Anything that doesn’t fit into their manifesto of dominion is evil. What they are doing is evil, by promoting this intolerance and legalized hate crime against fellow American citizens. All I can say for this straight, white female, is that I support my GLBT brothers and sisters in this fight. Never give up your rights and never let others take them from you.